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S2 Episode 50 Card

Episode #50 Card (Apr. 3, 2020):

Show Opener: John Cena opens Smackdown and says that this Wrestlemania is going to be one for the ages. He personally doesn't know how many he has left in him but he can promise that he will go down fighting and swinging until his very last breath. Drew McIntyre walks out and says that John Cena is a shell of his former self and that this is sad to watch. John is still coming knowing that he has been replaced by people like himself. "John, I am smarter and more capable than you have ever been. I've studied you for days and have learned your every move. You will be defeated this Sunday". John responds saying that yes blah blah blah yeah I'll join the mantle just like all the other people you left in the dust like Strowman and Mysterio and Jeff Hardy and most of all Finn Balor, but that don't matter. If you tear me down, take my shirt off my back, I will still be Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect John Cena. I will never back down to you or anybody else. You may be miles ahead of me Drew but you never been able to battle the heart that I have for professional wrestling. I will always stand right back up. The two stare each other down. Segment: Kevin Owens backstage interview. They ask Owens how it feels to be in the ladder match at Wrestlemania. Owens says that in the past him and a certain luchador had a history of ladder matches and that he has a lot of experience with them, and even though I hate heights I'm still gonna come out on top. No matter who is in this match they haven't faced me when I'm at my most dangerous, as the Prize Fighter. The IC title is a pretty big prize if you ask me. Owens leaves. Match #1: The Empresses of the Night vs. The IIconics -Sasha Banks on Commentary RESULTS: THE EMPRESSES OF THE NIGHT -While Moon and Asuka are celebrating, Asuka drops Moon's hand and raises the Women's Title and points at the sign, then leaves. Segment: AJ Styles and The OC backstage interview about the Gauntlet match tonight. Styles says it's ridiculous that he has to find out his opponent for Wrestlemania tonight but it will still be Phenomenal. The OC are asked about their match next. They say that teach Heavy Machinery one last lesson before Wrestlemania. Match #2: Heavy Machinery, Street Profits & Burch & Lorcan vs. The OC, One Nation & The Pure RESULTS: HEAVY MACHINERY, STREET PROFITS & BURCH & LORCAN WINS -During the match, One Nation kicks Mustafa out of the group Segment: Shayna Baszler comes out and congrats Riott for making it through her obstacles. You outwitted Duke and Shafir and outlasted a deranged Nikki Cross. But this Sunday is your next major obstacle for your own recovery. Can you outplay The Cagefighter. Do you have what it takes to step in the ring with me one more time. Will your mind be able to comprehend loss one more time? Just like Thanos I am the inevitable. And don't think I don't have any skin in this game. You took my Championship from me. And for that you will pay. I will break your arms and put you to sleep. I will humiliate you for a 4th time in front of your friends and family. I will leave you a pile of skin and bones and when I---Suddenly, Ruby Riott appears on the screen. Riott says that she is in a great position heading into Wrestlemania. She is determined and Baszler thinks she is confident. The last time Baszler felt this safe and confident, I snuck inside the Chamber and made you lose your Championship. I have walked through every obstacle there is to come back and destroy you Shayna. You are the demon on my back that i will finally get rid of. You can think you are safe in your castle but there is a Riott coming to tear you down. (crowd pop) Oh and Shayna, i know your comfortable now but know that this Riott is not a one woman experience. Nikki Cross attacks Shayna from behind, until Shayna eventually gets the upper hand, but Riott is there with a chair and attacks Baszler with a chair. Cross goes to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt and then rolls out the ring. Riott stands tall over Baszler Main Event: IC Ladder Match Gauntlet Match Inner Match: Sheamus vs. The Miz Inner Match: The Miz vs. John Morrison -Morrison kicks Miz in the balls during the match, turns heel Inner Match: John Morrison vs. AJ Styles Inner Match: John Morrison vs. Sami Zayn Inner Match: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens RESULTS: KEVIN OWENS WINS Segment (During Gauntlet Match): Gronk and Mojo hype up Gronk's debut match this Sunday in a backstage interview Segment: Contract Signing with Daniel Bryan & The Pure and Goldberg, hosted by Vince McMahon; Vince welcomes all parties to the ring, gives a big handshake to Goldberg. (BRYAN PROMO) Goldberg takes off his sunglasses and stares into Bryan's soul saying that you are a disrespectful piss of shit. I will stomp you out Daniel. You can bring whoever you want to Wrestlemania, i don't care. You're Dead. Roman's music hits, Roman walks down the ramp and says that he deserves to be in this match. Vince questions that. I know you know it Vince, all of the WWE Universe knows it and you Daniel Bryan know it. I won the Elimination Chamber match. I earned my spot and wasn't handed it. This ain't over until I say it's over Daniel. I want in. Goldberg goes to spears Roman, Roman goes out of the way and Goldberg spears Bryan. Roman then Superman punches Goldberg, sets up the table in the corner and spears Goldberg through it. Roman threatens Vince and Vince tells him to sign the damn contract. Roman signs it and then Vince says that if Roman loses this Sunday, YOU'RE FIRED!!!

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