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S4 Episode 14 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #14 (February 5, 2021):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Edge's music hits and after a moment, Randy Orton walks out to a chorus of boos. Orton grabs the mic and says that last night, I made my statement. I told each and every one of you what I was going to do and I did it. I sought revenge and grabbed it with full force and now no one can stop me. I'm taking back my spot in this company. I am an Orton. I am the legend in this business, not Edge. I am the peak. And with Edge out of the picture, I am going to Wrestlemania and taking my spot and winning the WWE Championship. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Keith Lee walks out. Lee tells Orton he may think that he can call the shots, but I'm the one on the throne. What you did last night was take away a dream match of mine and have replaced it with nothing. Sure, Randy, I would love to face you, but I don't negotiate with people like you. You will never get my WWE title and that's that. Keith Lee walks away, but as he is at the ropes, Randy catches him and DDTs Lee, then hits him with a chair a few times, grabs the mic and says I'm not waiting for Wrestlemania. I'm taking that title at Elimination Chamber.

Match #1: Chad Gable vs. Shelton Benjamin

-Daniel Bryan watches this match backstage


Segment: Backstage interview with Ricochet. Charly asks him about what happened at Royal Rumble. Ricochet says that what happened was a travesty. I lost my United States Championship. Truth is on the shelf now along with everyone else that One Nation attacked. Someone needs to stop them Charly, and maybe I'm the man to do it. But I can't do it alone.

Match #2: Reed & Ruas vs. Ali & Alexander


Segment: After the match, MVP & The LLC walk down to the ring. MVP congratulates Reed & Ruas on their win. He says that they've heard what's been coming out of the mouths and how they think they are the next in line for a title shot. But here's the thing, these two guys are main eventers. They've toured the globe wrestling and have made money in every building they step into. Where have you two been? Brazil, Australia. I haven't heard of you till you got to NXT and even then you didn't make any money. So here's what we're going to do. You two just haven't won enough matches yet, you've won some and I admire that, but not enough to face my guys. So if you want the title match, you got pay up. What, maybe a couple of grand? Bobby whispers something in MVP's ear. MVP responds jeez Lashly doesn't like you two, we want a ten thousand. Reed & Ruas look at each other and then attack The LLC. During the beat downs, Crews and Tonawa of One Nation come out and join in with kendo sticks. LLC is able to get away early, and Reed & Ruas a little after that. All three groups stare each other down.

Match #3: Dijakovic vs. Drew Gulak


Video Package: Replay of Raw's Royal Rumble moments

Segment: Backstage promo with One Nation. Starts with a shot of the US Title and widens out to show the rest of Nation. Ciampa says that at the Royal Rumble, he got his revenge and took back his United States Championship all in one fell swoop. But in the Royal Rumble match, someone didn't learn their lesson. Lince Dorado, you eliminated me from the Rumble and I want you next week to shut you up for good. You don't belong in our Nation, you never did. Crews jumps in and addresses Reed & Ruas. Crews says that while Ciampa has the Mid-Card on lock, we are taking over the Tag Team Divison. We are the gatekeepers and when we get the gold, we will become the goal. You do not belong. We are * all three do the hand sign* One nation.

Main Event: Ripley, Asuka, Royce, LeRae & Riott vs. Baszler, Bayley, Morgan, Green, James


-Asuka pins Green after Baszler leaves the ring.

-Asuka does a title belt motion to Baszler after the match.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Sasha Banks opens up Smackdown. She grabs a mic. "I knew The EST was all bark and no bite. She picked a fight she wasn't ready for and look what happened, she got sent right to the back of the line like everyone else who challenged me. With that said, We all know who won the Royal Rumble, so Sonya Deville, consider this your one warning. If you decide to take me on at Wrestlemania for my Smackdown Women's Championship you'll be the next person to get sent to the back of the line." Sonya Deville comes to the ring and meets Sasha eye to eye. "Sasha, I've never been one to beat around the bush. So I'm here to tell you right here and right now that at Wrestlemania I am coming for that title, but I guarantee you that you have never faced someone like me. I will beat you down in ways you have never even heard of before. I'll take you to your absolute limits without even lifting a finger and you'll lose that title before you even know what hit you." Sasha nods and throws a punch at Sonya who blocks it and takes Sasha down who rolls out of the ring before things get too messy. She looks shocked and Sonya grins her way and does the title motion around her waist then grabs the mic again and says "No don't go anywhere stick around and watch what's in store for you!"

Match #1: Sonya Deville vs. Billie Kay


-Sonya wins pretty easily

Segment: Backstage Interview with Kevin Owens about his title defense at Royal Rumble. "Well, I showed Joe that my win over him the first time was no fluke. This Intercontinental title has given me more drive than I've had recently and It's made me a dangerous competitor. Now that Joe is out of the way, I did want to make an announcement. Starting tonight the Open Challenge for this IC Title is back on! So if you want a shot meet me in the ring later tonight!"

Match #2: Mastiff vs. The Miz


Video Package: Scarlett stands in front of the same mirror Braun shattered weeks ago. She stares into it and says. "Awh Braun, trying to invoke fear into The Devil is a fruitless endeavor, however, what you did do, is make him more excited. He sees this new fire inside of you and loves the idea that he gets to be the one that snuffs that flame out." She turns around from looking into the mirror and looks right into the camera. "He wanted me to send you a message, At Elimination Chamber he wants to fight you, not in any old one on one match though, he wants you in a casket match. He wants to slam that casket down on you and send you back to being the biggest guy that no one ever sees." We see a silhouette of Kross appear in the mirror behind Scarlett with an evil grin on his face.

Match #3: Styles & Balor vs. The New Day w/ Big E


-The two teams shake hands after the match

Segment: Once the New Day leaves the ring Morrison and Andrade attack Styles and Balor from behind with the belts and Morrison grabs a mic. "We've been paying close attention to you two. You both have been making some waves in this tag division recently! Big stuff, so happy for you, anyway if you even think about trying to take these titles from us, you'll be in a whole new world of hurt with nothing to show for all this effort you've been putting in because the team of Morrison and Andrade are going to be champions for a very, very long time and whoever stands in our way is going to end up like these idiots on the ground!" Morrison grabs AJ's hand while he's down and too sweets it before heading off with Andrade.

Match #4: King Corbin w/ Carmella vs. Kalisto


-Corbin wins with the help of Carmella

Segment: Toni Storm and Piper Niven come to the ring as the new Women's Tag Team Champions! Toni grabs a mic "At the Royal Rumble, Piper and I proved that our hard work, dedication, blood sweat, and tears were all worth it! We don't plan on holding back either, just because we're the champions now doesn't mean we're going to be backing down anytime soon." Piper speaks up "We're going to be fighting champions and show everyone that we are worthy of being called champions!" The team leaves with their statement made.

Main Event: Kevin Owens vs. Roderick Strong - Intercontinental Championship Match


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