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S4 Episode 11 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #11 (January 15, 2021):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre stands in the parking lot. Charly comes over and tries to ask a question to McIntyre but McIntyre just says that if she wants some answers, she's gonna have to wait. Then we see a limo show up in the parking lot. And McIntyre runs over. In a very similar spot to last week, McIntyre jumps into Roman's car. From inside the limo, McIntyre looks up to see Paul Heyman. Heyman tells McIntyre as I told you, Drew, Roman's not here. Then we hear a screech of tires and see a Brinks truck drive over and slam into the side door of the limo, crushing it. Dozens of people rush over and we see Roman get out of the Brinks truck. Ambulance and Police are able to get the door off of the limo to get in and pull out McIntyre and Heyman. Heyman has some light scratches, but McIntyre is bloody. McIntyre gets put into an ambulance but Heyman just runs away from the scene with Roman.

Match #1: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Jobbers


Segment: After the match, Rose and Brooke grab the mic. They say that last week, their locker room was trashed, and after putting some pieces together we believe it was the women we beat two weeks ago who had done it. Brooke says that next week, we are laying down the challenge, for revenge, for comeuppance, and for the Women's Tag Team Championships. Nia Jax and Tamina, we are coming for you.

Match #2: Peyton Royce vs. Bayley - Change Your Luck Match: If Royce wins, she gains 2 spots in the Rumble, if she loses, she loses 2 spots.


Video Package: Video Profile on Keith Lee and Dijakovic's friendship in NXT and the indies, talks about Dijakovic turning on him and their title match at Royal Rumble.

Match #3: Randy Orton vs. Mustafa Ali w/ Alexander


-After the match, Orton gets on the mic and says well we'll well, looks like I've beaten both of you in singles matches. Now I'll just cut to the chase, let me guess, you want your revenge in one final match? I say yes, which means I need a partner. Edge, I'll see you, next week buddy.

Segment: Backstage Interview with a neck brace wearing Paul Heyman. Charly asks Heyman about what happened earlier today. Heyman asks if Charly has ever seen Tom and Jerry. Charly says yes. Heyman says that she must remember what happens in the show. You see the cat is constantly trying to catch the mouse, but whatever he tries, it never seems to work. He also gets hurt, injured, sent to the hospital, while the mouse is able to continue with his life, getting rid of his menace, without his menace even realizing it. You see Charly, McIntyre's pursuit of Roman Reigns is deadly to him, and he doesn't even realize it. I hope he learned that today.

Match #4: Ziggler & Roode vs. Reed & Ruas


Main Event: Chad Gable w/ Bryan vs. Aleister Black - #1 Contenders Match for the United States Championship


Segment: After the match, Black goes for the Black Mass once more, but then One Nation runs out from the crowd. Crews and Tozawa take out Bryan and Gable and Ciampa deals with Black. When they are laid out, Ciampa grabs the mic and says that people seem to think we are only focused on the Tag Team Divison, but you are all gravely mistaken. My United States Championship was robbed and we ensure that I get my championship back under my waist. We will control the United States, we will control the Tag Team Divison. Ciampa grabs Black's arm and sets up the break. Crews, Ciampa, and Tozawa all do the salute. Ciampa says we are One Nation and crack, Ciampa breaks Black's arm.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Seth Rollins and Murphy open up Smackdown. Rollins grabs a mic "WWE Universe, the Savior of Smackdown has made his triumphant return! Now that I have returned I plan on making some changes around here, first and foremost my most loyal follower and I have plans to make the traitor pay for what he did. After all, I did for" He takes a pause and looks distraught "Dave Mastiff, he still had the gall to turn his back on the only person who had ever believed in him! I gave him a shot at greatness and he spits it right back in my face! Since he doesn't appreciate the help and support I once gave him he must be punished, and I plan on doing that tonight. Mastiff I challenge you to a match tonight, you and me, I'll show you what it means to spit in the face of a god." Rollins leaves with Murphy in tow.

