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Podcast Guest Services

Do you want to be a guest on any show in the Count Out! Network? Or maybe you have a podcast and want a guest for your show? Why not both?

Below are all of the podcasts in the Count Out! Network.  Click on the button that applies and it will load up email. Simply send us an email with your name and availability and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

RING (1).png

Ring Post Radio

Hosted by Ryan Neitzey & Scotty Edwards

Your Dose of Death

Hosted by Loren Rosenberg


Independent Waters

Hosted by Mikey Manfredi & Zach Batista

How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling

Hosted by Amanda Bones & Ashley Parker


PURE - A ROH Retrospective Podcast

Hosted by Shawn Taggart

Happy Hour

Hosted by Ryan Neitzey & Mikey Manfredi

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