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S3 Episode 5 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #5 (May 15, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Becky Lynch Pregnancy Announcement

Match #1: LLC w/ Lana vs. The New Day


Segment: Backstage Interview with Keith Lee where he is asked about the whole Alestier Black situation. Keith Lee congratulates Becky first and then says that he wishes the best in Black's recovery. He's an amazing competitor and he can't wait to face him when he comes back. If I'm limitless, he's right up there with me. The interviewer asks how he feels not being in the Money in the Bank match seeing that Roman replaced Black in the qualifying match. Keith Lee says Roman is amazing man and an even better competitor. He gave me a opportunity when no one else would, so i returned the favor. Then the powers at be granted our third outing. I love Roman. I have tremendous respect for the man. The interviewer then suggests that it's weird that Roman wanting to get into the match, and then Black got knocked out and if Lee thinks that's weird. Keith Lee says again innocent until proven guilty. Roman is a locker room leader and I man i truly respect. I cannot fathom him doing such a thing. Again he was willing to give me a shot at his WWE Championship assuming I can earn it, which is fair of course. He's just a great guy. But Keith Lee admits that now with the current WWE Champion, he might not be given the same opportunities. So, Brock or even Paul Heyman. I want a shot. I think I proved myself. Let me face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship and everyone can bask in my glory.

Match #2: Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs. Bianca Belair & Naomi


Segment: Backstage interview with Sheamus where he is asked about if he possibly attacked Alestier Black. Sheamus is insulted saying that Sheamus is an irishman and like great like irishmen before him, "we love to fight". Sure Black was annoying the crap out of me but I fight people in public, not in catering. The interviewer says that it is just interesting that you attacked Alestier Black after his match 2 weeks. Sheamus cuts them off saying that his goal is the Intercontinental Championship and frankly, Black stepped in front of my path. I'm glad someone took him out to clear my path but I didn't knock the fella out.

Match #3: Ricochet vs. King Corbin


-After the match, King Corbin beats down Ricochet even further until Cedric Alexander makes the save.

Video Package: Miz winning the battle royal/DQ finish in IC Title Match highlights

Match #4: Nia Jax w/ Bliss vs. Carmella

-During the match, Shayna Baszler jumps the rail and attacks Alexa Bliss


Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns


Segment: After the match, the Firefly Fun House intro begins and on the screen is Bray Wyatt waving towards the screen. "Hiya kids! And a big hello to you too Roman Reigns. Now, I know what you are all thinking? Why did he attack Roman Reigns? The other characters start asking to be called on. Mercy The Buzzard says because he's the top dog in the WWE? Huskus asks if it's because he can finally get back at the shield. Ramblin Rabbit comes in and says no dawg, it's because we're jealous that he was the chosen one while we kept failing and failing. Bray Wyatt says yowie wowie. Then theres a knock on the door. Ramblin Rabit gets scared and quickly leaves along with the other characters. Bray goes to the door and then it explodes open and there stands the Boss puppet which says "If you lose, you're fired!" Ramblin Rabbit then pops back up wearing a suit jacket and terrified, says yes boss! Then Bray Wyatt stands up wearing a suit jacket over his mr. rodgers attire. Bray Wyatt says you heard the boss. Roman we've both been giving chance after chance to succeed and somehow you always seem to Heal from your failures, while He always got HURT from his failures. But the boss is demanding that we ensure your failure hurts you Roman. So we're corporate now Roman. We've got stocks and portfolios and a corner office. Bray Wyatt then drinks from a mug labeled "World's #1 Fiend". Then Rabin Rabbit says that the Fiend is going to kill Roman to which Bray spits out his coffee. Bray hushes up Rambit. Bray Wyatt then says that when you're desperate for something, you'll do anything for it, isn't that right Roman? And he's desperate to hurt you Roman. So, Let Him In.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Randy Orton opens up Smackdown with an announcement to the WWE Universe. He says that "What you all saw at MITB was the beginning of a very lucrative partnership between me and my associate." The lights go out and then back on and Finn Balor is standing beside Randy Orton. Orton continues with "You see our missions here on Smackdown happened to align, I am here to make this place a more upscale show and my friend here wants to put the Smackdown locker room on notice that he is more dangerous than ever, and maybe get a little revenge while he's at it. So if any classless idiot in that Smackdown locker room wants to step up to us, we'll be waiting. In the meantime though, I believe you have a match tonight." Orton heads to the commentary table and the Demon prepares in ring for his match.

