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S1 Episode 25 Card

Episode #25 Card (Feb. 5, 2019):

Show Opener: AJ Styles opens the show addressing what happend at the Royal Rumble. He says that he has to pull out anything he can to keep HIS WWE Championship and to prove to the WWE Universe that he deserves to keep it. Finn Balor comes out and says that this isn't the AJ that he thought he was going to fight and the one that walked out of the Royal Rumble is not the AJ Styles that he respects. Balor says that Styles will get what's coming to him. Drew McIntyre shows up and says that he is coming for the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins says he wants a title match at Fastlane against AJ Styles. Why wait for the dream match. McIntyre headbutts Rollins. Gm Paige interrupts the fighting and says that we will have a tag match in the main event. Backstage Segment: Kevin Owens arrives his car, and steps out and GM Paige walks up to him. GM Paige asks him where the United States Championship. Owens says that he left it at his hotel room. GM Paige says that if he doesn't want to be United States Champion, he will get his prize stripped. Owens gets frustrated and says that he wants the WWE Championship, but he's keeping his prize, trash or otherwise. GM Paige says that if he wants to keep it, he has to defend it tonight, and then she sends him back to his hotel room. Match #1: Slater & Rhyno vs. Sanity (Dain, Young) w/ Wolfe RESULT: SANITY WINS -Following the match, English & Elias come out and sing that they deserve a tag team title shot Match #2: Bayley vs. Nia Jax RESULT: BAYLEY WINS Match #3: Adam Cole w/ Fish, Strong, O’Reilly vs. Shinsuke Nakamura RESULT: SHINSUKE NAKAMURA -Following the match, Undisputed Era attack Shinsuke Nakamura Backstage Segment: Triple H talks to the Country Club. He says that he respects their actions at the Royal Rumble, but those spots were not for them, they were for legends and stars of the future, not them. Because of this, Triple H is punishing them with a tag match right now. Match #4: Country Club vs. Beth Phoenix & Candice LeRae RESULT: THE COUNTRY CLUB WINS Backstage Segment: GM Paige talks to the Country Club. She says that she can’t necessarily agree with what they did at the Royal Rumble but she sure as hell likes it. She also loves them pulling out a victory in their last match. Because of this, she rewards them with an entrance into the Elimination Chamber match to determine the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions. Match #5: Kevin Owens vs. Mike Kanellis - United States Championship Match -Kevin Owens comes out late and just throws the United States Championship at the referee RESULT: KEVIN OWENS WINS Main Event: Seth Rollins & Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles & Drew McIntyre -During the match, Styles accidentally hits McIntyre with the Phenomenal Forearm, Rollins throws Styles out, tags in Balor, Rollins hits McIntyre with Curb Stomp, then Balor hits McIntyre with Coup De Grace and pins McIntyre. RESULT: SETH ROLLINS & FINN BALOR WINS

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