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S2 Episode 26 Card

Episode #26 Card (Oct. 18, 2019):

Show Opener: Contract Signing with Owens and Kingston. McIntyre interrupts saying that this match should not be happening simply because McIntyre is the rightful WWE Champion and is a better man than these two combined. GM Paige interrupts him saying that if he thinks that way, then he should prove it. In the main event, it will be Drew McIntyre against Kevin Owens & Kofi Kingston in a Handicap Match, and if McIntyre wins, he is added into the match. Match #1: Carmella vs. Natalya - #1 Contender’s Match for Smackdown Women’s Championship -Shayna Baszler on commentary RESULT: CARMELLA WINS -After the match, Sasha Banks hits a Meteora off the barricade onto Natalya, suplex onto a pile of chairs then gloats to the crowd. Segment: The Pure comes to the ring and says that Lorcan and Burch are nothing but a couple of idiots who lucked their way into a win. They want to prove that the Pure is superior and they challenge Lorcan and Burch to a 6 man tag match. If Lorcan and Burch win, they can have their title shot at TLC. Burch and Lorcan accept the challenge and go on to find a partner for the match. Match #2: The IIconics vs. The Empresses of the Night - #1 Contender’s Match for the Women’s Tag team Championship RESULT: THE IICONICS WIN -Royce is injured for 7 weeks Segment: GM Paige announces backstage that with the Draft coming to end and TLC around the corner, it’s tough to find an opponent for Andrade's Intercontinental Title because there are so many brand new faces. So she has decided to throw all those new faces into one match. A Ladder Match. Match #3: The Pure vs. Burch, Lorcan & Cedric Alexander -If Burch & Lorcan's team wins, they challenge for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships at TLC RESULT: BURCH, LORCAN & ALEXANDER WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks says that she is happy to be on Smackdown. Raw was getting too stuck up and she can't wait to make this show The Blueprint's Brand. But she needs to first get rid of some trash. Natalya doesn't deserve to be in the title picture. Sure she's a hart, but she is coasting off her family's back while Banks has been striving week after week to make her own name have value. At TLC, banks will show the world why she is better than the Harts, and you can Bank on that. Match #4: Keith Lee vs. "The Demon" Finn Balor RESULT: FINN BALOR WINS Segment: After the Demon match, Velveteen Dream runs out and attacks The Demon up and down the arena, ending with an Elbow Drop through the announce table. Main Event: Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens & Kofi Kingston -If McIntyre wins, he is added to the WWE Championship match at TLC -As Kevin Owens goes for a frog splash, Sami Zayn comes out and pushes Owens off the top rope. Zayn then leaves. RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE WINS -Afterward, the three have a TLC brawl

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