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S3 Episode 28 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #28 (October 23, 2020):

Raw Card:

Match #1: Sheamus vs. MVP w/ Lashley, Cesaro, Lana - Intercontinental Championship Match


Segment: After the countout lost by MVP, LLC jumps Sheamus from behind. MVP joins in but Ricochet makes the save. Ricochet grabs the mic and tells Sheamus that he knows they don't see eye to eye, but tells him that he knows what they say. Ricochet challenges The LLC to a tag match right now with Sheamus.

Match #2: Sheamus & Ricochet vs. The LLC w/ Lana, MVP


-Lashley pins Sheamus

Video Package: Recap of the Nia Jax, Tamina, Bliss & Cross rivalry

Match #3: Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross - Women's Tag Team Championship


Segment: Backstage segment with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The two are asked, that despite their shared history, there are concerns that they won't be able to coexist tonight. Roman says that it's quite alright. I have no dog in this fight. I've removed myself from the equation. I'm more concerned about The Usos. They haven't been holding up their weight of the bargain and quite frankly they need to step it up. But they know this. We've already discussed this. Besides, I'm holding down the fort of my WWE Championship while Rollins is handling the Tag Team Divison. Rollins comments saying that his Disciples are holding down the Raw Tag Team Divison, I'm just guiding them. Edge is some who we greatly respected growing up but he's been a pest on this roster. Now he thinks Daniel Bryan is in his corner. Daniel Bryan is a man that is lost quite frankly. He thinks he's a shepherd but quite frankly he's just a goat. The two don't belong together and when our groups defeat them tonight, they can watch Hell in a Cell from their hospital beds.

Match #4: Sonya Deville vs. Liv Morgan - #1 Contendership Match for the Raw Women's Championship


Segment: Aleister Black comes out and cuts a promo sitting in the middle of the ring, holding the contract to his hell in a cell match. Black says that when he remembers watching the infamous Hell in a Cell Match between Undertaker and Mankind. It was a masterpiece of art and violence. Two men entered, sign their fate to the devil, and tore their bodies apart to win. It wasn't a match, it wasn't a joke. This was a fight for life and death. No championship glory on the line, just victory. You see, I sold my soul to the devil long ago. I have lost it all so this match isn't about my life or death, it's about that option for a man I call a friend. And if I have to trade the rest of my form to the demon I share that ring with, then so be it. Sacrifice me to the gods and the devils. I am Aleister Black and I have come for what is mine. Suddenly the lights go out and then come back on red. The Fiend is standing right behind Aleister Black. Black turns to look who it is. Black stands up and stares the Fiend directly in his eyes, unwavering. The Fiend cocks his head and punches Black in the gut. The Fiend goes to the corner, listening to his hurt hand. Then charges Black with a spear. The Fiend pummels Aleister Black until Black begins to bleed. The Fiend grabs the contract and wipes Black's blood all over it. He sets up Black for Sister Abigail but Black reverse and attempts a spinning Fade to Black. The Fiend dodges and slides out of the ring. The lights go out and Black is left by himself, bleeding.

Main Event: Edge, Daniel Bryan & The New Day vs. Seth Rollins, The Disciples & The Usos


-Roman Reigns on commentary

-During the match, Rollins and The Disciples leave when things are looking rough. Roman stands up and stares directly at Rollins while this is happening.

Segment: After the match, Edge grabs the mic and says that about does it, give us the title match this Sunday, Rollins. We want those tag titles. Rollins accepts and he and the Disciples leave

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: The announcers introducing Smackdown gets suddenly interrupted and they cut to the backstage cams. Tomasso Ciampa and Kevin Owens are brawling and making a mess of the backstage area, they end up brawling near GM Paige's office who gets refs and security to break them up and Paige says "Guys! Calm down! Save the animosity for Sunday! Actually, you know what if you really want to fight that badly you two are gonna have a match tonight. Non Title, but whoever wins gets to pick the stipulation for your match at Hell in a Cell, but I swear if you two even think about fighting again before this match the consequences will be so dire, you'll want to quit the company! Deal?" The two nod and walk their separate ways.

