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S1 Episode 23 Card

Episode #23 Card (Jan. 22, 2019):

Show Opener: Kevin Owens United States Championship Celebration: took the belt off Rey Mysterio, gloats, but then he drops the united states championship, stomps out it, and announces his entrance into the Royal rumble, and then leaves. Match #1: Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura -Styles on Commentary RESULT: FINN BALOR WINS -Following the match, Nakamura shakes Balor's hand, bows to the crowd, Styles claps to admiration in Balor. Match #2: Sheamus w/ Cesaro vs. Killian Dain w/ Young, Wolfe RESULT: KILLIAN DAIN WINS Backstage Segment: Lana & Rusev walk in and pick their numbers, Triple H enters and tells GM Paige that he wants to be put in two participants in men's and women's, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae walk in and pick their numbers for the Rumble. Match #3: Becky Lynch & Tamina vs. The Country Club -Finish: Becky tags herself in, Tamina superkicks Becky, Logan does her finisher and pins her. RESULT: THE COUNTRY CLUB WINS -Following the match, Tamina and Becky Lynch brawl Backstage Segment: Undisputed Era walk in, pick their numbers, and swap between each other, Drew McIntyre comes in, sees that Adam Cole has #30, and demands it, GM Paige says the two have to wrestle for it. Match #4: Drew McIntyre vs. Adam Cole w/ Strong, Fish, O’Reilly - Winner gets the #30 spot in the Royal Rumble -UE try several times to stop McIntyre, but McIntyre stops them every time. RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE WINS Main Event: AJ Styles vs. The Miz w/ Mojo Rawley -Finn Balor on commentary -During the match, Styles shoves Miz into Balor. RESULT: AJ STYLES WINS -Following the match, Balor and Styles stare each other down, Styles holds up his championship, and Balor too sweets it.

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