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S1 Episode 24 Card

Episode #24 Card (Jan. 29, 2019):

Show Opener: AJ Styles opens up Smackdown Live talking about how he will defeat the man Finn Balor, and defeat whomever at Wrestlemania and stay the WWE Champion. Styles says that Balor is an amazing competitor, and that they are cut from the same cloth, which means they have all the tools to win at any cost. Finn Balor comes out and says that AJ is right in saying that they are cut from the cloth and that we will can pull out anything to get the win, but Finn says, "I don’t need the demon to beat you. I only use the demon when I need him and I've already proved that the demon can be you Styles, but the man Finn Balor will beat you instead this Sunday at the royal rumble and Finn Balor will become the new WWE Champion.” Balor leaves. Styles just leaves angrily. Match #1: Dan Bryan vs. Kyle O’Reilly w/ Cole, Strong, Fish RESULT: KYLE O'REILLY WINS Backstage Segment: Charlotte Flair and Bayley walk into GM Paige's office and pick their numbers. Flair says she will win the Rumble because she always wins and she does anything to win. Bayley says that she will win the Rumble because she may not be the biggest, the strongest, or maybe not the most “genetically superior”, but she has heart and the love of the WWE universe. Triple H walks in and says he has another entrant in the Rumble. Shayna Baszler walks in and grabs her number and shows it to everyone. She has #4. Baszler throws up the 4 horsewomen sign and leaves, Flair and Bayley leave. GM Paige turns to Triple H and is annoyed with him throwing in NXT people, taking up smackdown women roster spots. Triple H says that trust him, this is what's best for business. Match #2: Cesaro w/ Sheamus vs. Eric Young w/ Wolfe, Dain RESULT: ERIC YOUNG WINS Backstage Segment: Rey Mysterio announces that he will enter the Royal Rumble. He says that it's been too long since being out of the world title picture and he wants to show the world the underdog can win the Rumble...again. Match #3: Rusev & Lana vs. Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae RESULT: RUSEV & LANA WINS Backstage Segment: GM Paige tells the Country Club that they are no longer in the Rumble. They leave Paige's office, and in the background you hear things getting thrown around in anger by The Country Club. Main Event: Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre - #1 vs. #30 Match -Finish: Rollins kicks out of the Claymore, Drew is stunned but picks up Rolins by the chin "I will win", and goes for another claymore, Rollins reverses it, goes for a curb stomp, McIntyre rolls out of the way, and hits Rollins with the Future Shock DDT RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE WINS

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