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S3 Episode 25 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #25 (October 2, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Daniel Bryan & Edge open Raw. Daniel Bryan mentions that while he was training Chad Gable, every single night he would see Seth Rollins beat down Edge and target his neck and obviously I empathized with that. Edge, you are the only people in that locker room right now that retired from the sport we love and worked hard until we came back. Now Rollins wants to talk that all away. I couldn't stand back. Edge responds saying he obviously appreciates that. Seth Rollins, despite everything we've said about each other, is a great wrestler, but us Daniel. We are legends, certified hall of Famers. We are incredibly similar but we've never tagged together. Gosh, we've only wrestled each other once, a match I won by the way. But that was 10 years ago. And in 10 years, our lives have led us here. We challenged Rollins & The Disciples for the RAW Tag Team Championships one week ago and we've heard nothing. So come out here Rollins, we know you are here tonight. Walk on out. After a moment, Rollins and The Disciples appear and Rollins tells them their story is very touching but the fact is that you've been waiting for our answer. And I'll be honest, I've been sleeping on it. And it didn't truly hit me until last night in a dream. I dreamt of this match for the first time last night and upon further reflection, it wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare. That match between you is not why I am the Monday Night Messiah. I'm not here to have dream matches with legends. I am here to put over the younger talent, the likes of Disciple Murphy and Disciple Mawstiff here, the current Raw Tag Team Champions. That nightmare does not match what I want for the greater good of this company. Rollins declines the match because not only are Bryan and Edge has-beens, they have not competed once together. Why should I allow our titles to be defended to a team so inexperienced? Win some matches and we can talk. Rollins and The Disciples leave.

Match #1: King Corbin vs. Ricochet

-MVP is on commentary, saying he has his eyes on Ricochet, him becoming a singles wrestler, and how if he was a singles wrestler sooner, maybe he could have won the IC #1 Contender Tournament that MVP won


Segment: Backstage segment with Ricochet and MVP. MVP wants to take Ricochet under his wing, says he's faced Sheamus at Clash of Champions and he sees the true talent inside Ricochet. He wants to coach him to that IC title. Ricochet says he appreciates the look but he has to respectfully decline.

Match #2: Shayna Baszler vs. Naomi


Segment: After the previous match, Baszler grabs the mic. Baszler wipes her hands and says there you go. More proof on why I'm the Raw Women's Champion. It doesn't matter how athletic you think you are. It doesn't matter. I am MMA trained. I am dangerous. No one in that locker room has the same skills that I do. Suddenly, Sonya Deville returns. Sonya gets forehead to forehead with Shayna and the two just go at it. Full-scale pull-apart brawl.

Match #3: Sheamus vs. Gran Metalik w/ Dorado - Intercontinental Championship Match

-Ricochet watches this match from backstage

-Sheamus is very serious, mad at himself for screwing up a spot, but utterly destroys Metalik, a reverse of what happened last week, Metalik gets zero aerial offense


Segment: Backstage, Aleister Black is talking to The LLC. Black is demanding they tell him what they did to Lee. Lana tells Black that they are a business and whatever happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors. But you know us, Black. You got money. Maybe those doors will crack open a bit. Black says that he doesn't have time for that nonsense. Tell me where he is! Lana says no money no info. Black says he'll get money when he kicks their ass tonight. Bobby Lashley asks if he really wants to take on me. Black responds saying no. I want both of you right now in that ring. I'll knock you out Lashley and knock the teeth up your skull again Cesaro. Black leaves and LLC are stunned.

