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S4 Episode 7 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #7 (December 18, 2020):

Raw Card:

Segment: Daniel Bryan & Chad Gable open Raw. Bryan says that last week you all witnessed first hand the future of this business in Chad Gable. Although he did not win, through his loss he learned. Through our losses, we all learn. And at TLC, Edge, you will learn. You will learn that you are no longer needed and when my time is up, I will be no longer needed. We are making way to the future and that future is Chad Gable. Edge, I do have to thank you for the history lesson 2 weeks ago. You are right, you've beaten me before. Which will make my win against you at TLC all the sweeter when I beat you at your own game. But enough about you and me, tonight we focus on the future. Chad let's get ready for your match.

Match #1: Chad Gable w/ Bryan vs. Tony Nese


Segment: After the match, Bryan grabs the mic. Bryan congratulates Gable on his win and reminds him again of being the future of the business. Bryan says that Edge's pride will be his downfall when I beat you this Sunday. Edge's music hits. Edge comes down and congratulates Gable as well. And Edge apologizes to him for what he is going to do to Bryan this Sunday. Bryan, I'm not here to fight you. That can wait for Sunday. I came down to tell you to your face why you are wrong. Just like Rollins before you, you believe very strongly in the future of this business. YOu want WWE to survive, just like I do. You are even training people like Gable to become the future. You say that I'm prideful. You say that I need to hang up my boots. Well, I'm putting my money upon the table. My career is on the line this Sunday. If I lose, I go back to Canada to spend more time with my future, my wife, my daughter. Wrestling is my life and blood Bryan. You have no idea how much I want this. I gave that Canadian life up to be here in this ring. The sacrifice I have made to come back is astronomical and that sacrifice apparently doesn't mean squat to you. So this Sunday, I will prove to you how much this all means to me, I will prove to you why I am a Hall of Famer. I will prove to you why I belong. Suddenly Gable attacks Edge from behind with a chair. Gable then puts Edge in a kneebar. Bryan claps on Gable and squats down beside Edge and says, Edge, at TLC, I will end your career once and for all. And then maybe I can teach your daughter a couple of pointers from a true wrestler.

Video Package: A school bell rings and we see a chalkboard that says Ref School: Consistency. R-Truth enters the classroom late and apologizes to ref Charles Robinson. Truth looks around the room and sees that he's the only one there. Truth asks if he's actually early. Robinson confirms that Truth is in fact late. Robinson asks Truth how did he think he did last week. Truth says that he felt pretty good. He counted to 3. He raised MVP's arm. Knocked it out of the park. Robinson tells Truth that that's good but he missed a vital thing. Consistency. Last week, your count was getting faster and faster and faster. See the thing about being a referee is you have to be unnoticeable and right. You can't come out dancing, you can't mess up the count. We have the final say in the matches and if we mess up, those superstars are going to be mad at us. Truth apologizes and asks if anyone got mad. Robinson tells Truth that he got a note from Tommaso Ciampa saying that you lost him his match and that he's coming after you. We don't need the heat on us refs Truth. But until then truth we need to work on your 3 counts. Robinson goes under the desk and grabs an old-school metronome.

Match #2: One Nation vs. Lince Dorado & Oney Lorcan


-After the match, Tozawa goes to break Dorado's arm, but Lorcan stops Tozawa. But then Oney Lorcan gives the One Nation Salute. Tozawa and Crews look at each other and smile. Tozawa hits his chest twice but instead of one finger he puts out his thumb and it goes down. Suddenly Tommaso Ciampa comes out and attacks Lorcan. Ciampa does the One Nation Salute and hits Lorcan with the Fairy Tale Ending. Tozawa goes to break Lorcan's arm but Heavy Machinery makes the save.

Segment: Backstage Interview with Shayna Baszler. Baszler is asked about her possible opponents for TLC. She says that Candice LeRae would be a lot of fun to mess with. She acts tough but is not. She's never faced me and has no idea what it means to be tough. I will rip those pixie wings off her back, rip her arm off, and retain my title. She says that she's already beaten Liv Morgan so why is she even getting a shot. When asked about Rhea Ripley, Baszler says that she's just facing a bunch of losers who have no place stepping in the ring with me. That ring is my domain. That is my turf and if you think you are any type of man, you should walk away right now. I don't care if you think you're not afraid, you are foolish and deserve what is coming to you.

Match #3: Ricochet, Ali & Alexander vs. MVP & The LLC


-Ali pins MVP

Main Event: Rhea Ripley vs. Candice LeRae vs. Liv Morgan - #1 Contenders Match for the Raw Women's Championship


