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S2 Episode 48 Card

Episode #48 Card (Mar. 20, 2020):

Show Opener: The Pure open up Smackdown and say that Wrestlemania will be a match of a lifetime. To see Pure wrestling in the main event of Wrestlemania is excellent. But if it wasn't one former football player, it's another. Bryan says that he's spoken his piece on why Roman is unfit to step in this ring, and that cannot apply more to Goldberg. Goldberg is a legend in this business that is undeserving of that title. I am a wrestling legend in this business. Goldberg is nothing more than an ape who injuries the greatest people that ever were, are, and will be. Goldberg is unfit to carry the WWE Championship. He is unfit to step in the ring with me. And he is unfit for WWE. Goldberg comes onto the Tron and says Bryan and the rest of his shitty wannabes are idiots. You are disrespecting a Hall of Famer. A sports entertainment god. I held a whole company on my back while you were just a child. And for what you said earlier, the best that ever was was awful. He couldn't hold a candle to my career. You disrespect my career one more time Daniel and You're Next! Match #1: Asuka w/ Moon vs. Naomi w/ Carmella RESULTS: ASUKA WINS Segment: The IIconics come out and say that after last week, they now know that they will be fighting Fire & Desire and The Sky Pirates at Wrestlemania. But that's not the only thing that's happened last week. They were attacked, pounced, assaulted by a very mean lady. And they know she's here. Bayley come out here. Bayley makes her entrance and slowly walks towards the ring. Suddenly, Sasha Banks attacks The IIconics from behind and Bayley runs in and joins them. They do a Bayley to belly into a banks statement on Billie Kay. Then grab the Tag Team Titles and hold them high. Match #2: Ruby Riott vs. Jessamyn Duke & Mariana Shafir RESULT: RUBY RIOTT WINS Segment: Drew McIntyre watching old John Cena matches Match #3: Otis w/ Tucker vs. Karl Anderson w/ Gallows & Styles RESULTS: KARL ANDERSON WINS Segment: Mojo Rawley comes out and hypes up the debut of Gronk. Gronk comes out and says he's excited to be finally standing in a WWE as an official member of the team. Eric Young comes onto the screen. And says that as a former Patriot he welcomes Gronk to world of WWE, but this world is a lion's den and only the lion survives. If you think you can beat a lion, you've come to the wrong world. Main Event: Drew Gulak vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens - Ladder Match & IC Ladder Match Qualifier RESULTS: KEVIN OWENS WINS Segment: Vince McMahon is backstage, entering his personal gym but sees that it is completely destroyed. Spray painted on the mirror is 'The worst has yet to come" and Roman's logo.

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