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S1 Episode 29 Card

Episode #29 Card (March 5, 2019):

Match #1: Becky Lynch & Bayley vs. The County Club -Nia Jax & Charlotte Flair come out and attack Lynch & Bayley. Then Country Club try to stop Flair & Jax, but Duke & Shafir stop them. GM Paige comes out and makes an 8 woman tag match. RESULT: DQ Match #2: Becky Lynch, Bayley, The Country Club vs. Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir RESULT: NIA JAX, CHARLOTTE FLAIR, JESSAMYN DUKE & MARINA SHAFIR Backstage Segment: Rowan has a match set against Rhyno so he is preparing in the locker room. Rowan grabs his bag off of the locker and etched into the wall is the phrase "Follow Her". The lights go out and when they turn back on, Rowan is unconscious on the ground and next to him is a sheep mask. Rowan vs. Rhyno w/ Heath Slater - MATCH WAS CUT Match #3: The Miz w/ Mojo Rawley vs. Sin Cara RESULT: THE MIZ WINS Match #4: Kevin Owens vs. Sheamus w/ Cesaro - United States Championship RESULT: SHEAMUS WINS AFTER OWENS IS COUNTED OUT Backstage Segment: GM Paige walks up to Kevin Owens and says that he has to be defending his United States Championship, not just finding the easy way out, Kevin Owens responds saying that Paige said that he just has to have the US Championship by Wrestlemania, she never said how, Paige says good luck loopholing out of your next match because if you get a count-out or a DQ, you will lose YOUR US Championship and this sunday will be facing the opponents of Sheamus and Cesaro in a Handicap match. GM Paige leaves and Kevin Owens gets upset, smashing a nearby TV with the US Championship. Main Event: Elias w/ English vs. Eric Young w/ Wolfe, Dain RESULT: ELIAS WINS Backstage Segment: Undisputed Era talk to Mike Kanellis and say that maybe Bryan hit Kanellis on purpose last week and he shouldn't trust Nakamura or Bryan. Then UE give Kanellis an UE armband. Bryan & Nakamura walk up and shoo off UE. Kanellis hides the UE armband. Nakamura asks if they were bothering Kanellis, Kanellis say no, just trash talk. Bryan apologizes for hitting Kanellis last week, says it was miscommunication and no hard feelings. Kanellis thanks him. Bryan says that I know we had a past but come Sunday in order to beat UE, we need to trust. Nakamura throws his hand in with Bryan and Kanellis joins them. Nakamura & Bryan leave, Kanellis pulls out the armband and looks at it. Contract Signing with AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins: Finn Balor says that he has to prove that he can win the big one without the Demon. Seth Rollins says that he needs to prove to himself that not only he is the deserving of the WWE Championship once again, but that he is the best wrestler in the world. AJ Styles says that he has nothing else to prove, he is better than everyone in the locker room and this is the house that AJ Styles built, the phenomenal one doesn't need to prove himself to Balor, Rollins. Rollins attacks Styles and they all brawl. Guards and producers separate them, they fight some more, separated again, then GM Paige comes out and says that this all needs to be contained and it will be at Fastlane in a Steel Cage Match.

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