-LeRae pins Morgan

Segment: Contract Signing between Keith Lee & Roman Reigns. Keith Lee tells Roman that you believe yourself to be the rightful WWE Champion going so far as kidnapping me. Here's the thing Roman. You aren't ruthless. You are a coward. If you had respect for yourself or your own skill level, you would have just challenged me, Roman. But you were scared of someone you say isn't ruthless. Someone you say is not a rightful champion. You were scared of me. At TLC, I will put you through a table, just like this one, and prove to you who rightfully belongs at the head of the table. Roman goes to sign but before he does he says that he needs his legal consul to look the contract over. Outcomes Paul Heyman. Heyman walks over and looks over the contract. Heyman whispers something to Roman and grabs the mic. Heyman says Mr. Lee, you call my client a coward. That is simply slanderous and evil. I was out of a job and Mr. Reigns here brought me back out of nothing. He wasn't scared of our past relationships. He never shown feared once to my previous client. He is not scared. He is a leader. He leads those around him to strive better. He sets the bar and you my friend, you do not. I picked you as a potential challenger for my previous client because you showed potential. You had the ability to be the next big thing in this business. And guess what, I was right Mr. Lee. You sit here before us as the current WWE Champion. And to make another prediction, Mr. Lee, you don't have what it takes to beat Keith Lee. Mr. Reigns is going to beat for his WWE Championship and when he does, well that's why I'm here. You see, I arranged a previous championship contract, and in that contract, Roman was not allowed to wrestle for the WWE Championship while Brock Lesnar was champion. You were the one that took down Brock, causing that clause to be over, bringing us here today. If you lose Keith Lee, you are no longer allowed to challenge for the WWE Championship. Full stop. Not Roman as champion. You can never challenge for the WWE Championship ever again. And seeing that you've already signed the contract, I presume you took proper consul to approve my changes. You see, you may not be ruthless Mr. Lee, but we are. And this Sunday, you will find that out first hand. Heyman proceeds to leave but Roman stops him. Roman tells Heyman that he doesn't leave until he's ready to leave. Roman turns to Keith Lee and says that I will beat you this Sunday. I will become the WWE Champion again. And you respect my head of the table. Roman then slaps Keith across the face and he and Heyman leave. Keith stunned, then flips the table and raises the WWE Championship

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: The firefly funhouse music hits and we see Bray Wyatt on the Titantron and he says "Hello my fireflies! I'm so happy you're all here with me today! Today in the funhouse-" Bray gets cut off by Ramblin Rabbit and Mercy the Vulture arguing about something. Bray comes to break up the argument and we see Rabbit in a pot and Mercy wearing a chef's hat "Woah Woah Woah. What seems to be the problem here?" Ramblin Rabbit starts "Mercy invited me over for lunch, I didn't know I was going to be the lunch! I want out!" Bray says "Mercy is that true?" "Yeah it's true, I was just so hungry and he looked so yummy!" Bray says "Mercy, that's not very respectful of Rabbit's feelings is it?" Mercy shakes his head "No I guess I didn't show him much respect did I? I'm sorry Rabbit" Rabbit says "It's okay buddy, I wasn't very respectful of how hungry you were either." the two makeup, and Bray says "Today we learned a little lesson about respect! I think I know a friend who needs to learn a little something about that" Bray walks over to a cutout of Sami Zayn with the Universal Title. "Sami here says that I should respect him more! What Sami doesn't know is that respect is a two-way street, and I sure would feel much better if he respected me too! I think I may have just the solution for that!" Bray's innocent smile twists into a maniacal grin and the lights flicker and we're in the fiend's realm now. The cutout of Sami is now headless and the fiend stands in the middle of the funhouse and the Fiend speaks "Let me in" the camera cuts.

Match #1: Bianca Belair vs. Natalya

-During the match Natalya can't put Belair away, She gets pissed off and grabs a chair and goes after Belair, but before she can do any damage Naomi runs out and rips the chair out of Natalya's hands and while Nat is distracted by Naomi Bianca is able to hit her finisher and get the win.


Segment: Interview with Fish and O'Reilly about their ladder match at TLC and Fish says "We aren't worried a bit. We've been in multiple ladder matches and have a ton of experience and know the pain of a ladder match and we're ready for it." O'Reilly says "Yeah and besides, we're the best team Smackdown has to offer right now! Who's going to be able to take us down? No one. We'll leave TLC exactly how we walked in, with gold around our waists, and that is Undisputed."

Match #2: Morrison & Andrade vs. The New Day w/ Woods - #1 Contender's Match


Video Package: A video package airs which shows the history between Sasha Banks and Charlotte and all they've been through and accomplished in the WWE up to this point. Hypes up their match at TLC.

Match #3: Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka


-After the match, Charlotte grabs a mic and says "Come this Sunday, where Asuka is right now, is where Sasha is going to be! No one can step up to the Queen!" Sahsa comes out to the ring and the two get in each other's faces until it boils over and they start to bear the crap out of each other. The brawl comes to an end when Sasha gets the upper hand and gets Charlotte on the announce table. Sasha goes to the top rope and does a frog splash and puts Charlotte through the table. Sasha stands tall

Segment: Interviewer knocking on Sami Zayn's locker room door, Sami opens the door and he looks terrified "What do you want!" "I just wanted to ask about how you feel about Bray Wyatt and the Fiend" Sami glares at the Interviewer and says "Oh you wanna know how I feel about what he said, well here's how I feel" Sami slams the door in the face of the Interviewer who leaves.

Match #4: Sheamus vs. Elias


Segment: After the match, Owens attempts to jump Sheamus from behind with a chair but this time Sheamus is ready. He dodges the chair shot and Brogue kicks the chair Owens is holding into his face. Sheamus picks up Owens and sets the chair up in the middle of the ring and hits the White Noise onto the chair. Sheamus stands tall

Main Event: AJ Styles & Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins & Mastiff


-After their loss, Rollins is pissed and he's yelling at Mastiff and berating him. Mastiff has had enough and he attacks Rollins, throws him around, and ends the beatdown by spearing Rollins through the barricade. Medics rush to Rollins after the beatdown from Mastiff.

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