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S3 Episode 8 Raw & Smackdown Card

Episode #8 (June 5, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Black Lives Matter Opening-Superstars stand at the stage, and the New Day give a speech on equality and injustice.

Match #1: The Miz vs. Andrade w/ Vega


-Sheamus attacks The Miz after the match

Segment: Paul Heyman is interviewed backstage about Sheamus pulling himself out of Universal Championship contention. Heyman says that what Sheamus did is foolish as all hell. Heyman says that's it fine because Sheamus was on his chopping block anyway. And that's Sheamus decision to pull himself out. So hey he's out moving on to some new fresh blood. Next match should be amazing and next week will have another four-way with some of his top prospects. And I've already got a great replacement for Sheamus don't you worry.

Match #2: Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. LLC w/ Lana

-King Corbin watches the match from the back


-After the match, LLC go and try to further beat down Ricochet and Cedric but Shorty G runs in with a steel chair.

Video Package: Seth Rollins/Edge History, plus New Day/Woods neck attack with Kofi save. Announcement of The New Day vs The Disicples for the RAW Tag Team Titles at Backlash

Match #3: Big E w/ Woods & Kingston vs. Murphy w/ Rollins


Segment: Backstage Interview with Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley. Morgan says that this new partnership between herself and Rhea is one for the ages. They formed because they both saw opportunity. They saw the opportunity at getting Tag Team Gold. In a divison that is struggling, they are here to become something. And they aren't going to do it lying down. They will fight and fight and fight until there is no more give left. Ripley comes in and says that she came to RAW for gold. And next week they get their first shot it with a #1 Contenders Match against Belair & Naomi. And when they win--Suddenly, Belair and Naomi attack Morgan and Ripley from behind. Eventually Belair throws Ripley into some equipment cases, and Naomi then rams a 2nd equipment case on Ripley's leg. They two leave and Morgan calls for a medic.

Match #4: Keith Lee vs. Daniel Bryan


-After the match, Daniel Bryan shakes Keith Lee's hands

Segment: Backstage Interview with Roman Reigns. Roman says that this whole issue with Bray Wyatt is insane. Bray assuming that Roman attacked Black along with everyone else on the internet is simply untrue. So, i did some digging. Next week I will officially clear my name. I talked to some of the boys in the back, got the security tapes and I'm going to officially clear my name in front of the WWE universe, the roster, and apparently Corporate Bray Wyatt.

Main Event: Shayna Baszler & Carmella vs. The Genetic Goddesses

-If Baszler & Carmella win, they will challenge Nia Jax for the Women's Money in the Bank briefcase at Backlash


-After the match, as Carmella is celebrating, really, around Baszler, Baszler locks in the clutch on Carmella and sorta laughs manically to Carmella, Bliss, and Jax after the fact.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Braun Strowman opens Smackdown. He storms to the ring and he is pissed about what happened last week. Braun begins "Randy get out here right now and face me! Don't be a coward and come get these hands!" Braun waits for a minute to no response and as he's about to start talking again GM Paige makes her way to the ring and tells Braun "Look Braun, unfortunately Randy isn't here tonight, he had some personal business to attend to." Braun is pissed and he looks incredibly angry. Paige continues "However he did give me a message to give you in his absence. He says that at Backlash you can have a shot at his Universal Title on one condition." Braun interjects "Paige you know me, the monster among men doesn't care about any conditions, anything I can do to get a shot at that title I'll do it." Paige says "Braun, you can have a chance at the Universal Title at Backlash if and only if you can beat The Demon Finn Balor in a match next week on Smackdown." Braun cuts Paige off again and says "Bring it on, that 'Demon' has some answerin to do." Paige says "You didn't let me finish. You must beat the demon one on one in a steel cage match." Braun gets a little more serious and says "Even better. Now that little demon has no place to run from me." Braun leaves.

Match #1: Undisputed Era (Fish & O'Reilly) w/ Strong vs. Ziggler & Roode

-Strong distracts the referee when the Z&R go for a pin and it allows Fish and O'Reiley to get the upper hand.


Segment: Candice LeRae is being interviewed backstage about her match with Ruby Riott. LeRae says "Look I know that Ruby Riott is gonna try everything to get the win and move on in this tournament. She might even enlist the help of the rest of her cronies in Undisputed Era so I know I'm gonna have to overcome massive odds to win. Being the underdog isn't new to me and I'm ready to face the odds and come out on top."

Match #2: Candice LeRae vs. Ruby Riott - Tournament Match


Video Package: Sami Zayn sitting at a table with the MITB briefcase on it. "Being Mr. Money in the Bank is an awesome feeling, just knowing I get to strike whenever I want for ANY title I want is almost overwhelming! I have no idea how to choose!" He reaches for a case with darts in it and grabs them as he turns he reveals a wall with portraits of every champion in WWE. "Maybe I'll just close my eyes and throw a dart! See where it lands!" Sami puts a hand over his eyes and throws the dart at the wall. He opens his eyes and smiles in delight and says "Guess my choice is made!" The camera cuts before we get to see who he hit with the dart.

Match #3: Mustafa Ali vs. Roderick Strong


Segment: Sasha Banks is being interviewed about her match tonight against her former tag partner Bayley. Sasha says "Look Bayley is nothing but a pushover, this match is basically just a formality for me. I'm gonna steamroll my way right through her and Ruby to get a shot at that title, there's nothing more important to me than beating Asuka right now." Sasha leaves.

Match #4: Matt Riddle vs. Kevin Owens

-Samoa Joe interferes and takes out Riddle and Owens with a steel chair ending the match in a draw. He knocks Owens out of the ring and goes back after Riddle. He puts Riddles knee in the chair and climbs to the second rope and jumps onto the chair. He gets in Riddle's face and says "Welcome to Smackdown, bro." Joe leaves as medical staff rush to Riddle


Segment: We go backstage to Matt Riddle in the trainer's office and the doctors and medical staff are checking on his knee. We get an interview with one of the doctors checking on Riddle about his match at Backlash. "We aren't sure of the exact injury Matt Riddle has suffered just yet, we need to do some more testing to see if he will be in shape to compete in two weeks. Once we know you'll know and updates will be given as necessary."

Match #5: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks - Tournament Match


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