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S1 Episode 1 Card

Episode #1 Card (Aug. 21, 2018):

Show Opener: AJ Styles opens Smackdown Live saying by beating Samoa Joe he needs a new challenger, Kevin Owens comes out, Seth Rollins come out, both try to make their claim, GM Paige comes out and makes a #1 Contenders Match later tonight! Match #1: Elias vs. Rusev -Elias starts with signing and is interrupted by Aiden English’s Rusev Day intro -Finish: Elias sings to the crowd about how good he is, English gets on the apron offended, Rusev gets distracted and tries to calm down English, Elias rolls-up Rusev for the win RESULT: ELIAS WINS Miz TV with Dan Bryan: Miz gloats about the win at Summerslam, asks what's it like to still be the rookie, Bryan attacks Miz, targeting his leg with attacks, submissions, and chair shots Match #2: The Deleter of Worlds v. The Bar v. The Revival - #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match Tournament for the SD Tag Team Championships RESULT: THE BAR WINS Backstage Segment: Finn Balor is welcomed to SDLive, Shinsuke Nakamura welcomes Finn to SDLive Match #3: Seth Rollins v. Kevin Owens - #1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship -AJ Styles on commentary RESULT: DRAW Main Event: Carmella v. Charlotte Flair - Smackdown Women's Championship Match -Flair moonsaults hitting the ref and Carmella, Lynch comes out, helps Flair up, attacks Flair, Lynch rolls Carmella onto Flair, Carmella wins, Lynch raises Carmella’s arm, Lynch attacks Carmella, Lynch leaves. RESULT: CARMELLA WINS

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