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S4 Episode 15 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #15 (February 12, 2021):

Raw Card:

Match #1: Asuka vs. Nia Jax w/ Tamina


Segment: After the match, Charly gets in the ring and asks Asuka how does it feel returning to the ring after all this time. Asuka responds in Japanese first, then in English says that she is more than happy to be back and she is going after the Raw Women's Championship. Shayna Baszler walks out and says that you aren't going after the Raw Women's Championship unless I give you that match, and I have no reason to face you. I am the WWE Women's Divison. I've beaten everyone on this roster and on Smackdown. You think I can't beat you. Asuka replies that you've never faced Asuka. Asuka hits Baszler with a spinning back fist and Baszler powders out and the two yell at each other.

Match #2: The LLC w/ MVP vs. Ali & Alexander

-Before the match starts, MVP tries to get more money from Ali & Alexander, but its rejected


Video Package: Video Package announcing the #1 Contenders Elimination Chamber match for the Raw Women's Championship at Wrestlemania

Match #3: Lince Dorado vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/ One Nation

-During the match, Crews & Tozawa constantly get involved, showcasing the lack of fair fight for Dorado, affects the finish of the match.


Segment: After the match, Ciampa grabs the microphone. Ciampa tells Dorado that this whole thing is funny to him. Because Lince, you were never meant to be our target. You aren't important to us. You just happened to be the one in the way. But now Lince, you are a pest. Nagging me, distracting me from my mission. We are One Nation because we will be the only one of important standing. Look at me, you are not going to stop me, because every time you return, I'm going to break your arm again. Over and over and over again. And there is nothing you can do about it. Ciampa goes to break Lince's arm again but then Heavy Machinery's music hits and Otis and Tucker run down with chairs. They scare off One Nation and make sure Lince is okay.

Segment: Ding Dong Hello: Bayley welcomes everyone to her new show and welcomes her very first guest Candice LeRae. After ensuring LeRae goes through the ring door, Bayley welcomes her. Bayley talks about the Rumble saying that the Rumble was a mistake that i Think we all need to move past. Candice asks if it was because I eliminated you from the Rumble. Bayley says pfft, what, no. Definitely not. I want to move past all that nonsense Candice and tell you that I see a lot of myself in you. That plucky girl, ready to show the world how good she is in the ring, but the problem is Candice is that only gets you so far here. You see I had to adapt to survive and if you don't ding dong *Bayley slits her throat*. LeRae says that she agrees. She does see a lot of myself in Bayley but the difference is that I'm not a freaking coward you only does things to get ahead. Bayley says exactly that's the whole point. You've been in WWE for years now and have never won a title. Don't you think you should start taking what's yours? Look, I can help you in the Elimination Chamber Candice. All you need is to trust me. Bayley extends her hand. Candice tells Bayley that as much as I appreciate the offer, you obviously have never seen my career before WWE. I was the toughest woman in all of sports-entertainment and I don't need help to survive. I have survived through it all and extra help from a backstabber won't get me anywhere. As Candice leaves, Bayley punches her in the back. Bayley goes for a Bayley to belly but Peyton Royce runs out to make the save.

Segment: Backstage promo with Lince Dorado & Heavy Machinery and they say that they have had enough of One Nation. They challenge them to a No DQ 6-Man Tag Team Match next week.

Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre


-After the match, Dijakovic attacks McIntyre then when Reigns thanks him, Dijakovic punches him as a receipt

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Kevin Owens opens up the show and grabs a mic. "The Open Challenge last week was a tough challenge for sure, but I still came out on top! Kevin Owens is still your Intercontinental Champion, which means it's time for another open challenge! So in the words of a former champion, The rules are simple, if you want some, come get some!" Owens waits in the ring for his challenger and Dave Mastiff answers the call.

