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S4 Episode 6 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #6 (December 11, 2020):

Raw Card:

Match #1: MVP vs. Tommaso Ciampa - #1 Contenders Match for the United States Championship

-Special Guest Ref: R-Truth

-During the match, Truth's counts are getting faster and faster, resulting in MVP getting a really fast count roll-up on Ciampa.


Segment: Backstage Interview with the return of Chad Gable. Charly welcomes Gable back to Raw. Gable says that he's glad to be back to Raw. His injury was hard to get over but he returned way faster than anyone expects, 5 weeks earlier in fact. Charly asks if there was something that made him want to return early. Gable says first there was the obvious. It's being in that ring. I know it sounds cheesy, but I love wrestling. I love performing. I feel like I was made to be in that ring in front of the WWE Universe. Second, and it's a more personal note, is about Daniel Bryan. You see Charly, he was my mentor before I got injured. He pushed me hard cause he believed I was the future of this business. But lately, he's gone off the deep end a bit. It feels like he's sorta lost his mind since I got injured. I don't know if it's because he blames himself or whatever, but I know that I've trained hard to return and I want to prove to him that the future is now tonight.

Match #2: Ali & Alexander w/ Ricochet vs. The LLC w/ MVP


Segment: Backstage Interview with Mickie James & Chelsea Green. Charly asks them about what happened last week. Green says that look she was upset with James about beating her in her debut match, but here's the thing. She's a goddamn legend in this business. So I listened to what Liv said and put my feelings to the side and went out to help Mickie. And now, we're better than ever. James says that last week she was hoping for the Raw Women's Championship but with someone like Chelsea by her side, they're coming after the tag team championships. But we're going to go out and prove it by beating LeRae and Ripley next. And then the two leave for their match.

Match #3: Rhea Ripley & Candice LeRae vs. Mickie James & Chelsea Green w/ Morgan

-Shayna Baszler on commentary


-Green pins Ripley

Video Package: Video profiles on Roman Reigns and Keith Lee. Shows Roman as the ruthless leader, Keith Lee as the conquering babyface. Announcement of the WWE Championship between Keith Lee & Roman Reigns at TLC and it is a tables match.

Match #4: Lince Dorado & Oney Lorcan vs. Reed & Ruas

-One Nation watches the match from the backstage


-Reed pins Lorcan

-After the match, Oney Lorcan is upset about the loss

Segment: Backstage segment with Heavy Machinery discussing that they don't like what One Nation is doing. It ain't kosher and we eat only rare meat. Look we've stopped them before and they are going to do it again.

Segment: Rose & Brooke find Royce backstage. Royce asks them what do they want? Rose says that look, we understand that you're struggling after the IIconics break-up but look, you are great. You don't need to be a tag team wrestler. You can be Peyton Royce again. Royce says easy for you two to say, you guys are a great team. Brooke says that we got that way after watching Network matches with The IIconics. You two had great chemistry and we wanted to replicate that. So even if The IIconics are over, we will try to push that baton forward. Royce says thank you and they all hug it out.

Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs. Chad Gable

-Bryan puts Gable in the Labell lock, and Gable refuses to tap out, causing him to pass out and to end the match by the ref's decision.


-After the match, Bryan, weirdly distraught, leaves the ring and grabs a chair and a mic. He sets the chair down next to Gable and says that he appreciates everything Gable has done and he has proven himself to be the future of this business. The future is in good hands. Bryan yells that however, he is the present. I am Daniel Bryan. I am a professional wrestler. And you Edge, don't belong. Bryan leaves the ring to grab a ladder. Bryan brings the ladder back into the ring. Bryan then climbs the ladder, all while saying, People have been right for a decade now. I am the best wrestler in the world. I am beyond being the greatest of all-time, I am simply the greatest. Edge you are nothing more than a man that abuses my craft to please you all. I am not here to please you all. I am here to cement my legacy as the greatest. Edge, I accept your challenge. But with one catch, if I win, you go back to up north and get out of my WWE. If I win Edge, you go back to taking care of your children and getting fat off of donuts. Edge, if I win, you retire. Suddenly, Edge comes out and Bryan climbs down the ladder, but not fast enough to avoid getting speared by Edge. Edge picks up the ladder and slams it into Bryan. Edge grabs the mic and accepts. Edge goes over to Chad Gable and helps him up. When Edge turns around, Gable grabs the chair that Bryan brought it earlier and throws at the back of Edge. Gable hits Edge with the chair a couple of times, helps u Bryan and they both beat down Edge to stand tall at the end.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: GM Paige opens up Smackdown with a very serious announcement. "A couple of weeks ago after Smackdown went off the air The Usos were attacked backstage. We aren't sure who is responsible for this attack but we have a few suspects with who I will be conducting personal interviews later tonight. We are going to solve this as soon as we can. However, it isn't all bad news. Tonight we are going to have a small tag team eliminator to determine who will face Undisputed Era at TLC in a ladder match for the Championships! Tonight's matches will determine the two teams that go head to head next week for that honor. The first match is right now!

Match #1: The New Day w/ Woods vs. Breezango


Segment: We cut to Paige's office and she's in the middle of an Interview with Fish and O'Reilly. "Where were you guys the night the Usos got attacked?" O'Reilly talks first. "I can speak for me and Fish, we were actually here. We were doing what any good champions would do, we were studying the other teams here on Smackdown for any potential contenders for the titles." Fish speaks up "Yeah, We weren't even around when they got attacked. We headed back to our hotel after they beat Breezango since there were no other tag matches that night." Paige asks "Do you have any proof of that?" Fish pulls out his phone and says "Uh, yeah here's an Uber Receipt from that night." Paige looks it over and says "Okay, thank you. You guys are good to go for now." Fish and O'Reilly head out.

Match #2: Bianca Belair vs. Lana


Video Package: Sheamus sits in a hospital room. His arm is in a sling. "Owens, Congratulations you're now on my radar. You messed with the wrong champion and you aren't ready to face the consequences of your actions. At TLC, which I wouldn't miss for the world..." Sheamus pauses and rips the sling off of his arm, stretches it out, and continues. "I'm going to show you what it means to mess with me when we go head to head this Sunday in a chairs match.." He gets up off of his bed and pats it and continues "I'm going to beat you down with cold, hard, steel until the next person who occupies this hospital bed, is you." Sheamus walks off-screen,

Match #3: Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz


Segment: Morrison and Andrade get called into Paige's office. Paige sits them down and says "You both probably know why you're here, so I'll just cut right to the chase. Where were you guys 2 weeks ago when the Usos got attacked?" Morrison says "We were pulling a late night at the gym, we weren't booked that night but we figured we'd stop by and use the facilities and scope out some competition in the tag scene. If we wanted to take out The Usos we would have done it on TV in front of everyone, not in secret. We would want them to know it was us who beat them. Are we done here?" Paige nods "Sure, I did hear from a couple of people that you guys were at the gym that night and you have a big match to prep for tonight, so go ahead, but you aren't 100% off the hook yet." Morrison and Andrade head out.

Segment: Backstage Interview with Finn Balor about his win last week over Mastiff. Before he can begin however he gets jumped from behind by Mastiff and Rollins who start to beat him down. Before things get too hairy though AJ Styles runs in with a Kendo stick to make the save. He gets a couple of good shots in and chases off Rollins and Mastiff and helps Balor to his feet.

Main Event: Morrison & Andrade vs. Street Profits


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