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S3 Episode 1 Raw & Smackdown Card

Episode #1 (Apr. 17, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Roman Reigns opens RAW. Roman says that he is so glad that he's still here. Wrestlemania was probably one of the hardest contests he's ever faced in a long while. Goldberg was no joke. And Bryan, we've had our differences, but what you do in the ring is nothing short of impeccable. But now I'm here with the WWE Championship. Roman raises the title. Roman says that he welcomes all challengers. He's not going to be a champion that just hoards his gold. "I want to have a match every week. If you beat me, you get a shot at the title. It's as simple as that" Roman then says there was one guy who peaked his interest over on Smackdown. So Keith Lee if you wanna go dawg lets go. You and me, one-on-one, you beat me, I'll give you a title shot. What do you say? Roman leaves. Match #1: Lucha House Party vs. Bobby Lashley & Cesaro w/ Lana -Squash Match RESULTS: BOBBY LASHLEY & CESARO WINS Segment: Announcement of MITB women's entrants into Becky Lynch backstage promo. Becky Lynch is asked about the end of her lengthy run as the RAW Women's Champion and her first loss in months to The Goddess Alexa Bliss. Becky Lynch says that what happened at Wrestlemania was a sham. What Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax did was horrendous.But that won't stop the Man. Nothing has stopped the Man. At Money in the Bank, she will climb that ladder to the top of the ring, not Carmella, not Bliss's crony Nia Jax nor Ronnie's faux horsewoman Shayna Baszler. Nothing can stop the Man from becoming the Man with the Bank. Match #2: Liv Morgan vs. Bianca Belair RESULTS: BIANCA BELAIR WINS Video Package: Rhea Ripley is coming to RAW Match #3: Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match RESULTS: DANIEL BRYAN WINS Segment: As The Miz is getting up, John Morrison comes on the screen. He says look at what 8 years has done to us Miz. We were on top of the world before I left. And now, look at you. You haven't won a match in months. Your former rival just crushed you. When I came back to WWE, I came back expecting greatness, which is why I teamed with you Miz. Cause you were great. Now you are a shell of your former self. If you want this baby back (motions towards IC title) you have to come over to Slamtown and find out what royalty actually looks like. I am better than you Miz by a country mile and there is nothing you can or will do to make up for lack of skill. so that's right Miz & Morrison Hey hey ho ho...No mo. Segment: Edge thanking everyone to living his new dream of coming back into this ring that he loves and having a match at Wrestlemania that only he competes in 100%, but wins. The Disciples come out to shit on Edge. Rollins/Edge face to face. Murphy attacks Edge from behind, Rollins joins in. The War Raiders make their debut and run out to save Edge. Match #4: Roman Reigns vs. Keith Lee -If Keith Lee wins, he gets a WWE Championship match next week. RESULTS: ROMAN REIGNS WINS -Roman celebrates with Keith Lee after the match and the two shake hands as Keith Lee leaves. Then, Vince walks to the ring, smiling big. He goes up to Roman and says welcome to RAW you son of a bitch. Then Brock attacks Roman from behind and Heyman shakes hand. Brock gives Roman two F-5s. Then Vince leans over and tells Roman "go luck defending your Championship Roman" The bell rings...


Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Heyman - WWE Championship RESULTS: BROCK LESNAR WINS

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Randy Orton opens Smackdown dressed in a suit with the Red Universal Title over his shoulder and he says now that your Universal Champion is on Smackdown, it might actually become a watchable show and class up this jungle a little more, and while we're on the subject of class I decided that the belt needs an update to live up to the prestige of a champion such as myself! Orton snaps his fingers and two men in suits roll out a podium with a velvet cloth over it to ringside. Orton rolls out of the ring and takes the cloth off revealing a new blue universal title. Orton drops the red title on the ground and stomps on it and raises the New Universal Title above his head and heads to the back. Match #1: Braun Strowman vs. The Colons RESULTS: BRAUN STROWMAN WINS Segment: Heavy Machinery are being interviewed backstage with their brand new tag team titles! They are asked how it feels to be the champions. Tucker says that they have been celebrating nonstop since Wrestlemania and they're still on the high of victory so what they're gonna do is issue an open challenge to any tag team on the Smackdown roster who wants a piece of the blue collar champions! Otis grabs the mic and says that HM are gonna be fighting champions and show that just because they have the titles they won't be slowing down anytime soon! If you want the challenge meet us in the main event! HM leave. Match #2: Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte Flair RESULTS: CHARLOTTE FLAIR WINS Video Package: One Nation video package in a dark room. Crews and Tozawa are standing on either side of an empty chair. Crews puts a hand on the chair and says Ali, we were fools to trust you. You gave us promises of victory, told us we would be loved! adored! They would never forget us! But who were you to talk? The biggest loser on Smackdown, constantly forgotten about, and most of all a coward. Crews gets closer to the camera You blindsided us for what? Those people? The ones who forgot about you? WE GAVE YOU A CHANCE! WE BELIEVED IN YOU! YOU STABBED US IN THE BACK! SLAM! Crews steps aside to show the camera that Tozawa has folded the chair up and is holding it, Tozawa glares at the camera and says "Now you pay" cut too black. Match #3: Samoa Joe vs. Humberto Carillo - United States Title Match RESULTS: SAMOA JOE WINS. NEW CHAMP!!! Segment: Joe cuts a promo saying he's here to run down the roster of Smackdown and that nothing and no one will get in his way! Not even the former United States Champion can stop me. Now that I'm the United States Champion things are gonna change around here, and this *raises the title* is just the beginning. Match #4: Candice LeRae vs. Mandy Rose RESULTS: CANDICE LERAE WINS Segment: Post match interview with LeRae, She says she is very excited to make an impact here on Smackdown and that this win is the first step of many towards that goal! Main Event: Heavy Machinery vs. Moustache Mountain - Smackdown Tag Team Title Match -Moustache Mountain are revealed to be the opponents of Heavy Machinery for the first open challenge. RESULTS: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS -After the match in which Heavy Machinery wins HM walk up to MM and pick them up and raise their hands and both teams stand tall as Smackdown closes.

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