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S4 Episode 3 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #3 (November 20, 2020):

Raw Card:

Segment: Charly Caruso opens Raw and welcomes everyone to the Men's Survivor Series team. Ricochet walks out, then Murphy, then Aleister Black, then Drew McIntyre. Charly calls out Roman but he doesn't show up. Charly is confused and asks them where Roman is. Drew tells Charly that Roman didn't show up for work today. Charly continues with the interview confused. Charly starts with Murphy, asking now that he is on his own without Mastiff or Seth Rollins, how do you thinking teaming with those around you will go this Sunday at Survivor Series. Murphy reflects by saying that without his Messiah by his side, it certainly be difficult, but I was a singles star in 205 Live before Rollins called me up to Raw and that is something I will continue to do with or without the Monday Night Messiah. The better question is will these men be able to tag with me. Charly continues that line of thinking by talking to Aleister Black and asking him if he will be able to work with this Survivor Series team. Black says that when you go through hell, it's friends that need to pull you out. I don't believe these men to be friends, especially that man (pointing to Murphy). You follow a false prophet. A false idol that left before I got my hands on him. If you can prove yourself to befriend then so be it but until then you are my foe. Black and Murphy go face to face and Ricochet separate them. McIntyre tells all of them to get their shit together. McIntyre tells them that I know that we don't know each other well. Or have even worked together. Hell, one of our teammates isn't even here today. I've been on Smackdown for years. I love what I did on Smackdown. I was a WWE Champion and Universal Champion, nothing can get better. But that was then. Now I am a Raw roster member, and that means I represent the Red Brand. We need to come together as a unit. That's why I scheduled a match for the 8 of us tonight. A warm-up match for us on Sunday. We need to move past all this and come together as a team. We represent this brand and we need to do this for every single RAW fan out there. Let's do this guys.

Match #1: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Lukas Von Goop (Jobber) - United States Championship

-Von Goop is the Liechtenstein Heavyweight Champion


Segment: Ciampa cuts a promo saying that he doesn't need to face anybody or anything. Ricochet runs out, and the announcer announces that the Raw Board of Directors has stated that this match is for the United States Championship

Match #2: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Ricochet - United States Championship


Segment: Announcement that with Ricochet's title victory, there is going to be a battle royal on the pre-show to determine the 5th member of Raw's roster

Video Package: A school bell rings and we see a chalkboard that says Ref School: 3 Counts. R-Truth, wearing the correct referee shirt, along with the other refs are going over how to count a proper 3 count. Charles Robinson gives a demonstration. We pan over to two of the WWE refs talking to each other and smirking. Robinson picks R-Truth and both WWE refs to do the three count. WWE ref lays down, truth goes for the cover, and 2nd WWE ref calls the 3 count successfully. Robinson tells Truth that it's now his turn to lay down for the pin. Suddenly, we see Truth have Vietnamesque flashbacks to all the times he's been pinned while being the 24/7 champ. Truth kindly tries to explain to Robinson that he can't lay down. Robinson tells Truth that he has to, Truth says no. Robinson and Truth go back and forth, yelling about it. Suddenly, one of the WWE refs rolls up Truth and the other WWE ref counts the pin. A 3 count later and one of the WWE refs is your new 24/7 champion! Truth is shocked. WWE ref celebrates with 24/7 title.

Match #3: Lince Dorado & Oney Lorcan vs. Shelton Benjamin & Mojo Rawley


Segment: Backstage promo with Ciampa. Ciampa asks who gave Ricochet a title shot. Ciampa says he did what Keith lee said and picked someone to defend my United States Championship, a champion even. Now Ricochet can just give his Survivor Series spot to get a shot at my championship. That is not how things work around here. Now on top of all of it, I don't even get Ricochet's spot on the survivor series team. I, the actual United States Champion, have been demoted to the Pre-Show in a battle royale where I have to prove my spot again? Maybe I've been on NXT to long, but who ever running Raw here, is out of there mind. But I will fix things. I will set things right. Mark my words.

