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S2 Episode 19 Card

Episode #19 Card (August 27, 2019):

Match #1: Rusev w/ Andrade, Vega vs. ALI w/ Ricochet -Vega attacks Ricochet, Andrade distracts ALI RESULT: RUSEV WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with The Velveteen Dream and ask him what's next for Dream while he waits for the Demon. Dream says that it's true that he's waiting for the Demon, I don't care about Finn Balor, and no one should. The Demon is King, but it's not the only king on this roster. You see, The Velveteen Dream may be regal but one man on this roster is the king of Lucha Libre and that is the legend of Rey Mysterio. You see Rey, I looked up to you as a kid. You were the guy back in the day but now The Velveteen Dream is the guy. All that the Dream sees is a shadow of what Mysterio used to be. So The Velveteen Dream is making the challenge Rey. Will you step up? Match #2: English & Elias vs. Heavy Machinery RESULT: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS -After the match Heavy Machinery go to shake the hands of E&E before they leave. E&E shake their hands but as soon as their backs are turned Elias hits Otis with his guitar and English attacks Tucker. They say they are tired of just being the happy go lucky singing team and that it's time for serious progress to be made. Segment: Post Match Interview with Heavy Machinery asking how they feel after the attack from E&E. Tucker says that the attack was uncalled for and that they were trying to show respect to a great team after a great match. Otis chimes in and continues saying I guess they didn't see us as good enough but we'll show them what all these steaks and weights have been for. Match #3: Finn Balor vs. Cesaro RESULT: CESARO WINS -After the match, Balor is visibly upset, not angry, just upset by his loss Segment: Backstage Interview with Heath Slater. He says that his journey in capturing the illustrious 24/7 championship has been mostly a failure, but he believes in his own skills and his family to eventually win the title. Robert Roode comes in an says that the reason Slater hasn’t won the 24/7 Championship is that he sucks. Heath Slater leaves. Eric Young enters, rolls-up Roode and wins the 24/7 Championship. Slater returns and is like ”What the hell” and hits Eric Young and leaves. Roode rolls over onto Young and wins back the title. Match #4: AOP vs. The Street Profits - No Contest -Before the match, AOP get on the mic and say that they have defeated everyone in the locker room and wants brand new competition. The Street Profits debut on Smackdown Live. -During the match, The Pure come out to attack both teams saying that neither of these teams is worthy of the prestigious tag team championships because one of them is flashy drunkards, and the other is two brutes who have no technical skill at all. The Revival say it's their time to purify the tag division and that at No Mercy, they want AOP. RESULT: NO CONTEST Segment: Ruby Riott walks into GM Paige's office and sees Charlotte Flair already talking to Paige. Ruby Riott says that she needs to have Baszler again. Flair cuts her off and says "listen here you little punk. There is a line and you are at the back of it. Flair turns to Paige and says that as the Queen of Smackdown Live, she deserves to face Shayna Baszler tonight as redemption for last week. Riott butts in saying that Flair doesn't deserve anything/ Flair is of course offended by that remark and fires back at Riott, calling her a kid in the queen's court (or something like that). GM Paige cuts them off and says that since Flair asked first she will get her match with Shayna week. GM Paige says that Ruby will not have a match but instead, she can have this. And then Paige gives Riott a referee shirt. Riott likes it and Flair is unhappy. Main Event: Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss w/ Jax -If Bliss wins, she gets a title shot at No Mercy RESULT: ALEXA BLISS WINS Segment: Pete Dunne and Drew McIntyre close SDLive talking about how with the New Day's loss last week, Kofi Kingston is finally out of the picture. Drew McIntyre then says that Pete Dunne will need a new challenger for the WWE Championship. The New Day come out and Kofi Kingston says that he's not out, I'm still here. I've been here and I'm not done until I win the WWE Championship. Pete Dunne says that if Kofi thinks he's getting a title shot, then he's delusional. Your team lost, go home. Kofi stands there for a moment and then says "what if I bet it all" Dunne asks what does he mean. Kofi says if he can't win the WWE Championship at No Mercy, his career is over. New Day freaks out, Kofi tells them it's ok, but he needs this, and he's putting his career on the line. Drew McIntyre and Pete Dunne talk it over and Pete Dunne accepts. Brawl happens, New Day stands on top.

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