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S3 Episode 27 Raw, Smackdown & NXT Cards

Episode #27 (October 16, 2020):

Raw Card:

Match #1: Aleister Black vs. Bo Dallas


Segment: Firefly fun house pops up on the titan tron after the match. Bray Wyatt tells Black that he loves what you said last week. Knocking a head off a body sounds wonderful! But you are missing the point here, Al. You can't demand anything from us. We are only mediators! There is only one way to get Keith Lee, and that is buying giving us your soul. The doorbell rings and bray gets excited over a package. He grabs it and opens it up. It's an Aleister black crow puppet. Bray is all excited but he admits that it's missing life, Al. At Hell in Cell, we will give this new friend life when HE takes yours. It's the only exchange Al. Non-negotiable. The hurt hand comes up. Wyatt listens to it and says that He has a great idea. The deal is your fate, Al, you cannot back out or find a different way. So to make sure he gets what he wants, HE will take you to hell. Hell in a cell. Goodbye!

Segment: Backstage, Ricochet is talking to a road agent. MVP walks up. Ricochet gets guarded and tells MVP to stop bothering him. MVP tells Ricochet that he's got nothing to worry about. I know I've been coming on a little strong as of late but hey, when I see talent, I want to cultivate it. Plus I got an offer for you. I talked to my guys in the back and they told me that next week, you're getting a title shot at Sheamus's IC championship. The only catch is, you have to have one last match against the most recent challenger, which happens to be me. Now here's my offer Ric. I will forfeit my match, allowing you to get a bye directly into next week's title shot, all you would have to do, is let me manage you. What do you say, and MVP extends his hand. Ricochet says look MVP, I truly value your friendship and interest in managing me. But I've gotten to this point in my career by being the one and only. I've was the king of the independents. I came to NXT and grinder again until i became champ. Sure I got moved to the main roster and admittedly I've had my stumbles, yet nothing is perfect. It's just all part of the grind. It's not that I don't need you MVP, it's that I know for a fact that I can prove myself here and beat Sheamus next week. I'll see you tonight.

Match #2: Sonya Deville vs. Natalya


-After the match, Sonya grabs the mic and says Sonya, you already know I got your number. I've been waiting for this match for a long time. You, me, for the women's championship at hell in a cell. This will be a goddamn fight.

Video Package: Rhea Ripley is having a sit-down interview with Kayla Braxton. Kayla intros the interview saying that Rhea asked for this interview. Ripley says that over the past several months, being on Raw has been amazing. I've been proving my talents to the world. However, while I've been doing my best, my former tag partner didn't think so. Following every single one of my matches, even if we won, she would yell at me, belittle me, and then take our tag team accomplishments as her own. She wouldn't even let me talk sometimes. She is two-faced Kayla, I couldn't stand for it any longer. Kayla, surprised about the accusation, asks if there is any evidence to back up Ripley's claim. Ripley says yes and shows a private text chain between the two, where Morgan is continuously insulting Ripley. Rhea says that their partnership just became toxic and I couldn't do it anymore, so I quit. Kayla asks what's next for Rhea. Rhea says that she's going to try to move forward as a singles competitor, and hopefully, the draft can split us up further. She was psychotic Kayla. I'm done with liv Morgan. I just want to move on.

Segment: Before the match starts, MVP grabs the mic, and tells Ricochet, look man, this is your last chance. I've given you every opportunity and you have still denied my help. This is your last chance. Take my hand. Take this bye. Ricochet walks up and talks to MVP off-mic until suddenly, The LLC jump Ricochet from behind. Once they hit their finisher, MVP calls for the bell to ring and goes for the pin, but ricochet kicks out at 2.5

Match #3: Ricochet vs. MVP


-Match has MVP trying to skate by with lots of LLC involvement, but Ricochet finds a way to get out of it until it's too much and he loses

Segment: Backstage, Liv Morgan is interviewed. She says that she's heard Rhea's awful accusations about her and they are simply untrue. I loved working with Rhea. We were tag team champions, why would I want that to end. She is a smart and powerful woman on this roster and she will support her if she wants to become a singles competitor, but this came out of nowhere. I don't know why she is saying these lies about me but if she's left me with no choice. I'm going to move forward as well. I know Sonya challenged Shayna already, but I don't care. I want a match with Shayna. I never got my fair shot after Summerslam. I deserve this for all the work I have done these past few months. I've proven it. So if we need to fight next week over in Sonya, let's do it.

Main Event: Edge & Daniel Bryan vs. The New Day w/ Woods


-Edge pins Kingston

-As both teams are celebrating together, the divisions and the USO's come out and attack. Both Rollins and Reigns slowly walk down the ramp. The beat downs continue and the two evil factions stand tall.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre opens up Smackdown and grabs a mic. He says "Hard cam, I'm talking right to you today so look at me." McIntyre stares down the barrel of the camera "Cole, you started a war that you have no idea how to finish. You want a piece of me that's fine, but if you're going to come at me you better give it all you got, or else I'm going to eat you alive. I will do anything and everything to defend this Universal Title I fought tooth and nail for. You say you want to rip it from my cold dead hands well Cole that's exactly what you're gonna have to do when we meet inside HELL IN A CELL!" McIntyre glares down at the camera and drops the mic and walks out of the ring.

