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S2 Episode 3 Card

Episode #3 Card (May 7, 2019):

Show Opener: Finn Balor opens SDLive. After some pure babyface words, Finn Balor admits that he barely won at Wrestlemania but he is still the WWE Champion and he is still going to be a fighting champion, and in lieu of the superstar shake-up, it's time for a new challenger. After a beat, McIntyre comes out and says that "getting rid of him won't be that easy. The hunt isn't over until I have the WWE championship and the demon's head on a pike. Give me the Demon, I'll see you at Backlash. McIntyre walks away, but Balor stops him and says that if he wins, McIntyre can never challenge for the WWE Championship ever again. And if Balor wins, then the demon is dead. McIntyre smiles and leaves. Match #1: Ricochet vs. Rey Mysterio -During the match, Velveteen Dream is rolled out on a throne and watches the match. RESULT: RICOCHET WINS -Following the match, Ricochet and Dream yell at each other. Segment: Pete Dunne is talking to GM Paige, saying that he wants another fair shot at Andrade. Paige says that even though it wasn't fair, he did lose and she has to honor. Which means that Dunne has now to wait his turn because she has many more people to challenge for the ic title. Apollo Crews and Carmella walk in and Carmella thanks Paige for this IC Title opportunity for Apollo. Dunne and Apollo stare each other down, then Dunne leaves. Paige tells Apollo and Carmella that he hasn't quite earned the shot yet, but he has a match against Rusev. Whoever wins that match, becomes the new #1 contender for the IC Title. Match #2: The Ascension vs. The Usos - #1 Contender Tag Team Tournament RESULT: THE ASCENSION WINS Segment: Charlotte Flair walks out to give another promo. As she is about to speak, Naomi comes out. Naomi says that she has heard Flair spouting nonsense about her being the best and her being above everyone. Naomi says she is here to stop that. Charlotte Flair is a sorry champion, who is just an entitled piece of cheating trash. Flair is a shadow of her former self, and Naomi is here to bring the glow. Flair responds saying that the difference between herself and Naomi is that Naomi is a former champion, while Flair is a reigning champion of the women’s division. Naomi proceeds to cut Flair off by saying “Not for long”, then challenges Flair to a title match at Backlash. Flair scoffs at the idea but accepts. Match #3: Rusev vs. Apollo Crews w/ Carmella - #1 Contender Intercontinental Match -Ref gets knocked out, Dunne attacks Crews and Rusev, then leaves, Carmella drags Apollo onto Rusev, wakes up ref. RESULT: APOLLO CREWS WINS Segment: Nia Jax promo with a returning Alexa Bliss, the two announce their reinstated friendship because they both sat down, talked it out, and realized that everyone is beautiful, except they are genetic goddesses. As for the IICONICS, thinking they are good enough to battle Asuka and Ember Moon is laughable. They aren’t champions. They haven’t won a single thing in their career here. The only thing they won was a Perfect 10’s phone number and a third wheel. The IIconics come out (of course). They say that Bliss and Jax are right. Everyone is beautiful. In fact, everyone is IICONIC (cue pose). Except for the so called Genetic Goddesses. Being IIconic means working hard, year after year with your best friend by your side so that the two of you can achieve your dreams. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. A dream that is finally within reach and Bliss and Jax won’t be able to stop. They have come too far to let their dream die now. GM Paige comes out and makes a #1 Contender match between the two teams for next week, winner challenges the Empresses of the Night at Backlash for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Match #4: The New Day w/ Kofi Kingston vs. The Authors of Pain - #1 Contender Tag Team Tournament RESULT: THE NEW DAY WINS Segment: The Miz goes to Braun Strowman to try to convince him to become his new protege, Strowman responds saying he doesn't need the help from someone that he can crush with his bare hands. The Miz says that this guy that you can crush with your bare hands has won (insert Miz's list of accolades) and the guy that pinned roman reigns last week. So what do you say about that Braun. Braun takes the Miz's water bottle and crushes it, causing the water to splash in Miz's face, and then walks away, with Miz standing wet. Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Dan Bryan -Bryan hits Reigns with the ring bell, then after a pause, repeatedly hits Reigns with multiple hits and kicks RESULT: DQ

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