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Happy Hour with Count Out!

Welcome to Happy Hour by the Count Out! Network! Each week, the members of Count Out will sit back and unwind as they talk about wrestling, play games, and try to avoid host shenanigans.

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Independent Waters

Join Mikey Manfredi and Zach Batista as they journey through the independent wrestling scene finding hidden treasures along the way!

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How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling

How to Talk to Your Friend About Wrestling is a wrestling podcast where all things wrestling are discussed by one lady who knows A LOT (Ashley) and another lady who knows squat (Amanda). Listen as Amanda learns all the famous matches, inside terms, and just sheer wrestling love along the way!

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Your Dose of Death

​Hosted by Loren Rosenberg, Your Dose of Death is a podcast dedicated to showing a new lens into the world of deathmatch, interviewing those wrestlers and promoters, and finding the love behind the death.

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Ring Post Radio

Every week, Ryan Neitzey & Scotty Edwards sit down to discuss everything and anything that is happening in the wrestling world.

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PURE - A ROH Retrospective Podcast

Join Shawn Taggart as he explores the 20 year promotion that is Ring of Honor, from it's humble beginnings to it's sad ending to it's rebirth.

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Retired Shows

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