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S2 Episode 5 Card

Episode #5 Card (May 21, 2019):

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre opens up SDLive. He comes out with the Demon Headpiece and places it on a pole in the middle of the ring. McIntyre then says "This is going to look great above my mantle. I have officially killed off the Demon and become the new WWE Champion. One match, two trophies" He then says that no one has seen Finn Balor since Sunday and he must be hiding his face from of all you in shame and embarrassment for what I've done to him. But he's gone. And I'm here and my hunt needs a new target. Someone that's a worthy challenge. Someone that thinks they can stand up to my level only for them to brought back down. I will find a new target and they too will join the mantle" Match #1: Ricochet vs. Cesaro - Money in the Bank Qualifying Match RESULT: RICOCHET WINS Segment: Apollo Crews and Carmella are talking to GM Paige saying that what happened to crews at backlash was unfair and he deserves another shot at the IC Title. Andrade and Zelina Vega walk in and say that it was unfair for Andrade to go against a surprise because he would have beaten Crews already. GM Paige says that Andrade lost his title and he should have been a better champion at defending. Crews is right and he will get a shot at the title tonight. Match #2: Heavy Machinery vs. The Ascension RESULT: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS -Otis is injured for three weeks Segment: The New Day come out and celebrate winning the SDLive Tag Team Championship. They go to open up a feast plate thing to reveal the Titles but instead there are just a stack of pancakes. Then, on the titantron, are The Revival, each holding the belts. They say that even though they lost their titles belts to the new day at backlash, that does not mean that they can’t steal them back just as quick. Dawson snaps his finger, Wilder does a Thanos “I don’t feel so good Mr. Dawson”, Dawson reassures Wilder that he will feel better when they defeat The New Day at Money in the Bank to win back their Tag Titles. Top Guys out. Match #3: Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Battle Royal Match between Zelina Vega, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Tamina, Dana Brooke, and Ruby Riott -Vega hides during the match, lots of back and forth between IIconics and Genetic Goddesses -Tamina eliminate Jax, Brooke eliminates Kay, Royce eliminates Bliss, Riott eliminates Brooke, Riott eliminates Royce -Riott celebrates thinking she wins when Baszler comes out and chokes her out, the two fall out together over the top rope and Baszler chokes out Riott until she is out cold. Vega rolls back into the ring and is announced as the winner. Baszler stares her down, and Vega skedaddles. RESULT: ZELINA VEGA WINS Segment: The Miz admits to Braun Strowman that he did in fact cheat to win their match at Backlash, but that’s what a champion needs to do. “The problem is that you’re all brawn and no brain, Braun.” You have to use your head, not just your hands if you’re going to win championships. Braun disgruntly agrees to be The Miz’s protege if it means he can shut up more. The Miz “locks his mouth shut” then they leave together. Match #4: Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Miz & Braun Strowman -The Miz pins Rhyno after telling Braun to tag himself in following Braun’s running powerslam RESULT: THE MIZ & BRAUN STROWMAN WINS Segment: Charlotte Flair comes out and says that she has once again done what she has told that entire locker room and all of you people. I won. I won again. And I will win every single match because I’m the greatest person to have ever stepped foot in this ring since my father and even then I will surpass his accomplishments. No one can step up to my challenge. No one can lace by golden boots. No one has. No one can. And no one will. Natalya’s music plays but Natalya’s jumps flair from behind with a kendo stick. Natalya beats down flair for a bit then puts her in the sharpshooter. Then she gets on the mic, and says, “I’m back bitch”. Main Event: Pete Dunne vs. Apollo Crews w/ Carmella - Intercontinental Championship Match -Andrade attacks Pete Dunne and then Apollo Crews. The three brawl until Andrade stands tall at the end. RESULT: DQ

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