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S3 Episode 10 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #10 (June 19, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman open Raw saying that despite weeks of keeping my eyes out for potential challenges, Heyman says that no one has seemed to separate themselves from the pack. I mean if you want to take on my client, you need to be tough, relisant, a dominant badass, just like my client. No one achieved that which is incredibly sad. So it appears that not one person will be able to fight my client BROCK---AJ Styles interrupts. AJ says that if anyone has stepped out of the pack, its' the resident pitbull, the phenomenal one AJ Styles. I took you to the limit once before Brock and I can take you there again. I'm the only person on this roster that can stand toe to toe to you and take back my WWE Championship. Keith Lee comes out and then does a staredown to Brock. Keith Lee says that no one in life deserves anything AJ, but what I did the past couple of weeks is prove what I am capable of. I beat Roman Reigns. I beat Daniel Bryan. I can beat you Brock. And if it's a competition you want Paul, I'm here to give it. Styles attacks Lee, knocking over and staresdown Brock. Keith Lee gets up and pounces Styles, which Brock loves. Heyman pulls back Brock and the two leave.

Match #1: Andrade w/ Vega vs. Daniel Bryan


Segment: Backstage, Sheamus walks up to John Morrison. Sheamus demands to John asking him when is their match. John looks confused and asks Sheamus what he is talking about. Sheamus grabs Morrison and says that you said if I help you win at Backlash, you said you were going to give me an Intercontinental Title Match. John Morrison yells alright alight alright, let go, this is priceless apparel Sheamy. Morrsion tells Sheamus that I appreciate helping me out last Sunday, but technically I lost the match. You attacked Miz, which made him the winner, so technically you suck at your job so see you later. Morrison turns around but Sheamus grabs him and punches him the face. Sheamus beats down Morrison for a bit until Morrison hits Sheamus with a steel chair and runs away.

Match #2: LLC w/ Lana vs. Lucha House Party


-After the match, LLC motion towards their waists, miming title belts.

Video Package: The New Day/Rollins build with Kofi's promo from last week, along with PPV match highlights and New Day winning.

Segment: R-Truth Detective Segment (black and white): R-Truth is backstage, connecting strings to a corkboard with pictures of the four guys from Roman's security tape, a pic of Alestier Black, a pic of the words truth, along with other nonsense. R-Truth inner thoughts are heard and they are saying, "hmm, it would appear that these four men attacked Black were a targeted attack. Either they wanted to take out Al or someone else did. And if its not Roman, as R-Truth holds up a picture of Roman and throws it away, "who is it? Was it Sheamus all along. R-Truth pulls out a magnifying glass on the van in the security tape picture. He notices something and says "zoom and enhance". R-Truth pulls out a larger magnifying glass. He sees that on the rearview mirror of the van is a cross charm. Truth looks at a picture of sheamus wearing the celtic cross. Truth attempts to put two and two together and thinks "Eureka, I've caught him red handed".

Match #3: The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day w/ Woods


-After the match, Rollins & Murphy come out. Rollins said that he loved what Kofi said about bringing new blood into Raw. Look at Disciple Murphy here. Murphy was just a crusierweight having great matches over on 205 Live, getting no love, no praise for his accomplishments. I plucked him out of that obscurity and gave himself more. A platform to showcase his talents in the name of a new Monday Night Raw. You see Kofi. We are the massive change that Raw desperately needs, not the New Day. And our power is only getting bigger. Just then, Dave Mastiff debuts and attacks The New Day from behind, simply crushing everybody. Mastiff joins Rollins and Murphy at the entrance ramp.

Segment: Backstage Interview with Natalya. Interviewer explains that it has been confirmed that next week Alexa Bliss will defend her Raw Women's Championship against Natalya. Natalya says that that's great news. She saw online that people were complaining about Alexa not defending her title since winning it at Wrestlemania, and Natalya talked to some people and got the match made. Natalya says that with Becky Lynch leaving to become a mother, which congratulations Becky, there's a huge hole left by The Man. Natalya believes that she's the only person really left for that job. So I'm going to take it the opportunity and win the Raw Women's Championship and get back my momentum with a huge start.

Match #4: Roman Reigns vs. Elias


-After the match, The Fiend attacks Roman

Segment: Backstage, John Morrison is running out of the arena. From behind we see Sheamus running after Morrison. Truth drives up in between Morrison and Sheamus and stops Sheamus. Detective Truth "arrests' Sheamus and drives away.

Main Event: Genetic Goddesses vs. Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley

-Shayna Baszler watches the match from backstage


Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Bayley comes to the ring as the new Smackdown women's champion. "I can't believe after all this time, I'm finally Smackdown Women's Champion again. I overcame some of the fiercest competition SD has to offer and I know that most if not all of them are gonna want a shot at me and to that I say, bring it on." Bayley leaves and as she's walking up the ramp a fan jumps from the crowd and jumps her! The fan rips off her hood and is revealed to be Asuka. She beats Bayley down and heads to the back.

Match #1: Humberto Carillo vs. Drake Maverick


-After the match Carillo attacks Maverick.

Segment: Backstage interview with One Nation about their new tag team championships. "Me and Tozawa knew this was going to be the outcome from the start. We are the most dominant tag team in WWE right now. We can't be stopped by anyone, especially not those dolts from Heavy Machinery. Street Profits interrupt the interview. Ford says "Now I know you didn't just talk about Heavy Machinery that way especially after their dominant championship reign, however I'm gonna ignore that for now because you said no one can stop you? You haven't even faced us yet! So I say if you want the smoke, come get some later tonight." Crews nods and says "Challenge Accepted." One Nation head out.

Match #2: Charlotte Flair vs. Candice LeRae


Video Package: Drew McIntyre sitting at the fire, looking at his mantle trained on the demon's head piece. He downs a glass of whiskey and walks over to the mantle. He takes the headpiece and looks at it for a short while before saying "Looks like this hunt isn't over." He throws it into the fire and sits back down in his chair, pours himself some more whiskey and watches it burn with a smile on his face.

Match #3: Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke


Segment: Asuka is found heading to her car to leave the interviewer catches up and asks why she attacked Bayley. Asuka says "She has something that belongs to me. I want it back." Asuka gets in her car and leaves.

Match #4: Pete Dunne vs. Shelton Benjamin


Segment: Pete Dunne gets a mic and speaks up to the crowd. "It's my time to shine, I'm gonna run over everyone on this brand and be the best fighter SD has ever seen. I've had my eyes on a certain prize for a couple of weeks now and I plan on taking it sooner rather than later." Dunne leaves after his cryptic message.

Match #5: One Nation vs. Street Profits

-During the match, Tozawa distracts the ref and Crews hits Dawkins with the tag belts


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