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Hit the Books

Hit The Books is the only WWE Smackdown vs Raw fantasy booking podcast hosted by Ryan Neitzey and Mikey Manfredi.


Each week, they set about writing a full episode of both WWE's Raw and Smackdown, which includes writing every segment, every match, and every storyline for a locker room full of wrestling superstars, all while trying to make an entertaining show for the WWE Universe.

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Independent Waters

Join Mikey Manfredi and Zach Batista as they journey through the independent wrestling scene finding hidden treasures along the way!

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G1 And Only

The G1 Climax is New Japan Pro Wrestling's elite summer tournament. Not everyone gets an opportunity to compete in the G1 Climax. Some wrestlers never appear, while some compete year in and year out. Every other week, host Ryan Neitzey will discuss the run of those wrestlers that have only competed in this exclusive tournament only once.

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How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling

How to Talk to Your Friend About Wrestling is a wrestling podcast where all things wrestling are discussed by one lady who knows A LOT (Ashley) and another lady who knows squat (Amanda). Listen as Amanda learns all the famous matches, inside terms, and just sheer wrestling love along the way!

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Your Dose of Death

​Hosted by Loren Rosenberg, Your Dose of Death is a podcast dedicated to showing a new lens into the world of deathmatch, interviewing those wrestlers and promoters, and finding the love behind the death.

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Retired Shows

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