Match #1: Kevin Owens vs. Dave Mastiff - Intercontinental Championship Match

-During the match Mastiff is setting up for the discus lariat and Owens pulls the referee in the way. Mastiff tries to wake the referee up and as he's doing that Owens grabs the IC Title belt and hits Mastiff over the head with it. Owens wakes up the ref and goes for the pin but Mastiff kicks out! Owens is furious and picks Mastiff up and hits him with a stunner and Mastiff doesn't go down and he gives Owens the bring it on motion. Kevin Owens responds with a second stunner taking Mastiff down for the 3. Owens retains. Owens stomps on Mastiff and with a foot on his chest raises the IC Title.


Segment: We are backstage in GM Paige's office and we see her reacting to what just happened in the ring on her TV. Rollins bursts in and looks furious. Paige says "Woah there killer, before you say anything I need you to relax. Take a seat, and maybe a few breaths then tell me why you had the audacity to burst in here like you did." Rollins sits down and says "I want Murphy in a match tonight. He eliminated me in the Royal Rumble and turned his back on me, I need to teach that punk a lesson." Paige responds "Well you're in luck actually. Last week Murphy actually came to me and asked for the same thing. Looks like you both have some stuff to work out so consider the match official You vs. Murphy in the main event tonight." Rollins says "Done." and leaves.

Match #2: Undisputed Era (Strong & O'Reilly) vs. Street Profits

-Morrison and Andrade on commentary. Morrison keeps mentioning how impressed he is with UE.


-After the match M&A gives UE a standing ovation.

Video Package: Sami Zayn is sitting in the spot in the parking lot where he ran over the Fiend two Smackdowns ago. Zayn says "You know, when I won this Universal Championship I had one goal in mind and that was to be the best Universal Champion there ever was, but after the things, I went through, and what I did 2 weeks ago when I hit... him with my car, I realized I was never further away from my goal. As much as I hate to admit it The Fiend did teach me something through all of this." He stands up and continues "He taught me that to be the best Universal Champion isn't just about how long I'm champion, but the message I send to everyone who may be looking up to me. It all comes back around to respect, respecting my fans, respecting my allies, and most importantly respecting my enemies. Bray, Fiend, whatever you are, you've become my enemy and at Elimination Chamber I'm willing to risk everything to take you down once and for all. I'm not proud of what I did up to this point but I know I'm going to have to do much, much worse to get rid of you. So at Elimination Chamber, I challenge you to an Unsanctioned match. No rules, no holding back, anything goes, and to entice you to accept, I'm putting my Universal Championship on the line. If you accept, meet me in the ring next week, I'll be waiting.

Match #3: Sonya Deville vs. Naomi


-After the match, Sasha Banks attacks Deville from behind and puts her in the Banks Statement and doesn't let go. Referees have to rush to the ring and pull Sasha off of Sonya.

Segment: Backstage interview with Sasha about why she just did what she did. "You wanna know why? Because Sonya doesn't know who she's dealing with. She has no idea how in over her head she is and she needed a reminder to come down off that high horse she's sitting on. She's dealing with the freaking BOSS, she's dealing with SASHA BANKS, the Smackdown Women's Champion! Clearly, she needed a reminder that I'm champ for a reason and that she doesn't have what it takes to beat me!" Sasha storms off

Match #4: The New Day w/ Kingston vs. The Usos


-After the match as The New Day celebrate Morrison and Andrade come out again and attack the team from behind as they celebrate. As they are beating the New Day down AJ Styles and Finn Balor come out to make the save and chase off Morrison and Andrade.

Segment: We come back from commercial after the beatdown and see AJ, Balor, and The New Day backstage AJ speaks up and says "We can't let them keep getting away with this. We gotta do something to take them down!" Woods speaks up and says "I think I know just the thing, TEAM HUDDLE!" The New Day immediately huddles up and AJ and Balor stand there looking confused for a second until they're physically pulled in by Big E. We hear them whisper about stuff and then they finally break, and we see GM Paige walk by and Woods stops her and says "Paige! Just the person we're looking for! Can we have a quick chat?" Paige says "Yeah, sure what's up?" Woods says "Walk with me." The two walk off-screen.

Main Event: Seth Rollins vs. Murphy


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