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S4 Episode 16 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #16 (February 19, 2021):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Adam Pearce opens the show with all 6 women's elimination chamber participants in the ring. He says that this Sunday will have 6 competitors in the ring who are out to prove why they are the best in the division and take on the current WWE Raw Women's Champion Shayna Baszler. Each of them discusses why they belong and deserve to challenge Baszler. Baslzer walks out and interrupts Ripley before she speaks. Baszler says that not a single one of you can hold a candle to me. I've been saying this for months. I am the women's division. I don't even care who wins because the bottom line is I will retain my title and continue to dominant. Ripley stands to Baszler and says that I would like to see you try. Morgan steps in and tells Ripley you and what army, as Green and James back her up. A brawl breaks out. Lots of commotion. Everyone's fighting on the outside then out of nowhere. Asuka climbs the top rope and sentons onto the crowd. Pearce is able to get everything situated.

Match #1: Chad Gable vs. Murphy

-Daniel Bryan watches this match backstage


Video Package: Video Update from Edge. Edge says that he's talked to his doctors and they told him that what happened was extremely dangerous but I will be ok. I will be there by Wrestlemania, no matter who tries to stop me. Now, Randy, you have no idea what you have unleashed. You have no idea the storm you have brought upon yourself. The doctors said I will be there so I will be there. I haven't gotten my shot for over a decade. I retire with the title and I will earn back what I gave up. You do not say what I can and cant' do. Mark my words Randy. I will deal with you.

Match #2: Candice LeRae vs. Bayley


Segment: Backstage Interview with Ali & Alexander about their upcoming title match at Elimination Chamber. They admit they didn't see this in the cards at first but that's the thing, sometimes you beat the champ and at Elimination Chamber, we'll do it again. MVP walks up and says that here's the thing. Yes, you beat my guys, but that doesn't mean we're going to take you lightly again at Elimination Chamber. When the titles are on the line, the money is on the line. But what's also on the line is potential injuries, and that comes hospital bills, surgeries, etc., etc. So here. MVP opens up a briefcase filled with stacks of money. MVP says that I'm offering you two the option of a buyout. You take this briefcase and the match is off. Ali & Alexander look at each other. Before they respond, their music hits. MVP tells them to don't worry the money is here waiting for them to take it. Go on, go to your match. We'll finalize the deal when you return. Ali & Alexander leave for their match.

Match #3: Ali & Alexander vs. Ziggler & Roode


-After the match, Ali grabs the mic and says that MVP drives a hard bargain, but no deal. The only reason you would offer us something like that is you see us as a threat, and rightly so. We've beaten the LLC before and we will do it again. MVP walks out and says that he understands their reasoning, but, you should have taken the money. Lashley and Cesaro attack Ali & Alexander from behind. MVP enters the ring and attacks Ali & Alexander with the briefcase of cash.

Segment: Daniel Bryan finds Murphy backstage. He says that he knows in the past, they haven't seen eye to eye, but the past is the past. Murphy is the future or professional wrestling and Bryan believes that under his guidance, he can ensure great things for him. Murphy thinks about it for a moment and gets up and says that he just got out of a place where he was under the thumb of someone abusing his skill, I'm not interested in another one.

Match #4: Rhea Ripley & Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler & Liv Morgan w/ Green & James

-During the match, Green & James try to get involved but Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke stop them.


