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S3 Episode 19 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #19 (August 21, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Seth Rollins and The Disciples open Raw. Rollins walks out with the bloody steel chair he used on Chrisitan last week. Rollins grabs the mic and says that last week was only a sliver of what will happen to you Edge. I took out your best friend with ease. Think about that. Think about how easy it was to break his neck, while you stood there and watched. Actually, come to think of it, you chose to break your friend's neck because you refused to stand down. And it some ways Edge. that's respectable. But to me, that's foolish. You decided that a win was more important to you than your friend's life and Chrisitan paid the price. And now because of your greed, you have no advantage. You have no friends. You have no one that is on your side anymore Edge. You are all alone.

Match #1: The Disciples vs. Lucha House Party - RAW Tag Team Championship Match


Segment: After that last match, Rollins goes back on the mic and congratulates Murphy and Mastiff on their win tonight. He says that what's great about Murphy & Mastiff is that not only do they get the job done, they do what they are told. And that's the problem with you Edge. You don't follow the word of law around here. You try and forge your own path. A path of greed. A path of destruction. You choose to go your own way Edge and that has to lead you here. Friendless. You see Edge, I have friends here in Murphy and Mastiff. And sure, you made Christian a sacrificial lamb over winning the stipulation choice, I get it. But was it worth the price Edge? I doubt it. I bet to Christian it wasn't. Suddenly Edge appears on the titan tron. Edge tells Rollins that he's had enough of hearing the so-called Messiah spit lies to the WWE Universe. You do not understand how hard it was to leave this business years ago and what it took to come back. You have not walked a day in my boots, Seth. You don't know the pain I've been through to get where I am today. That's why at Summerslam, I'm going to show you exactly what pain I've been through in a TLC match! Then Edge and the Viking Raiders jump Rollins and The Disciples from behind with chairs. Rollins gets away but Edge spears Murphy through a table set-up in the corner. Edge and Seth stare each other down from across the way.

Match #2: Battle Royal to be the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship

-Match Participants: Chad Gable, R-Truth, The Miz, Elias, Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, Andrade, King Corbin, Titus O'Neil, Bo Dallas, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Erik, Ivar, Bobby Lashley, Cesaro

-Match Moments: R-Truth gets slid out of the ring during the match. Bryan, Gable, Andrade, and Morrison all eliminate each other at different times, with Miz eliminating Morrison last, Same sorta deal happens with Lashley, Cesaro, Ricochet, and Alexander. Elias and King Corbin are the last two standing and they eliminate each other at the same exact time, causing confusion over who wins. The announcer says that because he is the only person that was not officially eliminated during the match, the winner is R-Truth!


Segment: Backstage Interview with Shayna Baszler. Baszler is asked about her what seems to be threats to Alexa Bliss over her possible cash-in. Baszler questions the word threats and says the word should be promising. When I go in the ring or when I go on the mic, I don't threaten somebody. It's not my goal to make someone scared of what I might do. I'm showing them exactly what I'm going to do for you. And when Alexa Bliss gets her head out of the clouds and back into my ring, I will cash in this briefcase and show her what I am all about. Charly asks about the challenge from Belair and Naomi over the Money in the Bank briefcase and about the new news that there will be a triple threat next week over the briefcase. Baszler questions what would happen if there is no briefcase by then.

Match #3: Rhea Ripley w/ Morgan vs. Nia Jax w/ Bliss


-After the match, Alexa Bliss grabs the mic and tells Liv Morgan, look you may have beaten our team at Extreme Rules, but there's one thing neither of you have been able to do and that's defeat me. I am the Raw Women's Champion for a reason. There is a reason I was able to take down The Man when no one else could. I am a Goddess Liv Morgan. I am better than you in every way imaginable. I eat people like you for breakfast while I'm just sipping on my coffee. You are nothing but a tag team wrestler trying to make it to the big stage. And you won't make it there. You will never make it there, not while I am on top. See you at Summerslam bitch.

