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S1 Episode 5 Card

Episode #5 Card (Sept. 18, 2018):

Show Opener: Dan Bryan talks about how The Miz is making a mockery of professional wrestling, making fun of Matt Hardy's retirement, turning Mike Kanellis into a coward. The Miz comes up on the Titrontron and talks about how he is turning Kanellis into a superstar, Bryan asks why he doesn't come out and prove it, The Miz says he just might, Kanellis attacks Bryan from behind, Bryan ends up getting the upper hand, shoos Kanellis away Match #1: Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt -As Balor goes for the Coup De Grace, Nakamura comes out and hits Balor with a low blow, and then leaves. RESULT: FINN BALOR WINS VIA DQ Backstage Segment: GM Paige is on the phone, asking for some help managing SDLive from some mystery person; Rusev comes in, looking for Aiden English, Paige, flustered, is not sure where he is, Rusev then leaves; Becky talks to Paige, says she should be in the match at Hell in a Cell, Paige agrees, but has to be fair and she’s already dealing with a bunch with the Heavyweight #1 Contendership, so if Becky can beat Flair tonight, she will be the Special Guest Ref at Hell in a Cell Match #2: The Colons vs. The Bludgeon Brothers -During the Bludgeon Bros. entrance, The Bar jump the barricade and attack the Bludgeon Bros. GM Paige has security rush to the ring to break up everyone. RESULT: MATCH DOES NOT HAPPEN Backstage Segment: Rusev is searching for Aiden English backstage and walks into the locker room, Bray Wyatt is in there. Rusev asks Wyatt if he’s seen English, Wyatt says no. The locker room lights begin to flicker, causing Rusev to leave and Bray Wyatt to look around confused. Match #3: Nia Jax w/ Bayley vs. Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan -Sarah Logan tries to distract Nia Jax, Bayley stops Sarah Logan. Liv Morgan goes for the roll-up, Nia Jax rolls through, lifts Morgan into a Samoan Drop and pins Morgan RESULT: NIA JAX WINS Backstage Segment: Rusev hears English doing vocal warm-ups, followed by Elias’s guitar strum, Rusev knocks on the door, English answers, Rusev tells English that he’s been looking for him all day and that he has a match up next, English says of course, Rusev questions want English was doing, English just says he was warming up. Match #4: Rusev w/ Aiden English vs. Killian Dain w/ Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young -Rusev sets up for his Machka Kick, then hears Elias’s guitar strum, distracting Rusev. Elias comes out and sings about how much the crowd and Rusev suck. Killian Dain hits his finisher and wins the match. RESULT: KILLIAN DAIN WINS MAIN EVENT: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair -If Becky Lynch wins, she becomes the Special Guest Ref at Hell in a Cell -Carmella is on commentary -Flair goes for the moonsault, misses, Lynch does a Bexploder into the corner, pins Flair RESULT: BECKY LYNCH Following the match, Carmella attacks Becky, Flair then comes to Becky’s aid and attacks Carmella, Becky leaves and Flair stands tall.

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