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S3 Episode 24 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #24 (September 25, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Roman Reigns opens up Raw again with Keith Lee's WWE Championship. Roman says that now it is official. After Clash of Champions, this is mine. Roman turns to LLC. Lashley, Cesaro, thank you for service, you are officially relieved of your duties. Roman and the Usos pull out the fattest of stacks and hand them all to Lana and The LLC leave. Roman turns back to the camera, as serious as ever. I have said before that this my yard. That statement is the truth. I am the person leading this generation of superstars into the future and you all will thank me when it is done. Roman raises the WWE Championship once last time.

Match #1: Elias vs. Ricochet

-MVP watches this match from the back


Segment: Cut backstage and there is a yelling match between Naomi and Bianca Belair. Belair is yelling at Naomi for getting involved in her match. Naomi yells at Belair for not saving her a number of weeks ago. They go back and forth until Naomi tells Belair to just stop. Naomi says that they are better than this. They need to be better than this. We can't fight over this shit, we need to stick together. Bianca agrees. The two hug it out and makeup and leave.

Match #2: The Viking Raiders vs. The Usos


Segment: Backstage Interview with Shayna Baszler. Baszler says that at Clash of Champions, you saw what I did in that ring. I used my MMA background to get the EST to tap out. Cause that's the thing Bianca Belair doesn't have. She could be the fastest or the strongest. But she is the smartest or the toughest in the ring. You can be fast without a torn Achilles. You can be strong with a broken shoulder. I know how to take you apart in the ring, in the octagon. Wherever I am, I will take you apart. The interviewer asked about an apparent challenge by Naomi. Baszler says she doesn't care, give me the match. The result will be the same. There's a reason I'm called the Submission Magician Naomi and you will find out next week.

Match #3: Sheamus vs. Gran Metalik w/ Dorado

-Sheamus is really cocky the entire match

-Metalik wins with a roll-up


Video Package: The two women's tag team & championship matches from Clash of Champions

Match #4: Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley - Women's Tag Team Championship Match


Segment: Backstage Interview with Aleister Black. Black says that Roman has succeeded in what he has set out to do, and apparently I have not. But I know, what I must to conquer Roman Reigns. I must set myself on a new path. Aleister leaves. In the background of this interview, we see the shadow of a familiar rabbit.

Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins - 2nds are banned from ringside


-After the match, Bryan grabs the mic while recovering from this match. Bryan says that Rollins knows what happened at Clash of Champions, we challenged you for those Raw Tag Team Championships. Where is your response Rollins? We wand the match. The WWE Universe wants the match. Do it, Rollins, give us the match, for the greater good. Rollins stops walking up the ramp to think, cracks a smile, then continues walking and leaves.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Finn Balor comes to the ring to open up Smackdown. He grabs a mic and says "Bet you're all wondering where I've been for the past year. Well, let's just say I was in a pretty dark place and I resorted to some weird methods to get out of it. However, I didn't realize how much of a hold the darkness was getting on me, how it was slowly squeezing tighter and tighter until I became something evil. I mean you all saw what I became but that's probably not the story you wanna hear, you wanna hear how I'm back to myself again, it actually all started at Extreme Rules after the brutal extreme rules match that happened. You see Drew McIntyre dissected the Demon and beat it down as it had never been beat before, it opened up my eyes and showed me that it wasn't invincible. So I fought and fought and did whatever I could to get rid of the darkness and fight it off and here I am standing in front of you as Finn Balor. That's why I helped Drew after his match at Clash of Champions, as a thank you for helping me expel the darkness that took over me." Drew McIntyre comes out and he comes to join Finn Balor in the ring. Drew grabs a mic and says "Finn, I was actually planning on coming out here and thanking you for helping me on Sunday but apparently, you beat me to the punch. I was trying to be a lone wolf for so long and I forgot what it was like when someone has your back, so I wanted to thank you by saying, any time you want a shot at this Universal Championship, you got it because you beat something far scarier than I ever was." Balor says "You know what Drew I'll definitely take you up on that in the future when I feel like I've earned it, but for now I wanna make sure Finn Balor can still handle himself in a WWE ring!" Finn and Drew shake hands and Drew leaves the ring as Finn prepares for his upcoming match.

Match #1: Humberto Carillo vs. Finn Balor


Segment: Ember Moon and Sasha Banks come to the ring and Sasha grabs a mic. "I told you, I told you all that at Clash of Champions you'd see the return of the Boss and look at what happened!" She raises her new title high. "I beat Bayley and I won the Smackdown Women's Championship, I sent poor little Bayley running with her tail between her legs and showed everyone who runs this division!" Ember Moon steps up and takes the mic from Sasha "Asuka, our war is over. I came out on top and was indefinitely the last woman standing. Now I have my eyes set on a new prize." Ember turns around and clocks Sasha with the Mic and starts beating her down before Bayley runs out to make the save. She chases off Moon and helps Sasha up. Sasha looks at Bayley confused as Bayley leaves the ring with not a word spoken between the two.

Match #2: Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak


Video Package: Undisputed Era video package. Adam Cole and O'Reilley hold the tag titles. Cole speaks up "Drew, you better believe it's not over between us! I'm still on the hunt for that Universal Title and I don't plan on stopping after that little roadblock at Clash of Champions, I had to wrestle in 2 matches so of course, I wasn't 100% going into that Universal Championship match, but I assure you that next time, when you take on Adam Cole at 100% you'll end up on the shelf and I'll end up Champion! And that is Undisputed!"

Segment: Sasha finds Bayley backstage and starts to thank her for earlier and Bayley cuts her off. "I wouldn't read too much into it. I only got some licks in on Moon to get some revenge for what she did to Asuka on Sunday, it doesn't mean we're suddenly friends again. I didn't forget what you did to me and it still hurts. Don't think I'm just gonna walk away from that title you took off me either." Bayley leaves and Sasha looks a little disappointed.

Match #3: Ziggler & Roode vs. The Street Profits


Segment: Interview with Niven and LeRae backstage about their match at Clash. LeRae starts "We didn't come out on top Sunday and that's fine, we're a relatively new team compared to the competition we had and we still have some learning to do." Niven says "Yeah, we aren't gonna let that stop us from winning those titles one day, it's just another hurdle to jump and we can do this" Piper winks at the camera and leaves with LeRae.

Main Event: Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka


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