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S2 Episode 21 Card

Episode #21 Card (Sept. 10, 2019):

Show Opener: Daniel Bryan opens SDLive inviting Roman Reigns to come to the ring. Roman walks out, nervous about the fact that no Dawson and Wilder can be seen. Bryan says he listened to Roman's interview last week about how he has put in his blood, sweat, and tears in this business and he decided to give Roman a present to commemorate that fact before their match at No Mercy and point towards the TRON. There, we see Dawson and Wilder brutally assaulting The Usos backstage. Then back to the ring, Bryan attacks Roman from behind with a steel chair. Then gets on the mic and says that what Roman said last week is an insult to him, Dawson and Wilder. Roman hasn't bled for this business as much as the Pure has, he hasn't fought hard enough for his dreams. He's just the Rock's cousin. He's just an ex-football player. He wasn't born for this. The Pure was born for this and the PPV's name is appropriate because this Sunday, The Pure will show Roman Reigns No Mercy, then Bryan attacks Reigns with the chair once again. Match #1: Kofi Kingston w/ Big E, Woods vs. Drew McIntyre w/ Dunne RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE WINS -Post-match beatdown of Dunne & McIntyre beating down Woods & Big E, Dunne handcuffs Kingston to the rope so Kofi watches this all take place. Segment: Nia Jax walks up to Alexa Bliss backstage and asks "what happened last week, I thought you were going to distract Natalya so I can get in the title match?" Bliss says that Natalya must have seen it coming cause she tried but hey, it's ok, I'm still in the match at No Mercy so if I win then we'll be like co-champions. Jax sorta agrees. Match #2: The Genetic Goddesses vs. The IIconics -Natalya on commentary RESULT: THE GENETIC GODDESSES WIN -Bliss and Natalya exchange words after the match Segment: The Pure are getting interviewed backstage in front of their locker room door about their shot at the tag titles at No Mercy and while they are being interviewed AOP attack them from behind and a backstage brawl ensues between the two teams with AOP standing tall. Match #3: Street Profits vs. The Ascension RESULT: STREET PROFITS WIN Segment: Contract Signing between Flair, Riott & Baszler. GM Paige is moderating and there is a lot of security. Flair signs it and then flashes the 4 horsewomen sign at Baszler. Baszler does the same to Flair. Riott signs it and then flips off both Flair and Baszler. They all attempt to brawl but security is holding them back until the women dispose of them. Then the women's roster comes out to separate them all. Match #4: ALI vs. Cesaro -Andrade, Vega on Commentary RESULT: ALI WINS Segment: Finn Balor walks up to The Woken Warriors who are discussing politics with a fish or something. Matt Hardy greets Balor and asks if he has thought about their PROPOSITION! Balor says that he has and he thinks he's going to take it. He'll see them at the Hardy Compound this Sunday. Main Event: Rey Mysterio vs. The Velveteen Dream RESULT: DRAW WHEN BOTH WRESTLERS SHOULDERS ARE DOWN

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