Match #4: Aleister Black vs. The LLC w/ Lana - Handicap Match


Video Package: With Black still in the ring, Firefly Fun House starts up on the titan tron. Bray Wyatt welcomes all of the fireflies and especially one little firefly sitting in that ring. Al when I see you, you bring me and all the rest of the fireflies such joy! You remind me so much of me! Huskus comes up and says and me. Wyatt tells him not really. Mercy The Buzzard pops up and says no he's like me. Wyatt says only kinda. Wyatt stops them and says that you were never exactly like me Al, but I remember thinking the same way you did. Ready to fight. Take on the world. And guess what happened Al? I failed. It wasn't until I let HIM in (pause) that things are the uppity up! But hey I'm not here to threaten you with a good time. I'm here to cut you a deal. I have fireflies all over the globe Al, and they tell me things, special things. Things like where in the world is Champion Keith Lee. (a graphic plays with the song). We go back to Wyatt and he's wearing a red fedora. You see Al. I know where he is, but it's up to you to find him! I can give you the hint but it only requires one thing. The music stops and Wyatt gets deadly serious. HE wants your soul. HE wants what you have. And HE will stop at nothing to rip the flesh of your bone and rip the soul out of your body. The music plays again and Wyatt says excitingly, better get searching!

Main Event: Roman Reigns & The Usos vs. The New Day


-Replaced Reigns vs. Kingston

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring, he grabs a mic and speaks up. "Last week, I told Finn Balor he could have a shot at this title whenever he wanted one. He could have challenged me right then and there, but he didn't. He thinks he hasn't earned it, but I think he has. However Finn if you want to prove to yourself that you've earned this shot, how about a match tonight. Non Title. If you can take down the champion I think you can say you've earned it. What do you think Finn?" Finn comes to the ring and grabs a mic and really mulls over Drew's offer for a while and finally is able to come up with an answer. "You're on!" The two aggressively shake hands and it's official!

Match #1: Shelton Benjamin vs. Roderick Strong


Segment: We head into the locker room and find R-Truth frantically searching for something the Interviewer asks what he's looking for. "Well, My 24/7 Title is just gone! I swear I didn't get pinned today, it feels like it just grew legs and walked away! I think I know someone who can solve this" Truth ducks below the frame and pops back up with a Detective Hat on and he says "This is a job for Detective haRd Truth! I gotta go interrogate some suspects!" Truth runs out of the locker room to go do some detective work.

Match #2: Ziggler & Roode vs. Heavy Machinery


-Ziggler and Roode get another victory and do the belt thing with their hands.

Video Package: Charlotte Flair sits atop a throne with a wall behind her covered in all the titles she's won in WWE. "The Queen is back and I'm going to make sure the whole locker room is on notice. Once I finish making my way through the women's division on this show I'm coming for the top. Sasha, you better clutch that belt as tight as you can because nothing is going to stand in my way of becoming the Smackdown Women's Champion." Charlotte stands up off her throne and heads off-camera for her match next.

Match #3: Charlotte Flair vs. Mickie James


Segment: Truth is backstage with a temporary cardboard 24/7 title he definitely made himself. He finds Mojo Rawley who is suspiciously wearing green and gold gear tonight. Truth turns on his phone flashlight and shines it in Mojo's Eyes. "When was the last time you saw the 24/7 Title??" Mojo is as confused as a person would be "Truth what? You're the champion how did it just go missing?" T:"I'm asking the questions here! What did you do with my baby? I see your clothes are the same color as it! I know it was you" Mojo "Truth if it were me I would have pinned you for it. I would want you to know if I took that belt from you." Mojo walks away and Truth yells "Hey, I'm not done with you! Get back here!" He chases after Mojo as the camera fades back to Smackdown.

Match #4: Mustafa Ali vs. Sami Zayn


-Replaced Alexander vs. Carillo

Segment: After the match, Zayn attacks Ali and beats him down. But someone comes out to make the save and its Cedric Alexander! Cedric helps Ali to his feet and raises Ali's hand and the two friends hug each other and head to the back.

Main Event: Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre


-Draw when Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilley come to the ring mid-match with chairs and beat down Balor and McIntyre. Cole grabs a mic and says directly to Drew. "You thought you could just get rid of me that easily Drew?! You thought I was done with you?! Your thought you could just give out title shots to whoever you want?? No, that's not how this works, That title should be mine and I plan on ripping it from your cold dead hands Drew!" Cole throws the mic at Drew and KOR is standing in shock at what he just heard his friend say.

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