Match #1: Morrison & Andrade vs. Rey & Dominik Mysterio


-After the match, Morrison grabs a mic and says "Enough with this! Andrade and I have proved that we are one of the most dominant tag teams in this division and we have shown everyone time and time again that we deserve the Smackdown Tag Team Championships! Last time we had an opportunity The Usos came in and stole it from under our noses and if it means we have to beat every damn team in this division so be it."

Segment: Sheamus is called into GM Paige's office to get his number for the Royal Rumble. Paige says "Sheamus thanks for coming! You're the first one to officially pull their number here on Smackdown, I think it's pretty lucky!" Sheamus reaches his hand in the bingo cage and pulls his number. He grins and says "Guess luck is on my side" He leaves.

Match #2: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

-Kevin Owens on commentary


- Joe locks Hardy in the Coquina Clutch and stares right at Owens as Jeff Hardy taps, but he doesn't release the hold and he stares at Owens the entire time. Owens runs to the ring and Joe releases the hold and the two start to throw hands at each other in the ring until referees and security separate the two and walk Joe to the back.

Video Package: Firefly Funhouse music hits. Bray Wyatt jumps into the frame and says excitedly "Hello my fireflies! Today is a very special episode of the Firefly Funhouse because we're going to go through some letters that you Fireflies sent me!" He grabs a bag from off-screen that is overflowing with letters that says "Firefly Post Office" on it. He sits down in a big chair and opens the first letter. He says "Well this one is from James in Orlando Florida who says 'Mr. Wyatt where is Sami Zayn? I know he's mean but I haven't seen him in a while and I'm worried.' Wyatt looks a little disappointed with that first letter but he responds anyway "Well James, Mr. Zayn is... in timeout right now. Once he learns his lesson he'll be right back to entertain you all on Smackdown don't you worry! Let's open another one." He grabs another letter out of the bag "This one is from Aliyah over in Kansas City! 'Hi, Bray! I love the Firefly Funhouse and I'm a big fan, but I'm scared of what happened to Sami-' He stops reading and his face drops again and he says "We already answered this one let's try another." He pulls out another letter and they're all asking about Sami Zayn. Bray looks upset that the questions weren't to his liking but he keeps a chipper facade and says "Yowie Wowie fireflies! A lot of you are asking about what happened to Sami Zayn and as I said, right now he's in time out, and until he learns his lesson, that's where he's going to stay. To help him learn his lesson I've sent a very close friend of mine to teach him the meaning of this respect word he likes to throw around so much." (as he says this his face and tone get progressively darker) He snaps back to his chipper self and says "Well that looks like all the time we have on this Firefly Funhouse! See you all again soon! Bye Bye!"

Match #3: Styles & Balor vs. Fish & O'Reilly


Segment: Backstage interview with Dave Mastiff about the challenge that Rollins issued earlier in the night. Mastiff is silent for a while and then just says "I accept" and walks off camera and goes to prepare for his match tonight.

Match #4: Piper Niven w/ Storm vs. Charlotte Flair w/ Natalya

-During the match Natalya tries to distract the referee and Toni Storm jumps on the apron and takes her down, then Charlotte takes out Toni and this lets Niven hit her finisher and win the match.


Segment: Backstage interview with Storm and Niven after the match about what they think of Natalya and Charlotte as a team Niven speaks up "I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we had the utmost respect for Charlotte and Natalya. Two of the most dangerous competitors in the WWE, but after they came after us after they did what they did, all we have for them now is disdain. If they wanted a piece of us they could have just asked but since they won't I will. Charlotte, Natalya we challenge you to a match next week to settle this. See you both in the ring."

Main Event: Mastiff vs. Seth Rollins w/ Murphy


-Rollins wins with the help of Murphy when Murphy distracts the referee as Mastiff is going for his finisher which lets Rollins sneak out and hit a low blow. He then hits the stomp on Mastiff and wins the match. Rollins and Murphy stand tall over Mastiff once again. *Rollins attacks Mastiff after the match and ends up crushing his neck in a steel chair and Murphy looks away as Seth does it.*

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