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S1 Episode 19 Card

Episode #19 Card (Dec. 25, 2018) ***CHRISTMAS EPISODE***:

Show Opener: AJ Styles welcomes everyone to Smackdown Live and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! He talks about the Beat the Clock Challenge and how he is excited about his new possible opponent at Royal Rumble. Match #1: Dan Bryan vs. Seth Rollins - Beat The Clock Challenge Match -AJ Styles on commentary -During the match, Drew McIntyre comes out and attacks Bryan, causing the match to end in a time limit draw. RESULT: TIME LIMIT DRAW -After the match, McIntyre stares down Styles and points at the WWE Championship Segment: English & Elias perform Christmas Carols because they love Christmas. They are interrupted by Sanity, who destroy Elias’s guitar and say that Christmas sucks. Match #2: English & Elias vs. Sanity (Young, Dain) w/ Wolfe RESULT: ENGLISH & ELIAS WINS Match #3: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Miz w/ Mojo Rawley - Beat The Clock Challenge Match -Mojo tries to get involved but Mike Kanellis stops him RESULT: TIME LIMIT DRAW Match #4: Charlotte Flair vs. Lana -Finish: Flair pokes Lana’s eyes, then rolls her up and holds her tights RESULT: CHARLOTTE FLAIR WINS Match #5: Mojo Rawley vs. Mike Kanellis - Miracle on 34th Street Fight Match RESULT: MIKE KANELLIS WINS Main Event: Finn Balor vs. Roderick Strong - Beat The Clock Challenge Match -Finn Balor comes out as a Krampus Demon RESULT: FINN BALOR WINS

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