Video Package: Recap of everything that happened between Roman Reigns and Aleister Black

Main Event: The Bloodline vs. The New Day


-After the match, Black jumps Roman and grabs the mic and tells he will see him at Summerslam

Segment: Before the main event match of Keith Lee vs AJ Styles could properly start, Styles just attacks Keith Lee. There's a brutal back and forth exchange between the two and the ref can't get them separated before the match. Security comes out but they are seemingly dealt with. Wrestlers from the back come out to hold back Lee and Styles, but then Andrade attacks Gable, Bryan defends but is attacked by Morrison. The LLC throws off Bryan and Gable but The New Day stops them. You can see where I'm going with this, and that's an all-out full locker room brawl between everyone on the roster. And that's how we close out the show.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Ember Moon comes to the ring to explain last week Ember says "Last week, was about revenge. Asuka shoved me aside when she became the Smackdown Women's Champion. She forgot about me, left me in the dust. I'm back now and I have a score to settle. So Asuka I'm challenging you to a match at Summerslam. This time it's gonna be different because I'm a whole new type of dangerous. I've been training all this time I've been gone for a chance at redemption and I don't plan on throwing that away." Ember leaves.

Match #1: Asuka vs. Nikki Cross

-Ember Moon on commentary


-After the match, Asuka grabs a mic and says "EMBER! I ACCEPT!" Asuka leaves with her match at Summerslam now official.

Segment: Oney Lorcan comes to the ring holding the contract for a tag team championship match at Summerslam. He grabs a mic and starts talking much more somber than usual. "Last week, me and Danny Burch won the opportunity to take on One Nation at Summerslam for the tag team championships. We were on top of the world after that grueling ladder match, but something was off. Burch told me he was hurting and we shook it off at first because of course, we'd be sore after a match like that. Unfortunately, the pain continued longer than it should have so he went to the WWE doctors and he got some bad news. Burch has*Insert bad injury here* and he's gonna be out of action for quite some time, which means we won't be getting that title shot come Sunday." Lorcan looks distraught but snaps out of it "However that doesn't mean there won't be a title match at all. I talked to GM Paige and given the circumstances, I think we worked out a solution. 4 teams will compete tonight in 2 matches. The winners of those matches will go onto Summerslam where the winners will be receiving this contract for a match against One Nation for the championships later in the night. The first match will be happening right now."

Match #2: Mustafa Ali & Rey Mysterio vs. The Street Profits - Smackdown Tag Team #1 Contenders First Round Tournament Match


Segment: Backstage Interview with Undisputed Era about their upcoming presence at Summerslam. Cole grabs the mic "Summerslam is one of the biggest events of the year, to crush the hopes and dreams of Owens, Dunne, and Bayley in front of a crowd like that is an opportunity like no other. We also got some more good news today when we found out Fish and O'Reilly have their own chance to have a spot on the Summerslam card, and a chance to take on the Tag Team Champions for the gold. When they win tonight and win twice at Summerslam, we are gonna have almost all the gold Smackdown has to offer, and that is Undisputed."

Video Package: Video hyping up the more than a year-long Universal Title Run of Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre's journey up the ladder on Smackdown. How the two became the top stars of the company and how this match at Summerslam is a veritable clash of the titans.

Match #3: Undisputed Era vs. Heavy Machinery - Smackdown Tag Team #1 Contenders First Round Tournament Match


Main Event: Pete Dunne & Bayley vs. Ruby Riott & Roderick Strong


Segment: Randy Orton is packing his bags to head out for the night when the lights in the locker room flicker. Orton brushes it off and keeps packing. Then Orton hears a struggle outside, realization strikes and Orton grabs his bag and heads to the exit. He peeks out of the door to see his security team completely laid out. Orton turns white and makes a mad dash for the parking lot and scrambles for his cell phone. He calls his backup security team but they don't answer. Orton gets frustrated and keeps running towards his car. When he finally gets there he finds his tires slashed and a message written on the car in red paint. "Nowhere left to run." As the camera pans around to get a shot of Orton's face we see Drew McIntyre lurking in the background and Randy is petrified. Randy slowly turns and meets eyes with the hunter himself and the chase begins. Orton drops his bag and runs away and McIntyre gives chase. The two-run through the backstage area as Orton is trying to put anything in Drew's path to slow him down. Orton ends up running to the ring and McIntyre follows. As Orton slides in the ring Mcintyre stops at the end of the ramp and mouths the words "See you Sunday." He laughs as the lights go out and come back on and McIntyre is gone leaving Orton terrified in the ring.

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