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S1 Episode 17 Card

Episode #17 Card (Dec. 11, 2018):

Show Opener: Slater & Rhyno come out to Rhyno's music, Rhyno gives a retirement speech, and says that he has been begging GM Paige all week, for one last match, for the tag team titles with whom they were the inaugural champions, Undisputed Era come out and are grumpy about some old dude getting a free title match, over their rightfully won title match this Sunday, Styles & Sheamus come out and grant the match to Slater & Rhyno, UE attack Styles & Sheamus, Slater & Rhyno stop UE, Rhyno dishes out some Gores Match #1: Bayley vs. Carmella RESULT: CARMELLA WINS -Following the match, Bayley is visibly upset and anger Promo: Bray Wyatt, talks about how he needs to win the us title because it is the only thing that will keep Sister abigail out, if he loses, Abigail will almost definitely enter him again, wants to also stop Harper/Sister Abigail and put her bed. Match #2: Mojo Rawley w/ The Miz vs. Rusev -During the match, Mike Kanellis comes out with a kendo stick and attacks The Miz. This distracts Mojo, and Rusev rolls up Mojo and wins. Rusev leaves, Mojo goes after Kanellis and Kanellis whips out some brass knuckles and wallops Mojo in the head. RESULT: RUSEV WINS Backstage Interview: Kevin Owens welcomed back to SDLive, Owens say that he is here to take the championships and that the Prizefighter is back. Becky Lynch & Nia Jax, Contract Signing: Becky talks trash and signs the document, Nia Jax does the same, but flicks pen at Becky, they attack, Lynch puts nia in the Dis-arm-her, Nia picks up Lynch and puts her through the table. Promo: Rey Mysterio, wants to defend his championship, defend his honor, he's been the whipping post between Bray and Abigail, but he's the champion and he's here to win. Match #3: Charlotte Flair vs. Liv Morgan vs. Lana - #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match Tournament RESULT: CHARLOTTE FLAIR WINS Promo: Harper, now that he has let in Abigail, he feels more powerful than ever, and he will destroy Wyatt and Mysterio's soul, allowing Abigail to enter them and make them strong. Harper removes his mask, revealing goat face paint, and says Follow the buzzards. Main Event: AJ Styles & Sheamus vs. Slater & Rhyno - Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match -During the match, Undisputed Era attack everyone and stand tall at the end RESULT: DRAW

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