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S3 Episode 14 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #14 (July 17, 2020):

Raw Card:

Match #1: The Usos vs. LLC w/ Lana

RESULTS: THE USOS WIN (with a small package)

Match #2: Alexa Bliss w/ Jax vs. Liv Morgan w/ Ripley


Segment: Backstage Interview with The Usos. Charly congratulates The Usos on picking up a win earlier tonight and wishes them luck on their match at Extreme Rules, but Charly instead asks a question about Roman Reigns and whether or not they think he is ready for an Inferno match aginst The Fiend. The Usos say that growing up with Roman, they got to know him real well. Roman is not scared of this match. He has been through hell and back before and he can do it gin And trust us Charly, Roman is much more ruthless than you give him credit for, and he's going to prove that real soon.

Match #3: Andrade w/ Vega vs. The Miz w/ Bryan - Winner is Added to the Intercontinental Championship Match at Extreme Rules

-During the match, Andrade tries to pin Miz with feet on the ropes, but Bryan pushes him off.


Segment: Backstage, Andrade and Zelina Vega are furious with the match result, and they challenge Daniel Bryan to a match this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Match #4: Shayna Baszler vs. Carmella


Video Package: Edge Returns Next Week on the Peep Show with Christian

Segment: Detective Truth is throwing around papers and throwing down his board. He's getting mad that he can't figure out who attacked Aleister Black. He throws his board into the mirror and looks into his reflection. He then says, "I know who did it" and leaves.

Main Event: Seth Rollins w/ Mastiff & Murphy vs. Kofi Kingston w/ Woods & Big E


-LLC, Usos get involved, match collapses

Segment: Contract Signing between Brock Lesnar and Keith Lee. Paul Heyman congratulates Keith Lee on defeating AJ Styles last week and winning the #1 Contendership for the WWE Championship. It was truly admirable. Not only that but you proved myself right. You proved to me why I made the correct decision of choosing you for a potential match against my client. You are a star, Keith Lee. You have the power, the agility, and most importantly, the intelligence of WWE Superstar. And without a doubt you have what it takes to win the big one, taking down Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and AJ Styles in 3 months. However, Mr. Lee. You are not a WWE Champion and you have limits. Because of the difference between you and my client is that you are too nice. You are afraid to go the extra step and be ruthless. Brock Lesnar is ruthless. You have reached your limit Mr. Lee, and that makes you weak. This Sunday, my client will show you how weak you truly are when he takes you to Suplex City and you never recover. Brock sign the contract. Keith Lee grabs the mic and says, you're right Mr. Heyman. I am nice. And trust me, my entire life I have been told the phrase that nice guys finish last. But look, I'm sitting right here, about to challenge the Great Brock Lesnar to a WWE Championship match. I didn't cheat. I didn't lie. I did everything right and I proved the doubters wrong. You saying kindness is my limit, you say I lack brutality. Well, Mr. Heyman, I already proved you right, why don't I prove you wrong. Then Keith Lee flips the table and Brock and Keith start brawling. Brock F5s Keith Lee but Keith Lee sits up when Brock and Paul Heyman are leaving. Brock tries to lariat Keith Lee but it doesn't work. Keith Lee hits a Spirt Bomb then a top rope moonsault.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: The commentary team is welcoming the WWE Universe to Smackdown when they receive a message in their ear. Michael Cole states "Ladies and Gentlemen I'm now getting word that there is some commotion happening backstage" the cameras cut to a shot of Orton and GM Paige arguing about the decision made by Paige to make the tag match for tonight. Orton yells "STROWMAN HAD HIS SHOT AND BLEW IT AND MCINTYRE GOT DESTROYED LAST TIME HIM AND THE DEMON WAS IN THE RING!" Paige responds "Look Orton I know you're mad but I did what's best for this brand. Strowman was fighting a 2 on 1 battle last time you two fought and McIntyre deserves another shot after the war those two have had for months. One more thing by the way, since you barged into my office to disrespect me and my choices, at Extreme Rules, you are barred from Ringside for the Demon's match, and he is barred from yours." Orton gets up in Paige's face and is infuriated. Paige doesn't give an inch and says "Get out of here before I have to call Security." Orton leaves in a huff.

Match #1: Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe - United States Championship

-The audience/Randomizer changed this match from Bobby Fish vs. Danny Burch

-Pete Dunne watches the match from the back


Segment: Sasha is preparing for her match later tonight when there is a knock and another note is slipped under her locker room door. she reads it "Don't worry about your match tonight, I'll be watching." Sasha is visibly confused as her music hits.

Match #2: Sasha Banks vs. Nikki Cross

-Sasha is still off of her game and a little confused about last week. This allows Nikki Cross to get the upper hand and right as Nikki is setting up to finish the match the lights go out for a moment. When they come back on Nikki is down in the ring. Sasha seeing this goes for the pin and gets the 123.


Video Package: Promotional Video hyping up the tables match between Bayley and Asuka for Extreme Rules.

Match #3: Street Profits, Mustafa Ali & Rey Mysterio vs. One Nation, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler


Segment: After the match, SP grab some mics and Ford says "Looks like we got One Nation on the ropes! Now we've been thinking about a way to shut those guys up for good and I think we came up with an idea that might do the trick!" Dawkins continues "Since our title match is at extreme rules, we were thinking about getting a little crazy! We want you guys IN A LADDER MATCH!" One Nation is a little taken aback by this and at first, seem hesitant, then Tozawa smiles deviously and nods his head at Crews who then says "Bold move, I guess if you really want to be wiped from the face of WWE then YOU'RE ON!"

Match #4: Ruby Riott vs. Charlotte Flair


-After the match Ruby Riott jumps Charlotte from behind and takes her out. Her and Era regroup in the ring and Ruby says "Look Charlotte, it's nothing personal. it's just that Undisputed Era wants to be the best faction Smackdown has ever seen, and what's that old saying? If you wanna be the man you gotta beat the man? Well, you may not be 'The Man' but you are the queen, and we think it's time for a Dethroning. So whaddya say? Me and You at Extreme Rules?" Flair grabs a mic and says "you know what Ruby, just to show you how out of your league you really are, I accept your challenge! And since your so confident, let's make it more interesting! Let's make it a No DQ match, just in case your boys over there want a piece of me too! I'll take you all out and show you what made me the queen of WWE in the first place!" Ruby looks at Era, talks it over for a minute, and says "Done."

Segment: Contract Signing for the Women's Title Match at Extreme Rules. A table with the contract sits in the middle of the ring with Paige at the head of it. Bayley comes to the ring and sits at the table. Asuka does the same. the two sit at the table and Paige begins. "Alright, ladies, on the table in front of you is a contract for a Tables Match for the Smackdown Women's Championship for this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Now Bayley since you are the Champion I'll have you sign first." without breaking eye contact with Asuka Bayley snatches the contract, signs it and slides it to Asuka. Asuka without breaking eye contact with Bayley signs it and slides it to Paige who says "Okay now, the only signature left to make it official is mine." Paige opens it up and signs it and says "Alright that settles it. This Sunday you two have your match. Try not to kill each other before then." After she says that Asuka quickly stands up fake out flips the table and startles Bayley. Asuka laughs, pats the table, and glares at Bayley one last time before leaving the ring.

Main Event: Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman vs. Randy Orton & The Demon


-Strowman pins Orton after The Demon and Drew McIntyre fight to the back and leave their respective partners alone in the ring. Randy being distracted by losing his partner gets caught by Strowman who hits him with a running power slam and pinning him clean. Giving He and McIntyre their matches at Extreme Rules

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