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S1 Episode 28 Card

Episode #28 Card (Feb. 26, 2019) *ELIMINATION CHAMBER PPV TAG MATCH*:

Show Opener: The Country Club open the show. They say that they have been overlooked for too long, to the point that their spots have been taken. They say they will take on anyone past, present, future, across all three brands. Duke & Shafir come out and stand on the stage menacingly. Match #1: Bayley vs. Carmella RESULT: BAYLEY WINS Match #2: Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro w/ Sheamus - United States Championship Match RESULT: DQ Match #3: Roderick Strong w/ Cole, O’Reilly vs. Mike Kanellis w/ Nakamura, Bryan -During the match, UE try to get involved, Bryan & Nakamura hold them off, but accidentally hit Mike Kanellis. RESULT: RODERICK STRONG WINS Backstage Segment: Sheamus and Cesaro interview, it's confirmed that Sheamus is getting a United States Championship match next week, Owens attacks The Bar. Match #4: Rowan vs. Heath Slater w/ Rhyno -During the match, fog begins to billow out from beneath the ring. then the lights go out, and lighting hits the ring post. RESULT: HEATH SLATER WINS Segment: English & Elias are performing at a local bar and in between songs they talk about how they are no laughing matter and that they will defeat Sanity at Fastlane. In the last segment, English does some crowd work, and then Sanity appear in disguises and surprise attack English & Elias. Main Event: Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax w/ Charlotte Flair RESULT: BECKY LYNCH WINS -Following the match, Jax and Flair beat down on Lynch, Bayley makes the saves. Miz TV w/ guests AJ Styles, Seth Rollins & Finn Balor: Styles says that he doesn't like this triple threat match, because he has beaten Finn Balor and he knows he can beat Seth Rollins; Seth Rollins says Styles and Balor are great competitors but Rollins knows he can beat Styles, and in every fiber of his being he knows he can beat AJ Styles. Finn Balor tells both guys to calm down because as much as Styles and Rollins want to fight each other, this is a triple threat match, and Balor has as much of chance to win the WWE Championship as them. Balor says that he has beaten Rollins to become the First ever Universal Champion, and he says despite what the record books may say, AJ Styles knows he can't beat Finn Balor. Styles slaps Balor, Balor goes to Pele kick Styles but Styles grabs Rollins and Balor hits Rollins instead. They all brawl and its broken up by guards and producers and such. BONUS: Elimination Chamber PPV Match: Women's Tag Team Championship; The Country Club, Nia Jax & Charlotte Flair, The IIconics, Fire & Desire, Empresses of the Night, Tamina & Lana (replaced by Duke, Shafir) RESULT: THE COUNTRY CLUB WINS. NEW CHAMPIONS!!!

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