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S3 Episode 12 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #12 (July 3, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Seth Rollins & The Disciples open up RAW. Seth says that last week he has proven New Day wrong yet again and says that I am the future, Murphy is the future and with his win over Big E last week, Mastiff is the future. Just like Murphy, I pulled Mastiff out of obscurity and into the light. And he has proven his worth and defeated one-half of the tag team champions. And if wins matter, then we deserve a title shot. The New Day comes out and Kofi tells Seth that he is missing the point. Yes bring up new talent into this roster, and have amazing new matches like Mastiff and Big E last week, but why are you taking the credit for it man. You did nothing for Mastiff and Murphy they didn't already do for themselves. You are nothing more than a selfish egocentric maniac. But, you don't care about that, and I hope that someday Mastiff & Murphy will realize your hypocrisy. Woods chimes in, Look, you are right you did pin Big E last week and lucky for you we are nice people. We will give you a title shot at Extreme Rules. And in a couple weeks for you two Mastiff & Murphy, we will show you what it actually means to follow the light. Rollins says no no no no. You don't get to walk up here at talk to your messiah like that. Give us the title shot, tonight. We aren't waiting. Big E says that you pinned just me last week and you are getting a title shot, why should you have it tonight. Mastiff steps up to Big E and Murphy stands up to Woods. Kofi tries to calm people down but Rollins attacks Kofi and they start brawling. Rollins & The Disciples get the upper hand and as the new day leave, they agree to have the title shot tonight.

Match #1: The Genetic Goddesses vs. Natalya & Carmella


Segment: Backstage Interview with Keith Lee, who is asked about last week. Keith Lee says that last week he proved himself yet again to Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar who should be the next challenger for the WWE Championship, yet the Phenomnomal One won't get out of his own way. And in a way, I can respect that. AJ Styles thinks he deserves a title shot. However Styles has gotten title shots, he's won titles. Keith Lee, since coming to WWE has never won a single championship, never even got a shot. I don't think I deserve anything in life, but my hard work, determination, my kindness has proved otherwise. Styles may try to sneak in another title shot or even try to injure me to get it, but I won't be going down without a fight. I am Limitless AJ Styles and that means that there is nothing that I can't do, and next week, I hope I can prove that.

Match #2: John Morrison & ??? (Andrade w/ Vega) vs. Sheamus & The Miz

-Daniel Bryan is watching the match from the back


-Sheamus pins Morrison, Andrade attacks Miz. Sheamus attacks Morrison. Bryan saves Miz and attacks Andrade. Bryan goes to help up the Miz, and after some hesitation, Miz takes the help.

Segment: Backstage Interview with Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley. Morgan & Ripley agree to the Tag Team Title match at Extreme Rules, but they love the idea of adding more gold. Morgan says that if they win at Extreme Rules, they want to challenge for the Raw Women's Championship. When and where? Well, that's for us to decide!

Match #3: AJ Styles vs. Ricochet w/ Alexander

-Keith Lee on commentary


Video Package: Roman Reigns/Fiend segment from last week

Match #4: Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley w/ Cesaro & Lana


-After the match, LLC mime title belts yet again. Also, Bray Wyatt comes down to help Roman up, but Roman slap Bray's hand away and leaves the ring. Bray waves towards Roman and fire explodes from the entrance area. Bray tells Roman that he picked a bad person to pick a fight with. Extreme Rules is going be the end of Roman Reigns when he is formally fired. So when you are let go, Roman, why don't you just let him in.

Segment: R-Truth walks up to King Corbin backstage. Truth says that as a king your hiney, you probably have a lot of money. And with a lot of money, you probably can hire a lot of people, namely 4 people. Corbin stands up and asks if Truth is trying to pin the Alester Black crap on him. Truth says, your heiny, please don't smite me, but as a detective, I must ask the questions. I mean you did hire LLC a couple of weeks ago your heiny. Corbin hits Truth with his staff(?) and tells Truth that he better think before he talks to the King

Main Event: The Disciples w/ Rollins vs. The New Day w/ Kingston - RAW Tag Team Championship Match


-During the match, LLC attacks the New Day. The Usos return and make the save.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: One Nation opens up SD. They come to the ring and grab a mic. "What the Street Profits said about us last week was absolutely blasphemous. One Nation fears no teams, we know we're the best and will take on anyone to prove it at any time. We don't care who it is." Mustafa Ali comes out to answer the challenge. 'I've been waiting so long for another shot to take you guys down. I think I have just the partner to help me do that." Rey Mysterio comes to the side of Mustafa Ali and the two make their way to the ring.

Match #1: One Nation vs. Mustafa Ali & Rey Mysterio


Segment: Backstage interview with Samoa Joe about his words last week to Pete Dunne. Joe says "I've said what I had to say, he just isn't good enough for a shot at this title, he never will be." Pete Dunne steps into the interview. "Doing a lot of talking Joe, care to back it up?" Joe says "Alright, I'll play along. What do you have in mind?" "Me You tonight, If I beat you, I get a shot at that United States title at Extreme Rules." Joe laughs and says "Deal kid. See you in the ring."

Match #2: Humberto Carillo vs. Mojo Rawley

-Carillo wins after hitting his finisher, stopping the 3 count to hit Mojo with his finisher a second time to win.


Video Package: Commentary announces they have footage from last week after Smackdown went off the air. They show a video of Drew Mcintyre pursuing the Demon Finn Balor, he catches up to him and the two start brawling in the parking lot. Drew pins The Demon against the wall and as he's winding up a punch Randy Orton runs behind Drew and hits him with a chair, the two beat down on Drew and then Orton picks Drew up and drags him over to a car and hits him with an RKO over the hood. Orton and The Demon escape.

Match #3: Asuka vs. Candice LeRae


Segment: Bayley is on commentary and after the match, she enters the ring to congratulate Asuka. Asuka does not take kindly to this and stares Bayley down, Bayley begins to leave the ring when Asuka attacks. Bayley saw this coming however and counters and the two begin to brawl all around the ringside area. The two get to the announce tables where Bayley throws Asuka into the barricade and looks at the announce table. She clears it and then drags the ring steps over to the front of the table. She picks Asuka up and bangs her head on the steel steps then drags her to the top of the steps. She hits a Bayley to belly off the stairs through the announce table and ends the fight. Bayley stands tall.

Match #4: Sami Zayn vs. Jeff Hardy


Main Event: Samoa Joe vs. Pete Dunne


Segment: After the match, Pete Dunne grabs a steel chair and opens it on Samoa Joe and sits on it. "Joe you made the mistake of underestimating me. Now you'll pay the price since I have a shot at that title you hold I figure we make it interesting. How about at Extreme Rules, we make it a chairs match?" Dunne drops the mic and stomps on Joe while he's trapped under the chair. He folds it up and hits Joe with it a few times for good measure and Dunne walks out with the dented chair.

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