-Asuka pins Morgan

Main Event: One Nation vs. Lince Dorado & Heavy Machinery - No DQ Match


-Lince pins Ciampa

Segment: Contract Signing: Keith Lee and Randy Orton come out. Keith Lee says that what happened at the Royal Rumble was simply a disgrace. Lee pleads with Orton arguing that Edge was your friend why would you do what you did. Because he doesn't want to be a tag team with you. That's it? That's what caused you to turn your back on years of friendship? Someone will be getting revenge for Edge this Sunday Randy, and I think you need to be ready for it. Orton responds saying that after what happened to Dijakovic, Keith should know that betrayals aren't so cut and dry. You see, I've been in this business for decades. I won dozens of championships. I continued to provide for my family. Edge returns and what does he get? Praise admiration, the things that a legend like me deserves. Why is it that people like me are being thrown aside to make way for the new shiny toy in Edge? Come to think of it, why am I being pushed aside to make way for you? It's not about being a tag team, it's about respecting me and neither you nor Edge have shown any. I am a living legend, a first-ballot hall of Famer. I require better. You need to get ready for what's coming your way. Orton leaves. Lee stops Orton and says that he understands where he is coming from. Yes, I am leading the wave towards the future of this business. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate those from the past. On that, you are gravely mistaken. Speaking of the past, you should have listened to my words Orton, because someone wants revenge for what you did to Edge. And if you read this contract, you would have seen a name from your past. Just then Christian's music plays and he comes running down the ramp and jumps Orton. The two go back and forth and eventually Christian hits Orton with the unpreitter. Lee says, Randy Orton, say hello to our special guest referee.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Paige comes to the ring and says "Welcome to Smackdown! I know you're all very excited to get the show started but I wanted to make two very big announcements! First off later tonight we will have a contract signing for the casket match between Braun Strowman and Karrion Kross this Sunday at Elimination Chamber. The second announcement also has to do with Elimination Chamber and it's about the Chamber match itself, this time the Tag Team Championships will be defended inside the steel walls. We have 4 teams already involved and they will be in a match later tonight, those teams are Morrison and Andrade of course, The New Day, Undisputed Era, and AJ Styles and Finn Balor! That does leave two open spots however so tonight, we are going to have 2 tag team matches and the winners will move on to the Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match! The first match is right now!"

Match #1: Street Profits vs. Rey & Dominik Mysterio - Match for an Elimination Chamber spot


Segment: The announcers are hyping everyone up for the go-home show of Smackdown and suddenly they says something is going on backstage. We see medics rushing to the aid of Sasha Banks who is laid out backstage with a dented chair lying next to her. She isn't responding to the medics who put her onto a stretcher and take her off in an ambulance.

Match #2: Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin


Video Package: A video package highlighting Zayn and Wyatts feud.

Match #3: The Usos vs. Breezango - Match for an Elimination Chamber spot


Segment: GM Paige is in the ring at a table with a contract on it. The ring is surrounded by security She says "So what's going on right here is that I have the official contract for Braun Strowman and Karrion Kross's casket match this Sunday. I want this to be as Civil as possible so as you can see I hired a little extra help to make sure that nothing gets out of hand. So Braun, Kross if you want your match this Sunday come sign." Braun comes out first and heads to the ring and sits at one side of the table. Kross and Scarlett are next and Kross sits at the other end with Scarlett at his side. Braun breaks the silence "Kross. I'm signing this contract because you've awoken something dangerous inside of me and it can't wait to tear you apart. I've been waiting to get my hands on you again for a long time now and come Sunday when I have the chance to send you back to the hell you came from, I'm going to relish every second of putting you in that casket and slamming the lid shut." Braun signs the contract. Scarlett grabs a mic and responds to Braun "You think whatever this is inside you is going to be enough to take down Karrion Kross? He's more violent, more powerful, more focused than you have ever been in your whole career! Kross is going to put an end to this newfound energy you have and send you right back to the bottom where you belong." Kross signs the contract. The two stand up and stare each other down. Paige calls security into the ring and they separate the two and form a barrier between them before things get violent. Kross and Scarlett leave and Braun stares daggers as they go.

Match #4: Carmella w/ Corbin vs. Nikki Cross


-After the match Carmella and Corbin celebrate. Carmella does the title motion and winks at the camera. The two leave.

Main Event: Styles, Balor & New Day w/ Big E vs. Morrison, Andrade & Undisputed Era w/ Fish & O'Reilly


Segment: Sami Zayn stands in the ring and grabs a mic. "Last week I sent a challenge to Bray Wyatt for Elimination Chamber this Sunday. I told him that if he accepts to meet me out here face to face. So Bray, what's your answer?" it's silent for a bit but then Bray's music hits and he comes to the ring with a big smile on his face. He says "Sami, Sami, Sami, it doesn't have to come to this! I can forgive you for smashing that vase over my head! I'm sure I can also talk to-" Sami says "Bray it has to be this way. Do you accept or not?" Bray looks disappointed and says "Sami, I don't want to accept because I think your irrational judgment might put you into a very, very bad situation. You see if I accept this match I'm not sure what's stopping my friend from interfering. If he gets involved well, he'll stop at nothing to get that Universal Championship, but that won't be all, you see Sami he isn't quite as forgiving as I am and that title won't be enough for him, he wants your title, he wants your career, he wants your soul." Sami interrupts and says "If he beats me this Sunday he can have it. So what do you say? yes or no?" Bray looks disappointed and says "I never wanted it to come to this Sami, but you made an offer we can't refuse! We accept. See you Sunday Bye Bye!" Bray leaves the ring with the match official.

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