Match #1: Piper Niven vs. Ruby Riott


-Ruby is pissed off and starts to destroy the area around the ring before Era comes out and stops her.

-Ruby Riott is injured for 5 weeks

Segment: Backstage Interview with Bayley the interviewer asks "Bayley a few weeks ago you saved Sasha from a brutal attack from Ember Moon and we just want to know why." Bayley responds "I said it then and I'll say it now. My main goal that night was to take out Ember for what she did to Asuka at Clash of Champions. That's all, it has nothing to do with Sasha." The interviewer brings another question "Speaking of Ember Moon, I know that you and Ember have a match tonight, any strategy or plans going into this match?' Bayley just walks away from that question and cuts the interview short.

Match #2: Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong & Kyle O'Reilly) vs. Heavy Machinery


Video Package: Ziggler and Roode together backstage Ziggler says "Undisputed Era, your time is up. We took out 3 former champions and we're coming for you next. We want those Smackdown Tag Team Championships and nothing is going to stand in our way on the path to greatness." Roode speaks up as well. "O'Reilly, Strong, you two have a completely new threat on your horizon and you'd better watch your backs and keep your heads on a swivel because if you let your guard down even for a second we'll be there to take you down."

Match #3: Ember Moon vs. Bayley


Segment: Moon wins the match after hitting Bayley with an eclipse but after the match ends Moon keeps beating down Bayley. Sasha comes to the ring and tackles Moon and the two start brawling. They roll outside the ring and Sasha ends up throwing Moon into the stairs. She slams Moon's head into the stairs repeatedly, then grabs Moon's arm and pins it between the stairs and the ring post, Sasha gets a running start and kicks the steel stairs crushing Ember's arm. Sasha gets back to the ring to help Bayley who shakes her off and walks out on her own as paramedics run to the ring to cater to Moon who is just smiling and laughing at Sasha as the medics help her to the back and Smackdown cuts to commercial.

Segment: The KO show with Tomasso Ciampa. Owens comes to the ring and introduces his guest."Welcome to the KO show! This is a very special installment of the show because I have a very special guest, Smackdown's own United States Champion Tomasso Ciampa!" Ciampa's music hits and he heads to the ring and takes his seat. Owens starts "Ciampa, thanks for joining me today, any trouble finding the place?" Ciampa no-sells Owen's joke and glares at him. "Okay then, any way you won the United States Championship in your first match on Smackdown, correct?" Ciampa just says "Yeah." Owens: "Interesting, and that was 1 of 2 matches you've had under the Smackdown brand yeah?" "That's correct" "Okay thanks for clearing that up, so that leads me to my next question, who do you think you are coming in and saying you're going to dominate Smackdown and take over and put everyone in their place when you have barely had your reps here? Anyway, you can clear that up for me?" Ciampa stands up and glares at Owens, Owens chuckles and says "Oh we're doing this now?" Owens stands up and stares Ciampa right back in his eyes. Ciampa goes to walk away and then tries to sucker punch Owens who blocks it and gets his own shot in, knocking Ciampa on his ass. Ciampa rolls out of the ring with his title and backs away. Owens says "Cmon Ciampa?! Where's all that talk? Come on back in here and back it up!" Owens is holding the ropes open for Ciampa who just backs away slowly and starts laughing maniacally and nods at Owens.

Main Event: Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali vs. Sami Zayn & Humberto Carillo


NXT Card by Guest Zach Batista:

Match #1: Mercedes Martinez vs. Kacy Catanzaro


-After the match, Martinez then calls out Io Shirai, demanding for a shot at the title, and saying that that will be her come to Halloween Havoc

Segment: Interview with Angel Garza where he says that he told everyone that he would get back his North American Championship no matter the cost and that he would fix this injustice in NXT, he then turns to look at the camera and directly addresses Kushida saying that he better watch his back because while he may think that he’s the future of NXT, he’s going to learn that in reality, he’s just a relic of the past

Match #2: Breezango vs. Indus Sher

-Imperium show up mid-match and watch the match via ringside before leaving as Breezango get the pin, the last shot of them we see is Imperium doing their signature pose while Breezango watches from the ring


Video Package: Video Package detailing the tournament that was held to determine the Number One Contender for the NXT North American Championship, matches before were Pete Dunne vs Dexter Lumis, Gargano vs Santos Escobar, and Cameron Grimes vs Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Match #3: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dominik Dijakovic

-Before the match commentary describes how both of these two have been asking for an opportunity to get back into the title scene and that William Regal decided to make this match in order to kill two birds with one stone. Both men shake hands after the match.


Segment: Backstage Segment where Garza attacks Kushida backstage but as he’s about to continue, he is attacked by Killian Dane who puts him through a catering table and proceeds to hit Kushida with a running Crossbody through a glass panel, he proceeds to get up and hold up the NXT North American Championship before the segment is cut off by William Regal announcing that it is going to be a Triple Threat Street Fight between Kushida, Garza, and Dain at Halloween Havoc

Main Event: Cameron Grimes vs. Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano - #1 Contenders Triple Threat for the NXT Championship


Segment: After the match, Cameron starts to sing/gloat about winning when he is cut off by Priest on the titantron and says that no one wants to hear his lousy singing or his irritating voice, he then congratulates Grimes on his victory but that now that he has him in his sights, he’s just another step to solidifying his Infamy.

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