Match #4: Nia Jax vs. Liv Morgan - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match



Main Event: Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black & Murphy vs. Dolph Ziggler, Drew Gulak & Drake Maverick w/ Roode

-Black is overly combative. Lots of miscommunication between McIntyre, Black, Murphy


Murphy pins Maverick

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Sami Zayn opens up the show and comes to the ring with his Universal Championship. "With Survivor Series just around the corner, I just wanted to come out here and say a few words to Keith Lee over on Raw. When I beat you this Sunday, proving that I Sami Zayn am the ultimate champion of the WWE don't take it too hard! It's nothing personal, it's really not, it's just business! When I helluva kick you so hard that all you'll see is the lights at the top of the arena it won't be about Keith Lee at all, you're little flash in the pan WWE Title run will all mean absolutely nothing because all anyone will be talking about is Sami Zayn, the Universal Champion! Suddenly, WWE Champion and Raw's Keith Lee arrives. Keith Lee says Sami Zayn, the Universal Champion. Sami, i have respected you and your entire wrestling career from the beginning. You are an amazing man and an amazing wrestler, and I have the utmost respect for you. However, where I have respect for you, you very obviously have no respect for me. So let me remind you who I am. I am the Limitless one. I am the man that took down Brock Lesnar. I am the WWE Champion. I am Keith Lee. And you will put respect on my name. Zayn and Lee continue their back and forth until both stare down at each other, holding their titles tall.

Match #1: Nikki Cross vs. Carmella


Segment: Backstage we see Kevin Owens and AJ Styles arguing backstage about who is going to captain the Smackdown Survivor Series team. Their arguing turns to shove and that's when The Miz and Samoa Joe step in to separate them. Joe says "Enough! You two are gonna be the reason we lose this Sunday if you keep this up!" The Miz steps in "Look as much as I love some good drama, I agree with Joe here. You two need to figure something out here so we can all get back on the same page, and I happen to have just the solution. You two each pick someone to fight for the last spot on the team. Whoever's pick wins clearly has the better judgment and gets to be 'captain' deal?" Owens and AJ look at each other and reluctantly agree. They each go their separate ways to find their choices.

Match #2: Elias vs. King Corbin


Video Package: Undisputed Era Video Package about their Survivor Series match against LLC. O'Reilly starts "Survivor Series when we find out who the best of the best are. Champions taking on Champions for ultimate supremacy and brand bragging rights. But for us this win isn't about being the better champions, it's not to prove Smackdown is the best. This match against LLC is for us. For us to prove that we are the best tag team in this whole damn company. LLC this Sunday you aren't just talking about any two members of this team we have here no! You're facing some of the best tag team wrestlers this planet has ever seen" Bobby Fish walks on-screen Era is back at full strength. Fish says "and that, is Undisputed."

Match #3: Street Profits vs. Morrison & Andrade


Segment: Backstage Interview with Sheamus about his match against Ricochet this Sunday. "At Survivor Series, I already know that I'm going to destroy Ricochet. He just won that title and I plan on showing him just what it means to be a champion. Show him that everyone is gunning for that huge target he just put on his head, even other champions. I'm going to show him that he's not ready to have that title."

Match #4: Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Segment: After the previous match, The rest of the Smackdown women's team comes to the ring, and the full team is complete. Flair grabs a mic "I know that I and some of these other women haven't always seen things eye to eye, but now that we're fighting together and on Team Smackdown I know that nothing is going to be able to stop the raw talent and athleticism this team has. I mean look at us!" She goes down the line "Toni Storm, a former NXT UK Women's Champion! She's taken on some of the best competition the UK has to offer and has beaten almost all of them!" "Piper Niven has been making huge waves here on the blue brand, kicking ass, and taking names." "Bianca Belair, well what more do I have to say besides that she's the EST of SD!" "And last but absolutely not least Alexa Bliss has had multiple women's title runs here in the WWE!" "And of course there's me. The Queen Charlotte Flair, and I don't plan on getting dethroned any time soon. So Raw you better watch your backs, cause we are an unstoppable force and we're going to roll right through you."

Main Event: Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett vs. Braun Strowman - Men's Survivor Series Qualifying Match

-Kevin Owens & AJ Styles on commentary


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