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S1 Episode 16 Card

Episode #16 Card (Dec. 4, 2018):

Show Opener: Miz TV w/ Mojo Rawley. Miz opens the show saying he’s been asked Why all week, and he lets Mojo answer for him. Mojo says he is stronger, faster, better than Mike Kanellis. Miz sees this in Mojo, says he wants to harness that and make the superstar of tomorrow. Mojo is the champion of tomorrow, while Mike is just a 205 wannabe. Kanellis comes out and says that his eyes have been opened, and warns Mojo that Miz is just using him to become the center of attention and to get what the Miz wants. "It'll never about you Mojo, only the Miz". Mojo goes to respond, but Miz cuts him off, and says essentially that Kanellis is just jealous and that this is pathetic way for Kanellis to ask for forgiveness, Kanellis says that he doesn't want forgiveness, only revenge, and attack the Miz. Mojo breaks it up and the two beat up Kanellis. Backstage Segment: AJ Styles and The Bar are in GM Paige's office. The Bar say they can't defend their titles at Clash of Champions, Paige says UE have evoked their title match for Clash of Champions and the Bar have to defend their titles, but they can find a replacement for Cesaro. Styles says I'll defend the title with you Sheamus, Paige says what about your match AJ, Aj says he will do both, he didn't get here by taking the night off. The Bar respect Styles for being a tough man and agree. Match #1: Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax RESULT: DRAW, DOUBLE COUNTOUT -Following the countout, Nia Jax spears Lynch through the LED wall Backstage Segment: Bayley backstage interview, asked about Nia Jax. "This isn't the person I teamed up with all those months ago, this isn't the Nia I knew. Seems she only cares about the title and not our friendship" "Well do you have eyes on title as well" Bayley: "Of course I do, but I'm not willing to throw away a friendship for it." Match #2: Bray Wyatt vs. Harper -Rey Mysterio on commentary -A lot of brutal offense from Harper, minimal offense, mainly defense from Wyatt. -Finish: Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Harper, Harper sits up Undertaker style, and brutalizes Wyatt, drawing a DQ. Harper throws Wyatt into Mysterio then walks away, Mysterio goes after Harper, Harper no sells, chokeslams Mysterio throw the announce table, lights flicker and goat mask disappears, leaving Harper with this wreckage RESULT: BRAY WYATT WINS Match #3: Tamina vs. Sarah Logan vs. Carmella - #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match Tournament RESULT: TAMINA Main Event: Kevin Owens vs. Daniel Bryan -During the match, McIntyre comes out and attacks Bryan while the ref is distracted, then throws Bryan back into the ring. KO pop-up powerbombs and wins, McIntyre gives Bryan that same devious smile. RESULT: KEVIN OWENS WINS

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