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S3 Episode 17 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #17 (August 7, 2020):

Raw Card:

Segment: AJ Styles opens Raw. He says that for a full week, he's heard nothing from Paul Heyman, radio silence, on his challenge to Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Nothing. And that means one thing. Brock is scared. Brock is terrified that I'm going to walk into Summerslam and take his precious gold around his waist and become a 3 time WWE Champion. And that makes sense. I'm the star of this business. Wrestler for a Decade. I traveled from here to Japan capturing World Championships, while Brock just steals them. He knows that he isn't as good as me. But that does not matter, because at Summerslam...then Keith Lee walks out. Keith Lee kindly asks AJ to quit talking about how much of a star he is. It's egotistic, and something none of these fans what to hear right now. What they do what to hear, is that you know that I am the next big thing. I had Brock Lesnar on the ropes and you took my moment away from me AJ, plus you knew that if I won, you can't win the WWE Championship from me. When it matters most I leave everything in this ring and get the job down. I have no limit to my abilities AJ, I have no limit on my potential and when I can my hands on you in a match, in this ring, you know I'm putting you down for the count. Then Paul Heyman comes out, Paul says that's heard everything he needed to hear. AJ, you got your WWE Championship match at Summerslam. And Mr. Lee, you do too. AJ's fuming and attacks Keith Lee from behind. Styles goes to taunt on the top rope but Lee rolls back in the ring and turns the electric chair around into a Spirit Bomb. When Keith Lee goes to set up for the moonsault, Brock pushes Keith Lee off and he ends up standing tall.

Match #1: Roman Reigns vs. R-Truth


-The Usos attack R-Truth after the match, 2 Fly Guys make the save, Roman takes out Ricochet but Cedric gets the. springboard clothesline on him

Match #2: Seth Rollins & Mastiff w/ Murphy vs. Lucha House Party

-Murphy gets involved in the match a lot and at some point, Edge jumps Murphy


Segment: After the previous match, Edge grabs a mic and says that he is sick of watching Rollins, and Mastiff and Murphy get involved in matches. You talk about how high and mighty you are but then you constantly sink to cheating at every moment you get. You don't care about professional wrestling, the thing that 've been thriving to do for 9 years while you just breeze on by taking the easy way out. Seth that ends at Summerslam. I've was sick watching you do that with The Authority and I'm sick of watching you do it now. And I will make sure it doesn't happen at Summerslam.

Segment: Shorty G and Daniel Bryan are talking backstage. Bryan is training him for his upcoming match, giving him advice and the such.

Match #3: Shorty G w/ Bryan vs. John Morrison


-Andrade attacks Shorty G after the match, but Bryan quickly stops him.

Segment: Backstage Interview with Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley. Ripley says that last week was a travesty, but she should have seen it coming between those two cheaters. Ripley says that she'll learn from this lesson for the next championship match she gets, or more importantly, Liv Morgan's Championship shot. Liv Morgan says that she's ready for that shot and Rhea's right, we've learned, we've adapted, and we will be ready for Summerslam. Alexa, I'm coming for your Raw Women's Championship, and I'm not leaving Summerslam without it. Shayna Baszler walks ups to Morgan and warns her that if she can even wait that long, and then laughs

Match #4: The Genetic Goddesses vs. Bianca Belair & Naomi


-Naomi pins Nia Jax

-After the match, Shayna Baszler attacks Naomi and Belair with the briefcase, then puts an armbar on Nia Jax. When Alexa Bliss saves Jax, Baszler strikes her down. Bliss crawls to the corner like she's seeing a monster as Baszler stalks her prey with the briefcase, then she laughs at Alexa and rolls out the ring, reminding her that she can cash in and take out Bliss at any time.

Video Package: For the first time in 9 Years, Edge will be making his long-awaited Raw return where he will be facing Murphy of the Disciples. The winner of that match will be able to add the stipulation to the Summerslam match of Edge vs. Seth Rollins. Edge does have his work cut out for him because of what we've seen over the past several weeks, Rollins and The Disciples have been getting themselves involved in a lot of matches.

