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S2 Episode 10 Card

Episode #10 Card (June 25, 2019):

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre opens SDLive, with the mantle stage, including the Demon Headdress, and Braun's tattered shirt. McIntyre brags about how he has added another person to his mantle and not one person can stop him. Rey Mysterio appears and hits a Springboard Dropkick on McIntyre, Jeff Hardy then appears and hits a Twist of Fate on McIntyre, then Mysterio hits a 619 into a Hardy swanton bomb. Match #1: Apollo Crews w/ Carmella vs. Cesaro RESULT: CESARO WINS -Following the match, Cesaro challenges Pete Dunne to Intercontinental Championship match at Stomping Grounds Segment: The Revival talk to GM Paige and complain about how AOP entered their match at MITB, The New Day come in and say that they can't believe it but they agree with the Revival, saying that they don't know why AOP was in the match either. GM Paige says that AOP was entered into the match because they have proven that they can beat both The New day and Revival and if either were championship worthy, they would have defeated AOP. But she will give them an opportunity at redemption tonight. One member of The Revival plus one member of the New Day will wrestle in a handicap match against one member of AOP. They both, disgruntled, agree. Match #2: Daniel Bryan vs. Raul Mendoza RESULT: DANIEL BRYAN WINS -Following the match, Bryan does not release the LeBell Lock until Mendzoa says "I quit". Bryan then says that what happened to Raul Mendzoa will happen to Roman Reigns at Stomping Grounds. Bryan then says he is the antidote and he will cure the world. Segment: Sanity are in catering, lights go out, and The Family appears, Sanity stares them down, brawl starts and Bray Wyatt pins Killian Dain to win the 24/7 Championship. Match #3: The Usos vs. The Ascension RESULT: THE USOS WIN Segment: Naomi comes out and says that she did what she did at Money in the Bank because she has worked hard in this company and she had to create her own opportunities and obviously paid off. She wanted to prove to those twitter commenters that she could do it, well guess what, then she holds up the title. “For those that don’t feel the glow, catch up”. Match #4: Akam w/ Rezar vs. Dash Wilder w/ Dawson & Kofi Kingston w/ Big E & Woods -As Kingston goes for a hot tag, Wilder and Dawson walk-out, leaving Kingston high and dry RESULT: AKAM WINS Segment: Ruby Riott interview as she is entering the arena, asked what she has to say now that she is back. She says "Me, Shayna, tonight, that's all that matters". Main Event: Ruby Riott vs. Shayna Baszler -Baszler spears Riott through the barricade. RESULT: DOUBLE COUNTOUT

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