Match #1: Kyle O'Reilly vs. Dolph Ziggler


Video Package: The announcers introduce a video from last week after Smackdown went off the air: Braun Strowman is backstage when he gets run into by R-Truth (still with a cardboard title) who is not paying attention to where he's going because he's too busy looking through a magnifying glass. Strowman turns around slowly and menacingly and looks Truth dead in the face and then suddenly just flips a switch and has a big grin on his face "Hey Truth, what's going on?" "Hey Braun, I'm still on the case of my missing 24/7 Championship, It got lost a few weeks ago and I think someone may have stolen it." "Any leads?" "Well, Mojo was avoiding my questioning but other than that not really. You see anything?" "Well, between you and me, Maverick was skulking around looking pretty proud of himself earlier. maybe go see what's up with that.'" "hmm, Maverick? I don't know him but there is that Rockstar guy I know who might have it! I'll go ask him!" Truth runs to investigate the hunch.

Segment: Moon backstage in the medical office when an interviewer walks in and asks Moon if she's going to be ready for HIAC this Sunday after what Sasha did to her last week. Ember laughs and she says "Oh this?! This is nothing! Sasha is gonna have to do a lot more than that to stop me from ripping that title away from her. That Championship is what drives me now, All I see any more is that Championship. In my sleep when I wake up when I eat breakfast when I'm in that ring it's all I can think about and it's consuming me! I need this more than anything and some stupid arm injury isn't going to get in my way."

Segment: Ruby Riott in the locker room she looks like she's mulling something over. O'Reilly knocks and makes his way in and sits down next to Riott. "What's on your mind?" Ruby responds "I just feel like you guys are doing so much. Like you and strong are tag champs! Cole is about to have a match for the Universal Title, and where am I? In the back of the line for the Women's Title? We said we were gonna take over and I'm just not pulling my weight on this team." "Well, I think you've been a huge part of this team since you've joined but I get it, losing streaks suck. We've all had them, but we know that's not you. You're a fighter and you're gonna fight, you'll find your way back to winning." Riott smiles "Thanks Kyle, I think I just need a break from the pressure you know? I'm gonna step away from Era for a while and get my stuff together. Nothing against you guys of course! I think this is just what I need right now." "I understand. It's been a blast Riott, see you later?" Kyle sticks his hand out for a handshake and Ruby accepts "See you later." Ruby leaves. Kyle smiles. Oddy wholesome moment from Era.

Match #2: Roderick Strong vs. Robert Roode


Segment: Truth finds Mavericks locker room and says "huh, guess while I'm here I should check out that guy Braun mentioned." He knocks on the door and Maverick opens it just enough for us to see just his head. "who's there!? Truth?!" Truth says "Wait Rockstar guy? what are you doing in this Maverick guy's locker room?" Maverick says "Uhhhh, one sec." He comes out clearly holding something behind his back and says "So what's up Truth?' "Well my 24/7 title went missing and I'm looking for leads! I think you might be one!" Maverick is clearly sweating and says "What? Me? No way! I wouldn't! ME? HA good one!" Truth eyes him down for like a second and then just goes "Oh well, guess this is a dead-end!" Truth turns around to leave when Maverick hits him over the back of the head with the 24/7 belt and runs away! Truth is knocked out as we head back to Smackdown.

Match #3: Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali vs. The Street Profits


-This match ends when Zayn and Carillo attack Ali and Alexander and the Street Profits they shove the Profits out of the ring and talk right to Ali and Alexander. Zayn says "You thought we were done with you two? You've embarrassed us for way too long and it's time for us to make a stand. We are done taking your garbage and we are going to destroy you at Hell in a Cell!" Zayn and Carillo walk away.

Main Event: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Kevin Owens

-Winner Chooses their Hell in a Cell Match Stipulation


-After the match, Owens tells Ciampa that their match will be a Tables Match

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