Main Event: The New Day & Aleister Black vs. LLC & The Usos w/ Lana


-Lashley pins Black

-After the match, Roman walks out to the ramp and stares down Black.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Ruby Riott and UE come to the ring after they get done with their entrance Ruby Riott and Roderick Strong step to the front. Ruby starts to talk. "Look I think we all wanna cut right to the chase here, We wanna take over Smackdown because we know we are the best damn wrestlers on this roster. To start our takeover I think it's pretty obvious how we're gonna start." Roderick speaks up "Pete Dunne, you better hold that US Title close to your waist because we are coming for it, I am coming for it. Later tonight we have a match and I plan on beating you and your stupid partner Kevin Owens into next week. Then at Summerslam, I plan on taking that United States TItle of yours!" Ruby speaks up again "Well said Roddy, I for one can't wait to watch you and Cole beat the snot out of those losers. As luck may have it, I also wanted to put a challenge out there. Bayley, I see that you're looking for some new challengers for the Smackdown women's championship. In that number one contender's tournament a few months back I took you to your limit, and you got lucky. However you took me to my limit as well, I showed you respect for that and I think it's about time I got another shot. So here it is Bayley Me and you at Summerslam whaddya say?" Bayley comes to the ring and she grabs a mic. "You know what Ruby you did take me to my limit, it was one of the most competitive matches I've wrestled in a long time. So I accept your challenge at Summerslam... on one condition." Ruby's smile fades and she nods her head. Bayley continues "At Summerslam, we go one on one. Your boys over there banned from ringside." Ruby huddles up with UE and they talk it over for a minute. after the huddle, Ruby looks at Bayley and says "Deal." Bayley smiles and leaves.

Match #1: Burch & Lorcan vs. Heavy Machinery


Segment: Post-match Interview with Burch and Lorcan about their win tonight. Lorcan starts "Heavy Machinery are amazing competitors and it was an honor to share the ring with them. We actually have something to address, however. One Nation, you said you've beaten every tag team that SD has thrown at you? Well, you haven't beaten us! You wanna see what we're capable of? You wanna take us on? We challenge you to a match next week, for the Tag Team Championships!" Burch chimes in "Give us an answer later tonight, if you aren't scared that is."

Match #2: Rey Mysterio vs. Drake Maverick


-This match replaced Humberto Carillo vs. Drew Gulak

Video Package: Drew McIntyre sitting by the fireplace with a drink in hand. "You're getting scared Randy, I can sense it. When the prey starts to get desperate, that is when the hunt starts to get exciting." Drew takes a sip of his drink and says. "Man this new stuff is pretty good!" he puts the glass down on the table next to the bottle. We get a close up on the bottle which has a snake inside of it. "It's called Habushu, it's a Japanese liquor which is named after the snake inside the bottle, The Habu snake which coincidentally is part of the viper family. It's said that one bite from this snake is enough to kill a man, yet when it's caught it's rendered completely helpless." Drew laughs as he takes another sip of his Habushu and the camera fades out.

Match #3: Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin


Segment: Backstage Interview with One Nation about Burch and Lorcan's challenge. Crews speaks up "Burch, Lorcan I don't know who you think you are challenging us like this as if you are even relevant on this brand but we will say, adding another team to our list of victories sounds like a good deal to us. However we aren't just going to give you a shot at these titles just because you asked us to, you're gonna have to prove yourselves. After we heard your challenge we asked Paige to set up something special for you next week. A tag team ladder match with a contract for a title shot hanging in the balance! You beat the three other teams in this match, and you get your shot."

Match #4: Piper Niven vs. Billie Kay


Segment: Post-match Interview with The Iiconics about their losses to Piper Niven. Billie starts off "Really, that's what you're gonna ask us? YOU'VE GOTTA BE JOKING ME!" Peyton steps in "Billie, Billie it's okay. Look Piper congrats on getting your wins and making your big debut but next week, when you take on me and Billie in a handicap match, you'll see why smackdown is a little above your paygrade."

Main Event: Pete Dunne & Kevin Owens vs. Roderick Strong & Adam Cole


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