Match #1: "The Demon" Finn Balor vs. Mojo Rawley


Segment: Ruby Riott is gearing up in the locker room before her match tonight and hears a knock on the door. Riott says come in and Undisputed Era enter. Ruby says "What the hell was that at MITB?!" Cole steps up and says "Woah woah woah, easy. That's what we came to talk about, look last time we were on Smackdown we made a pretty big entrance, now that we're back we have big plans for this place but we need help executing those plans. Consider MITB a scouting mission, we see potential in you Riott and if you win your match against LeRae tonight consider this an offer." He hands Ruby an Undisputed Era armband and the crew rolls out and leaves Riott with the arm band.

Match #2: Moustahce Mountain vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode


Video Package: One Nation are in a dark room again and Crews starts to say something. "A count of 10, a simple thing really. Yet so devastating in the right context. Tozawa and I beat you and your stupid little partner into the ground Mustafa. I think that we all knew what was going to happen from the beginning, we are a dominant force on Smackdown and we proved it to you and them. So Tozawa and I have our sights set on an even greater prize, The Smackdown tag team championships. When we finally achieve our destiny to become great, we will ascend to the status of legends and no one will be able to bring us down! So Heavy Machinery, watch your backs.

Match #3: Ruby Riott vs. Candice LeRae - No DQ Match

-During the match, Fish and O'Reiley distract the referee and Cole holds LeRae in place for a Riott kick.


-UE raises Riott's hand in victory and Cole grabs a mic. "What do you say Ruby? Wanna be part of the most dominant faction in Smackdown history?" Ruby puts on the arm band and holds up the UE with her hands and the rest join in and leave together.

Segment: The IIconics are being interviewed backstage about being the new Women's tag champions. "It's so great to have these titles back around our waists where they rightfully belong! Not to some so called 'Best Friends' like Sasha and Bayley but to some real best friends and the best of tag team partners, US!!!" Banks and Bayley step in and Bayley says "Well if you're so confident about being the 'best of partners' how about a rematch tonight with the titles on the line?" The IIconics refuse at first and try to walk away but turn around into GM Paige who says "Wow Bayley what an awesome idea! Our main event tonight will be Banks and Bayley vs. The IIconics for the Women's Tag Titles! The Iiconics storm off upset.

Match #4: Roderick Strong vs. Humberto Carillo


-Roderick Strong is injured for 1 week

Segment: Sami Zayn comes to the ring with his MITB briefcase. He says "Sami Zayn, Mr. Money in the Bank, has a nice ring to it right? At MITB I beat all those other idiots who thought they had a chance and walked away with a contract that gives me a shot at ANY title any time I see fit! Will I go after The Universal? Maybe I'll jump ship and go after Brock Lesnar on RAW!! Or I can grab a partner and go after the tag team division who knows??? There are infinite possibilities for me and I don't plan on giving anyone a heads up unlike some dopes in the past!" he does the you can't see me hand wave. "I plan on striking when the Iron is hot and making the most out of an opportunity so watch out champions Sami Zayn might just be coming your way." Sami leaves

Match #5: Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. The IIconics


-Banks and Bayely are upset at their loss and Bayley begins to make her way out of the ring, but before she can Sasha hits Bayley with a backstabber and then puts Bayley in the Banks statement until refs and GM Paige come to break them up and Banks leaves with Bayley in pain in the ring.

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