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S2 Episode 13 Card

Episode #13 Card (July 16, 2019):

Show Opener: GM Paige announces a 8-women ladder match between Natalya, Brooke, Belair, Flair, Carmella, Vega, Tamina & Bliss for the Vacant SDLive Women's Championship. Match #1: The Miz w/ Strowman vs. Jeff Hardy w/ Mysterio - WWE Championship Tournament Round One Match RESULT: THE MIZ WINS Segment: The IIconics call out the Empresses of the Night and challenge them to a match at Stomping Grounds, to which the Empresses of the Night accept. Match #2: Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston RESULT: CESARO WINS Segment: Heath Slater backstage says that he will challenge for the 24/7 Championship tonight. Samoa Joe comes face to face and accepts while putting fear into Slater. Match #3: Ricochet vs. Pete Dunne RESULT: RICOCHET WINS Segment: Jeff Hardy thanks Rey Mysterio for being in his corner. They handshake, and then Mysterio leaves. Then lights flicker around Jeff Hardy. Match #4: Heath Slater vs. Samoa Joe - 24/7 Championship Match -During the match, Slater grabs the mic and says that he meant Stomping Grounds, not tonight. Stomping Grounds. Slater tries to run away, Coquina Clutch by Samoa Joe. RESULT: SAMOA JOE Match #5: The Usos vs. AOP -The Revival and The New Day on Commentary RESULT: THE USOS WIN AFTER AOP WAS DISTRACTED BY NEW DAY -Following the match, all four tag teams brawl that ends with AOP powerbombing Big E through the New Day Commentary booth, and Wilder through the normal commentary booth. Contract Signing: Baszler vs. Riott. Riott signs and talks craps at Baszler, Baszler puts Riott through the table, then signs it. Main Event: Velveteen Dream vs. Roman Reigns - WWE Championship Tournament Round One Match RESULT: ROMAN REIGNS WINS

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