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S2 Episode 29 Card

Episode #29 Card (Nov. 8, 2019):

Show Opener: The New Day open up Smackdown and Kofi talks about his history with Randy Orton and then NXT Champion Aleister Black comes out and hits Kofi with a Black Mass outta nowhere Match #1: Keith Lee vs. Cesaro - Men’s Survivor Series Qualifier RESULT: CESARO WINS Segment: Elias is being interviewed backstage about what he did last week. Elias says that English was the worst member of his band, and had terrible ideas. Now he thinks he can bring in some lady to teach me music. No. I will not be Yoko Ono'd. I am Elias, and I am going solo. English then surprises hits Elias with a guitar and yells at Elias. Match #2: Asuka vs. Billie Kay - Women’s Survivor Series Qualifier RESULT: ASUKA WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with The OC, where Styles calls out Samoa Joe and Tomasso Ciampa. Match #3: Eric Young vs. Akira Tozawa - Future Stars Eliminator RESULT: AKIRA TOZAWA WINS


Segment: Shayna Baszler is getting interviewed about survivor series and her upcoming triple threat. Naomi interrupts and tells Shayna that even though she's fighting on team Smackdown at Survivor Series she better not believe the women on this brand are gonna give her a break, and that she'll be gunning for that title and so will a lot of other women. Shayna says she fights for Team Baszler and no one else and whoever wants to step up and challenge me can if they want, but when I beat them, they'll know who runs this division and leaves. Match #4: The Pure vs. Heavy Machinery - Road to Survivor Series Open Challenge -Before the match, The Pure apologize for failing to showcase their wrestling last week. They of course were distracted by an embarrassment of a tag team. But nonetheless they are back again with their Road to Survivor Series Open Challenge. The Pure says that the Undisputed Era have an amazingly technical and powerful striking team in Bobby Fish and Kyle O'reilly. However, they aren't the best and at Survivor Series, they will prove that. But before Survivor Series, there is tonight. RESULTS: THE PURE WINS Segment: Velveteen Dream talks about getting his shot at the WWE Title when he wins the future stats opportunity. Main Event: The Miz vs. Andrade w/ Vega RESULTS: THE MIZ WINS

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