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S1 Episode 32 Card

Episode #32 Card (March 26, 2019):

Show Opener: Becky Lynch opens SDLive, saying that she is the man the runs this women's division, she has beaten every single person on this roster, so she knows she can beat them all again. She has beaten Nia, she has beaten Bayley, she has beaten Flair. No matter what happens she is keeping that women's championship around her waist. Flair and Jax come out and say that Becky can talk the talk but when it comes to taking on both her and Nia at the same time, Becky cannot walk the walk. Nia says that Becky Lynch cannot defeat both her and Charlotte because they are genetically superior. Bayley comes out and says that that is some big talk for someone that has never beaten me. Bayley says that she may be the underdog, she may be the weaker link of a tag team, she be behind the curve, but she sure as hell knows that she is a champion, she can beat, she can beat Jax, and she can beat Becky. All she needs is the shot. GM Paige walks out and makes the match for Wrestlemania. Match #1: Drew McIntyre vs. Rusev -During the match, Finn Balor comes out to distract McIntyre but it fails. McIntyre stays focused on Rusev and hits Rusev with the claymore, during the pin, McIntyre stares straight at Balor RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE WINS Backstage Segment: The Country Club talk to GM Paige about how they shouldn’t have to defend their tag titles in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania and that it isn’t fair. GM Paige responds saying that yes, it isn’t fair. But when she gave them the chance to win the inaugural tag team championships at Elimination Chamber, the Country Club were able to prove that they can win. Because that’s what champions do. They win and defend their titles. They don’t complain about the challenge, they go out and defend. So yes, it will be a triple threat at Wrestlemania, but they better keep those championships on Smackdown Live. Match #2: The Country Club vs. Tamina & Lana RESULT: THE COUNTRY CLUB WINS Segment: Kevin Owens & The Undisputed Era comes out and says that he is sick of having a championship that means nothing, all he wants in this life is to be the WWE Champion and he cannot wait for Triple H to show the world how to properly treat a superstar such as him and Undisputed Era. Owens says that in the meantime, he's is going to some redesign, Kyle O'Reilly hands Owens the spray can. As Owens is about defile the us championship, Bryan, Kanellis, Nakamura comes out. Bryan says that he is sick of Owens treating the United States Championship like garbage, you disrespect the championship, you disrespect our general manager, and you have disrespected every single person in the WWE Universe, you cheated your way to keeping the title hostage since day one. That is no longer happening. Match #3: Kevin Owens w/ Adam Cole, Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Dan Bryan w/ Mike Kanellis & Shinsuke Nakamura - United States Championship Match RESULT: DQ FINISH AFTER ERA ATTACKS BRYAN -Nakamura and Kanellis go to save, brawl ensues, Rey Mysterio comes out and clears house, Mysterio grabs the mic, and says that Bryan is right, you have treated the title hostage from people who deserve it and will give it the respect it deserves. The locker empties out and stop Owens and Undisputed Era from leaving. Mysterio then says that he is going to be the one that takes the championship from Owens and he challenges Owens for the United States Championship at Wrestlemania in a Lumberjack Match Backstage Interview: Finn Balor being asked about his distraction attempt failing and whether or not McIntyre is underestimated Balor. Balor agrees, he thinks McIntyre isn't taking the wwe champion seriously. He man seem like an ordinary man but he can do extraordinary things. He is the WWE Champion for a reason and a Wrestlemania, Balor will prove to McIntyre who is the the hunter and who is the prey. Then McIntyre attacks and brawl backstage for awhile. McIntyre stands tall. Main Event: Scott Dawson w/ Dash Wilder vs. Jimmy Uso w/ Jey Uso vs. Elias w/ English vs. Killian Dain w/ Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young RESULT: SCOTT DAWSON WINS -Following the match, the lights turn out and turn on and The Family appears and destroy all 9 people. Miz TV w/ Styles: Miz thanks Styles for coming onto his show, and asks Styles why he wants this match with Rollins. Styles says that he just wants Rollins to shut his mouth, he has been demanding this match for months to the point of his desire of called the best in the world, to cost me my WWE championship. I don't need to beat Rollins to prove that I'm the best, because i'm already phenomenal, but you don't take a man's property without retribution. Rollins comes out and says that AJ didn't lose his title because of him, it was because you simply weren't good enough. AJ Styles was coasting. You haven't been great in a long time. At Wrestlemania, I want the best AJ Styles, I want the Phenomenal One. because when I beat you, I want to know that I beat the best wrestler in the world. This will no longer be the house that AJ Styles built, this will be the house that Seth Rollins burned down. Rollins drops the mic and leaves to his music.

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