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S4 Episode 2 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #2 (November 13, 2020):

Raw Card:

Match #1: Edge vs. The LLC - Handicap Match for the Raw Tag Team Championships

-Daniel Bryan no-shows for this match, so the match becomes a handicap match.


-Lashley pins Edge

Segment: Announcers announce the announcement of the Raw's Men's Survivor Series team: Reigns, McIntyre, Murphy, Ricochet, Black and hyping the main event of Baszler vs Bayley for the Raw Women's Championship

Match #2: Lince Dorado vs. Oney Lorcan


Segment: Charly and Cameras walk into The LLC locker room and we a room looking a lot like the 305 Lounge with leather chairs, champagne, etc. Charly asks MVP to explain what has happened today. MVP asks that isn't it obvious. Daniel Bryan said that he is going to give the title match to the highest bidder, and there is nobody in this locker room with more green than LLC. Now I can say that to answer what I presume is your follow up question. I am the new head of LLC. I know I said I would boot Ricochet but that would have been a move out of revenge. I am a businessman and the smart business move was well let's just say I'm the new head of LLC. But none of that matters. What matters is the fact that this team of Lashley and Cesaro are your new Raw Tag Team Champions. Lashley and Cesaro the greatest tag team on this entire roster and they have the championships to prove it. And at Survivor Series, The LLC will prove that they are the best in the world when we defeat Undisputed Era. Does that answer your questions, Miss Caruso? Charly responds saying that she has a few more. MVP says to email them to me and then goes back to partying with Lashley and Cesaro.

Video Package: A school bell rings and we see a whiteboard with the words Referee School being written by Charles Robinson. Sitting in chairs are a bunch of the other refs. After Robinson intros the class, R-Truth walks in late. Robinson tells Truth that he's late and Truth responds saying my bad, then he sits down. Robinson asks Truth where his Ref shirt is. Truth tells him he's got it and puts it on. It's not a ref shirt. It's a horizontal red and white shirt. Robinson face palms and tells Truth that's the wrong shirt. Truth puts on wireframe glasses and says that he was told the #1 rule of refereeing is to not be seen, and nobody is better at that than Waldo. Robinson tells Truth that that's the wrong shirt. Truth responds asking if he should've dressed as John Cena instead. Robinson facepalms again.

Match #3: Rhea Ripley vs. Candice LeRae - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match

-Liv Morgan watches the match from backstage


Segment: After the commercial break, we cut backstage to Rhea Ripley looking at her phone angrily. Charly comes over and asks if everything's ok. Ripley responds that even when I get my own victory, she has to crap on me. I'm sick of it Charly. Charly asks who she's talking about and Rhea quickly and loudly exclaims Liv, Liv. It's always Liv. I have a great match and win and the first message I get is asking me that i being a bully to her and asking why our team broke up. How am I being the bully when i have message after message from her saying that I'm crazy and don't know what I'm doing, and when I tell her I'm upset with her she tells me that that doesn't matter. I don't understand her Charly. It's like I'm being gaslight or something. Rhea storms off.

Match #4: Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Match #4: Heavy Machinery vs. Ziggler & Roode


Segment: Tommaso Ciampa says that next week, he will send out a challenge to a fellow champion. What better way to prep for a Champion vs Champion, one against the likes of Sheamus, than by facing a fellow champion.

Main Event: Shayna Baszler vs. Bayley - RAW Women's Championship


-After the match, Shana Baszler goes to break Bayley's arm with a chair, Candice LeRae makes the save stopping Baszler. Baszler rolls out of the ring. LeRae picks up the Raw Women's Championship, seemingly challenging Baszler for the title.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Kevin Owens opens up Smackdown "I just wanted to come out here and formally introduce you to the newest member of Team Smackdown, AJ Styles!" AJ comes to the ring and grabs his own mic. "Thank you for the warm welcome Owens, but look I have a bone to pick with you. I don't like that you declared yourself captain of this team before we even know who else is on it. I think we should wait and see who else qualifies before we make that choice." "Well AJ I respect your opinion, however seeing as, between the two of us, only one has been on Smackdown for more than a week I think I'm the fittest for the job. You came from Raw last week and you expect me to just trust you to run Team Smackdown and not sabotage our shot at proving ourselves?" AJ steps up "Look Owens I may be a lot of things but I'm not a traitor. I may be new here but The Phenomenal One is on the blue brand now and I plan on taking us to a win over Raw, and I can't wait to see who my other teammates are." AJ heads to ringside and pulls up a chair, Owens follows suit and the first match begins.

Match #1: Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz - Men's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Segment: After the match, Owens and Styles come to the ring and both unintentionally stick their hand out to The Miz for a handshake but neither of them wants to be the one to pull away. The Miz just shakes both of their hands at once and awkwardly raises all of their hands. They all hate this moment they're in and leave the ring.

Match #2: Piper Niven vs. Natalya - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Video Package: Another Hype Video for Karrion Kross and Scarlett

Match #3: The New Day w/ Kingston vs. The Usos


Segment: Backstage Interview with Samoa Joe about his match with Rey Mysterio for a spot on Team Smackdown later tonight. Joe says "Unfortunately someone was going to have to be the sacrificial lamb so I can get on this team, and Rey it seems that terrible fate has fallen on you, and I'm gonna relish in the responsibility I have to take you down and get my spot on that team." Joe walks away.

Match #4: Toni Storm vs. Zelina Vega - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Segment: Post-match interview with Toni Storm about her win over Zelina Vega. "I'm just really excited to be able to show off what I can do on a huge stage like Survivor Series surrounded by more awesome talent from the Smackdown roster. We're going to kill it and show Raw who really runs the women's division here in WWE."

Main Event: Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio - Men's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


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