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S2 Episode 8 Card

Episode #8 Card (June 11, 2019):

Match #1: Peyton Royce w/ Kay vs. Tamina w/ Brooke vs. Bianca Belair - Women’s MITB Qualifying Match -Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax on commentary -Surprise NXT call-up with Bianca Belair -Jax attacks Kay, distracting Royce and Bliss attacks Brooke, distracting Tamina RESULT: BIANCA BELAIR WINS Segment: McIntyre promo, sitting besides his fireplace. "Braun, you've proven yourself as worthy prey, but come MITB when I'm fully focused and ready for the hunt, the monster will join the mantle”. Match #2: Pete Dunne vs. Andrade w/ Vega -Apollo Crews & Carmella on commentary RESULT: PETE DUNNE WINS -Following the match, Crews and Carmella sarcastically applauds Dunne. Segment: Backstage Interview with Roman Reigns, Bryan attacks, then takes the mic and says that he has failed, but he is not quitting. Roman has poisoned this company and professional wrestling and Daniel Bryan is the antidote. He says that he will stop at nothing at getting Roman Reigns to quit professional wrestling forever. Bryan leaves. Segment: English & Elias singing about how lovely the town is, AOP interrupt and attack them both and then announce they are coming for the New Day. The Revival come out and say that they have to come through us. Match #3: AOP vs. The Revival -AOP Super Collide The Revival through the announce table. RESULT: AOP WINS VIA COUNTOUT Segment: Strowman promo where he says that he's fought, many men, fought a demon, but has never gotten his hands on a monster. And he never will, because you will get these hands. Match #4: The Velveteen Dream vs. Rusev vs. Rey Mysterio - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match RESULT: THE VELVETEEN DREAM WINS Segment: Natalya comes out and says she has had it with Charlotte Flair. The entire women’s locker room has had it with Charlotte Flair. And she sure as hell knows that the entire WWE Universe is tired of seeing Charlotte Flair in this ring. For months now, Charlotte Flair has been cheating in match after match after match to get ahead. Everyone is sick of it. Natalya says that when Flair insulted herself, her uncle, and her father after injuring me, she knew that was it. She’s had enough of the Flairs. She was going to be the one the saves everyone from Charlotte Flair. Charlotte Flair walks out with 5 security guards who enter the ring and split the ring in half, protecting Flair. Charlotte Flair claps towards Natalya and says that her speech was lovely and it had all the makings of someone he thinks they have any chance against someone like a Flair. Charlotte says she was born with greatness, that she is and always will be the best SDLive Women’s Champion and that Natalya can talk all she wants about getting rid of her, but she’s a Flair and she will always be here in this ring. This ring is my home and you can’t touch me. At this point Flair is right next to the security guards and Natalya. Natalya grabs Flair, but the guards grab Natalya. Flair says “see you actually can’t touch me, laughs, you’re pathetic.” Then Naomi’s music plays. Out comes Naomi, Carmella, The IIconics, Tamina, and Dana Brooke. They rush to the ring and attack the security guards and the faces attack Flair. Then Vega’s music hits and Vega, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and some more security guards come out. They rush the ring. Massive brawl inside the ring. Heels leave the ring, having the faces stand tall.

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