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S2 Episode 41 Card

Episode #41 Card (Jan. 31, 2020):

Cold Open: Cesaro arrives to the building, and is questioned about his and Sami Zayn's actions last week. Cesaro says that Owens has made things personal with his friend Sami Zayn, so they made sure things come to an end. Show Opener: Miz and Morrison come to the ring to celebrate that the best tag team Smackdown has ever seen is returning to the ring. Morrison says that they proved they are the best by beating the tag champions in a match two weeks ago. Now that they got a taste of victory again it's all they want. Miz says that they want to challenge The Original Chumps tonight in a match for the Tag Team gold! OC come out and refuse at first but Miz and Morrison egg them on until they accept. Match #1: Drew Gulak w/ Wilder vs. Cedric Alexander - Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match RESULTS: DREW GULAK WINS Segment: Eric Young vignette of him dressed like a ringmaster, he says that he has a thrilling and spectacular show planned for all of you, one you wouldn't want to miss! The star of the show of course is my fierce lion! pans over to a cage with someone sitting in a chair in an all black jumpsuit and a lion mask on. Eric young bangs on the bars and says that the WWE Universe are not ready for this beast to be unleashed upon them quite yet. We still have work to do and I can't wait for you all to experience the carnage and destruction my new show brings, but be careful, blink and it will all be over! Match #2: Mustafa Ali vs. Elias RESULTS: ELIAS WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Natalya asking that when the names were announced for the Women's Elimination Chamber last week, Natalya's name was weirdly missing and GM Paige took to social media to explain that the reason Natalya was cut was because she not only lost at the Royal Rumble but she was submitted. Natalya says that it's sadly true, I was left off the ballot, I had an amazing 2019 but my 2020 has started awfully. But this isn't going to let her down, she's a Hart and they fight through the pain, so that's what she's going to have to do. It looks like she'll have to earn back her spot. Match #3: Billie Kay w/ Royce vs. Liv Morgan w/ Logan RESULTS: BILLIE KAY WINS Segment: One Nation find Mustafa Ali backstage after another loss, they say that they can out him on the winning track and teach him how to stop being overlooked. They see the potential in him unlike GM Paige and want to make Mustafa Ali the greatest wrestler he can be and make him shine once again. They tell him they will give him some time to think about it and leave. Match #4: Shayna Baszler vs. Zelina Vega w/ Andrade RESULTS: SHAYNA BASZLER WINS -After the match, Baszler cuts a promo saying that this lineup for the chamber is a joke. Every single woman could not even lace up her boots and when she enters the chamber she is going to reign hellfire to each and every woman until they all tap out. Main Event: The OC w/ Styles vs. The Miz & John Morrison - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match -During the match, Sheamus attacks AJ Styles RESULTS: THE OC WIN

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