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S2 Episode 43 Card

Episode #43 Card (Feb. 14, 2019):

Show Opener: Velveteen Dream opens up Smackdown, saying why he challenged Daniel Bryan. Dream says that he always wants to prove himself against the best, and who's better than the American Dragon Daniel Bryan, a man who was the personification of professional wrestling. But he is no longer than man he was. The past is dead and so is Daniel Bryan so is The Pure. There is a new wave of talent on the horizon and I am the one that is leading that charge. Then Keith Lee comes out and says that Velveteen Dream is a great guy but he's focusing too much on the man and not the WWE Championship. The prestige of the WWE Championship is profound. Just to hold that championship is a dream within itself and at the Elimination Chamber, he is going to make his childhood dream come true because there is no limit on what he can accomplish. Dash and Drew come out and say that Dream and Keith will never be able to wrestle like Daniel Bryan nor hold the WWE Championship. That title is saved for those that are worth the time. Both of you could not even win titles down in NXT. What makes them think they are worthy now? Daniel Bryan then attacks Dream from behind and Dash and Drew attack Keith Lee. They fight until Dream and Keith get the upper hand when Keith Lee pounces Drew Gulak out of the ring and Dream hits a Purple Rainmaker on Dash. Then the two yell words at Bryan. Match #1: Asuka w/ Moon vs. Shayna Baszler -Sasha Banks on Commentary RESULTS: SHAYNA BASZLER WINS -After the match, Moon and Baszler stare each other down, then Banks runs in and attacks Baszler. Banks and Moon then stare each other down. Segment: Natalya walks into GM Paige's office. GM Paige tries to reprimand Natalya about attacking Nikki Cross last week, but Natalya tells her that she will stop on one condition, and that's to take Cross's place in the Elimination Chamber. GM Paige says no, she's not going to reward that behavior. Natlaya says that this is all happening because of GM Paige. If she wants to stop it, she's the only one that can. Match #2: Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party w/ Dorado RESULTS: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS -After the match Heavy Machinery say that it's time for them to get serious and that they want to start their journey towards the Tag Titles so the division better be ready to become Blue Collar Solid. Segment: Mustafa Ali promo video of him sitting in a dark room alone. He says everyone has been asking him why? why? why? the answer is simple really it's because of the management and you people. You both saw me as a bright eyed rookie ready to be in the big time and you took advantage of that. At first you and them all had my back and pushed me for success and to put my all into every single match every time I went out there. Where was that support when I started losing? You all forgot about me shoved me aside and treated me like garbage. All that effort and time and energy I put into making everyone like me and see me for the great worker i truly am gone to waste. Then someone saw the potential in me, remembered my wins and my hard work, and that was One Nation. One Nation appear out of the darkness behind Ali. Now that I surrounded myself with people who appreciate my talent and hard work, I will be unstoppable, WE will be unstoppable, WE ARE ONE NATION. Match #3: Sheamus vs. The OC w/ Styles - If Sheamus wins, he gets an Intercontinental Championship match at Elimination Chamber RESULTS: SHEAMUS WINS Segment: Cut back to backstage where Natalya has Nikki Cross in a painful looking sharpshooter/kendo stick hitting combo, people rush to the scene including GM Paige. Natalya refuses to release the hold saying, "You did this Paige, you fix it". Eventually, GM Paige's yells alright, you're in the match. Natalya immediately stops, hands her the kendo stick and thanks Paige. Match #4: Keith Lee vs. Drew Gulak w/ Wilder RESULTS: KEITH LEE WINS Segment: Eric Young as the ringmaster has another vignette where it starts off with him whispering to his lion and then he approaches the camera and says, our training is going well. My beast still isn't quite ready for what we have in store but soon enough you'll all get to experience the thrill of a lifetime and the greatest show on earth! But remember, blink and it'll all be over. Main Event: Sami Zayn w/ Cesaro vs. Apollo Crews w/ Akira & Ali - Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match RESULTS: SAMI ZAYN WINS -After the match, Kevin Owens "storms" the ring, but some WWE doctors and refs stop him before he gets to the ring.

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