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S3 Episode 22 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #22 (September 11, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Roman Reigns opens Raw walking out with The Usos, The LLC, and with the WWE Championship. Roman says that he told us. I told you that I will get back my WWE Championship and I have done it. I have taken down the competition and now no one stands in my way. Not Brock Lesnar, not AJ Styles, not Aleister Black, not Bray Wyatt. Nobody is coming for me. Roman raises the title in the air and then the segment ends.

Match #1: King Corbin vs. MVP - #1 Contenders Tournament for the Intercontinental Championship Semi-Final Match


Video Package: Review of what happened last week with Roman Reigns and Keith Lee

Segment: Backstage Interview with Aleister Black. Black is asked about what his thoughts are about Keith Lee. Black says that the demon is roaming the halls of Monday night raw. This demon wants to trick all of us into his reality and believe we are in this hellscape. But what he doesn't know is that I've dealt with demons my entire life. I know how they think, how they manipulate, how the falsify the sanctity of this building. I will not let Roman Reigns get away with what he has to do, to both me and Keith Lee. Roman Reigns is not the victim of this story. Suddenly, AJ Styles attacks Black from behind saying things like we are finished and I'm not done with you Al.

Match #2: Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Carmella & Natalya


Segment: After the match, Alexa Bliss comes out and pleads with Nia Jax once more, reminding Nia of all the good times they've shared from Smackdown to Raw to winning championships. Nia Jax cuts Bliss off and says that we only became a team because you wanted back up to win titles. You used me, Alexa. You have no idea what that word friend even means. You stand there in your ivory tower thinking you're better than everyone else. And you know, I'm upset with myself for how long it took for me to realize I'm a part of that group. You are a selfish horrible person Alexa. Alexa pleads one last time but then Tamina attacks Bliss from behind and Jax joins Tamina. The two demolish Alexa Bliss.

Match #3: Andrade w/ Vega vs. Daniel Bryan - #1 Contenders Tournament for the Intercontinental Championship Semi-Final Match

-Seth Rollins is on commentary

-During the match, Rollins distracts Bryan during the Yes Kicks. Andrade uses this chance to hit the Hammerlock DDT.


Match #4: Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross

-Baszler attacks Cross's arm during the match, with Pentagon-esque attacks and steel steps attacks


-After the match, Baszler grabs the mic and yells At Bianca telling her "You're On!" Suddenly Belair and Naomi run in to attack Baszler. Baszler gets the upper hand and starts choking out Naomi. Belair rolls out to see her friend getting choked out.

Segment: Alexa Bliss is in the training room from her injuries suffered from earlier in the night. Nikki Cross is helped in and sits at the table and the doctor starts looking at her arm. Bliss sees Cross in pain and offers her a cup of coffee. Cross thanks her.

Main Event: The Viking Raiders vs. The Disciples w/ Rollins - RAW Tag Team Championship Match

-During the match, while Viking Raiders are in the lead, Rollins gets involved and hits Ivar with a chair. DQ.


Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Pete Dunne comes to the ring with his United States Title. He grabs a microphone and he says "During my title reign I've had some wars for the gold around my waist. I plan on holding this title for a long, long time and I realized I haven't been living up to some people's expectations of a champion. I've only defended this title 3 times against 2 opponents since I've won it. I want to show the WWE universe I deserve this title. So I am issuing a challenge to anyone in WWE, if you want a shot come to get a shot." After a little bit of a pause, we hear none other than Tomasso Ciampa's music! Ciampa comes out to answer the challenge. Ciampa says "Dunne, your reign as champion ends tonight, now that Tomasso Ciampa has come to Smackdown, no one will survive." Ciampa leaves

Match #1: Piper Niven w/ LeRae vs. Peyton Royce w/ Kay


Segment: Backstage Interview with Dominik and Rey Mysterio about Dominik's loss last week. Rey speaks up "I mean how does anyone feel after a loss? But I know my son won't let that stop him, it's just a learning experience. No one can win every match their in, losing is part of the journey." Dominik speaks up "I plan on trying and trying again until I'm able to carry the Mysterio name with pride, I'm not giving up." Rey and Dominik leave

Match #2: Dominik Mysterio vs. Drake Maverick


Segment: Pete Dunne and Tomasso Ciampa are in GM Paige's office to sign the contract for their match tonight Paige speaks up"Okay we had our lawyers write up a quick contract for your title match tonight, no gimmicks, no stipulations, just a one on one match, you two both accept these conditions?" Dunne and Ciampa don't break eye contact and keep staring each other down. Paige continues "I take that as a yes, so we just need you both to sign." Dunne and Ciampa sign the contract without a word between them and the match is official.

Match #3: Apollo Crews w/ Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak

-During the match Fish and O'Reilley come to ringside and take out Akira Tozawa. While Crews is distracted Gulak is able to hit the Cyclone Crash and win the match. Era Rush the ring and beat down Crews as well and leave One Nation beaten down.


Video Package: Moon and Sasha Banks are together backstage and the two have decided on their stipulations at Clash of Champions. Moon begins "Asuka, you destroyed me. You made me what I am today. Anything that happens to you at Clash of Champions is your own fault. I plan on destroying you at CoC, so much so you won't be able to walk out. My Stipulation is a Last Woman Standing match, and I assure you that woman, will be me." Sasha speaks up "Bayley you aren't out of the woods either. One of my biggest regrets is not being able to win back my NXT women's championship after you took it from me at Takeover Brooklyn. So my stipulation is the same one we had then, a 30 minute Iron Man match. This time The Boss will walk out with the gold."

Match #4: Mickie James vs. Charlotte Flair


Segment: Backstage Interview with Piper Niven about her win earlier tonight. She says "It's awesome to be on a hot streak like this since debuting on Smackdown. Not only that but I found myself an awesome partner in Candice LeRae. We've been talking and we hear that there's a match for the women's tag team titles at Clash of Champions and we want in." LeRae says "We know we can make a huge impac-" She gets cut off by the IIconics Billie says "You two? A random tag team that just got together having a shot at the women's tag titles? YOU'VE GOTTA BE JOKING ME!" Peyton says "Billie is right if anyone deserves a title shot it's us, I mean Candice didn't you lose to Billie?" Candice speaks up "Well, didn't you just lose to Niven? If you think you deserve a title shot you've got another thing coming!" Paige interrupts the interview and splits the teams up before things get too violent. "I think I can solve this, IIconics, you two will be taking on Niven and LeRae next week and the winner will get added into the women's tag title match at Clash of Champions. Deal?" Both teams glare at each other and both teams agree.

Main Event: Pete Dunne vs. Tommaso Ciampa - United States Championship Match


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