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S2 Episode 45 Card

Episode #45 Card (Feb. 28, 2020):

Show Opener: John Cena opens up Smackdown, saying he's excited to be back in a Smackdown ring, excited to be home, and what makes him the most excited is seeing the WWE universe be 50% people hating me and 50% people loving me. Anyway being back in a WWE ring after so long makes me hungry for some competition! Luckily my schedule seems to be open on Sunday April 5th! So if anyone wants a fight at Wrestlemania I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone back there! If you want some, come get some! Then R-Truth comes to the ring and says that it has always been his dream to face his childhood hero at the showcase of the immortals. Cena of course is happy to oblige even though he knows Truth is older than him, but he doesn't have the heart to tell him. Then McIntyre comes to the ring to break up this tender moment. R-Truth tries to "You cant see me" then eats a Claymore for it. McIntyre confronts Cena and says he wants the match, and that he wants to end Cena's career. McIntyre goes to leave but then he turns around and sucker punches Cena, hits him with a future shock and then a Claymore and walks out. Match #1: Heavy Machinery vs. Street Profits RESULTS: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS -After the match, Heavy Machinery stake their claim as the next contenders for the tag team titles. The OC comes out and laughs in their faces and says that their a c list tag team and have no shot at the titles. Heavy Machinery tells OC that they can beat any tag team SD can throw at them because we worked hard to get here, unlike you two who just rode in on AJ's coat tails. OC rush the ring and a brawl breaks out between the two teams and GM Paige has refs and security come break them up. Segment: Video Package showing Ember Moon and Asuka's rivalry in NXT Match #2: The Empresses of the Night vs. Carmella & Naomi RESULTS: THE EMPRESSES OF THE NIGHT WIN -Asuka and Moon celebrate after the match Segment: Backstage interview with Ruby Riott is officially welcomed on her return from injury. They show some clips of her dive off the steel cage that injured her and her recovery process then Riott assures everyone that at Elimination Chamber, everyone saw that I'm 100% back. On the subject about the Elimination Chamber PPV, Riott says that she's been harboring her unfinished business with Shayna Baszler for months. Every month of action she lost was another chair shot to Baszler's spine. They are far from over. It's just a matter of time and place, and Ruby knows exactly where their match will take place. Match #3: Ruby Riott vs. Natalya RESULT: RUBY RIOTT WINS -Following the match, Baszler pops on the screen, slow clapping for Riott. Baszler congratulates Riott on her return and that she hopes she enjoys it because it's not going to last long. Segment: The Miz & John Morrison are interviewed backstage about their loss Elimination Chamber. Morrison says that of course they aren't happy about it since they are the greatest tag team, but I guess their eyes just weren't on the prize last sunday. The Miz says that despite this loss he is going to re enter the contest to go after the IC Title and reclaim his former glory. And with John by his side, what could go wrong? Match #4: The Miz & John Morrison vs. One Nation w/ Akira RESULT: ONE NATION WINS Segment: Heavy Machinery are in GM Paige's office after the brawl. She says "You want the OC that's fine, you want a title shot that's fine too, but we're gonna do this by my rules cause I'm sick of all the backstage fights. If you two want a title shot you're gonna have to earn it. Next week I'm putting you two in a tag team gauntlet match against the best SD has to offer. You win you get a shot on the grandest stage of them all. If you don't you guys are gonna be at the back of the line." Heavy Machinery accept the offer and leave GM Paige's office. Main Event: Roman Reigns, Keith Lee & The Velveteen Dream vs. The Pure RESULTS: THE PURE WINS -Goldberg after the match attacks Daniel Bryan and yells “Daniel Bryan, You're Next!”

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