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S2 Episode 16 Card

Episode #16 Card (August 6, 2019):

Match #1: Braun Strowman vs. Pete Dunne - WWE Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match RESULT: PETE DUNNE WINS Segment: Footage from Raw is shown of the IIconics on Commentary for a Country Club tag match against Fire & Desire, Country Club wins and IIconics go to shake their hands and the Country Club beat them down. Cut to IIconics interview where they say they were trying to be good sports and have a great match, but the Country Club showed their true colors and now it won't be a match, it’ll be a fight. Match #2: Charlotte Flair & The Country Club vs. Natalya & The IIconics RESULT: NATALYA & THE IICONICS WIN Segment: Ruby Riott, comes to the ring to answer Baszler's Summerslam challenge and says "Baszler at Stomping Grounds, I beat you 1. 2. 3. I came out on top and proved to everyone watching that I am the better competitor. At Summerslam i won't just be the better woman, I won't just keep you down for 3, I will keep you down for 10, and at the end of the night when I'm standing over your unconscious body everyone will know that Summerslam will be a Riott." cut backstage to Shayna watching on the TV and insert interviewer here asks Baszler what she thought, and Baszler just says "I'm excited to rip the head off her shoulders" and walks away. Match #3: Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston - WWE Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match RESULT: KOFI KINGSTON WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Finn Balor. Balor says the demon isn't just something that he could turn on and off, it was only something that he would come out for the deadliest of opponents. It had a mind of its own, and I was able to control it. But with it gone now, the only person I have to count on is me. Dream walks over and says that he doesn't care about Balor's pity party or his silly headdress, The Dream is insulted by the fact that Balor doesn't think Dream is a threat. That Dream wouldn't even be worthy of the Demon's presence. And Dream won't stand for that. At Summerslam, Dream wants everything Balor has and then some and if Balor can't find the Demon then consider his comeback dreams over. Match #4: Rezar vs. Matt Hardy -During the match, Akam spears Jeff Hardy through the barricade. This distraction leads to Matt's twist of fate victory RESULT: MATT HARDY WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Reigns, talking about that now they have no match at Summerslam and no chance at the Vacant WWE Championship, what is next for them. Roman agrees that he did lose tonight but they are going to keep their head up high. Plus they've got other loose ends to tie up. He calls out Daniel Bryan for the main event of Smackdown Live after Summerslam. If he isn’t going to wrestle at Summerslam, he is for sure going to finish what was started. Main Event: Cesaro vs. Ricochet vs. Andrade w/ Vega vs. Apollo Crews - #1 Contenders Fatal Four-Way match for the Intercontinental Championship RESULT: RICOCHET WINS Segment: Promo-Off between the Winners of the tournament, moderated by GM Paige. Kofi says that he has waited 11 long years for this opportunity. Nothing is going to stop him now. The power of believing in yourself and waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime of finally winning the WWE Championship. And unlike his opponent, Kofi Kingston has the experience. He's been training for this day for a long time and at Summerslam, he will finally win the WWE Championship. Then Dunne says he respects Kofi and his career, but he's never faced someone like Pete Dunne. He will give him a taste of British strong style. It already won him one title, and I bet it can win me another. The two then stare each other down as GM Paige separates them.

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