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S2 Episode 32 Card

Episode #32 Card (Nov. 29, 2019):

Show Opener: Miz TV w/ AJ Styles. Miz introduces AJ Styles to Miz TV and shows the clip of what happened last week. The Miz asks AJ that it's very apparent that you don't respect all that I've down for the WWE and especially for that title you hold around your waist. I've worked day in and day out to prove my worth in this company to people like you who can just waltz in from another place and take what he wants. you are an entitled indy wrestler from a shitty version of the NWO. The Miz has never run away from his fears yet you've gone from company to company hiding from yours. So my question is this AJ Styles, why are you running away from me, AJ? why are you scared of the Miz? AJ says that he's not scared of the Miz, he's scared of embarrassing the Miz. Cause at the end of the day, even though I came from the independent scene and I've got some good brothers backing me up, you know that one on one, you will never touch this title. AJ attacks The Miz. Aj goes to leave but turns around and sets up for the phenomenal forearm, and then hits it. Match #1: The Pure w/ Gulak vs. The New Day w/ Kingston - Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match RESULT: THE PURE WINS Segment: Natalya says that she knows she can beat Sasha and that in the ring she is the better wrestler and she wants a rematch. Match #2: Sasha Banks vs. Natalya RESULT: SASHA BANKS WINS AFTER NATALYA PASSES OUT -After the match, Sasha grabs a mic and says that Natalya is outdated. Women's wrestling has evolved past that Hart dungeon crap from the 80s and that Natalya either needs to catch up or pack up. Segment: Velveteen Dream is backstage and Cedric Alexander walks up to him. Cedric reminds Dream that despite being against each other at Survivor Series, The Pure caused him to lose that match also. Cedric tells Dream that he not only wants his shot at The Pure, he wants to give Dream another. He proposes Cedric & Dream vs. Gulak & Bryan next week on Smackdown. Dream thinks about it, then agrees for the match, Dream & Cedric vs. Gulak & Bryan. Match #3: Sami Zayn & Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens & ??? (Johnny Gargano) RESULTS: SAMI ZAYN & CESARO WINS Segment: Empresses of the Night call out the Country Club to officially challenge them for the titles. Country Club make a surprise appearance and say that if you can beat us in a match tonight then you get your shot. Match #4: Country Club vs. Empresses of the Night -IIconics interrupt the match and distract Moon and Asuka RESULT: COUNTRY CLUB WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Drew McIntyre. Interviewer asks that since losing the WWE Championship, it appears McIntyre has been sort of distracted. And after last week where he asked for and won a handicap match, he left seeming unsatisfied. What's next for Drew McIntyre? McIntyre says that he feels bored. Bored by the level of competition in this company. There was one person who was seemingly my equal but he has disappeared. One day, I will be reunited with my WWE Championship but until then, I want a proper hunt. I want someone who is man enough to actually try and take me down. And there is sadly not a single soul in this locker room that has the balls to do such a thing. Until then, I will keep hunting. Main Event: Otis w/ Tucker vs. Karl Anderson w/ Gallows & Styles - Thanksgiving Feast Fight -During the match, The OC are beating down Heavy Machinery and then the Miz runs in and fights them off. RESULT: OTIS WINS

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